2011s Editorials of the Year

As the year comes to a close, we look back at some of the editorial high points – be sure to share your favorites in the comments!

Psychedelic Cowgirl
Ph. Craig McDean | Magazine – Interview | Stylist – Marie-Amélie Sauvé | Model(s) – Sasha Pivovarova, Eliza CummingsSuvi KoponenKasia Struss & Charlotte Free

Vivid color, imagination and an ultra cool cast bring to life some of the year’s most unique pieces. Only Marie-Amelie could make good ol’ fashioned bolo ties look so modern & chic.

Perfection In Couture 
Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott | Magazine – Vogue Japan | Stylist – George Cortina | Model(s) – Kate Moss

A serpent twists across the pages as Kate Moss slinks around in couture: M&M’s dreamy red-tinted images create an expressive fashion fantasy.

The Collections
Ph. Kacper Kasprzyk | Stylist – Katie ShillingfordRobbie SpencerKaren Langley | Model(s) – Billie Turnbull, Ajak Deng, Alana Zimmer, Alyona Subbotina, Anais Pouliot, Andie Arthur, Aymeline Valade, Camille Rowe, Ehren Dorsey, Emily DiDonato, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Joan Smalls, Kate King, Lauren Buys, Liu Wen, Lydia Carron, Lydia Willemina, Marloes Horst, Merilin Perli, Ruby Jean Wilson, Terese Pagh

Dazed specializes in gritty elegance and this story was the perfect representation of the magazine’s oft imitated, yet never duplicated charm.

Mechanical Dolls
Ph. Tim Walker | Magazine – Vogue Italia |Stylist – Jacob K | Model(s)Kirsi Pyrhonen & Audrey Marnay

Tim Walker constantly transports us to surreal worlds that entrance and entice – this time around he turned Kirsi & Audrey into wind up dolls that looked straight out of FAO Schwarz.

A Fashionable Fetish
Ph. Paola Kudacki | Magazine – Vogue Japan | Stylist | Model(s)Kelly Mittendorf

Kelly Mittendorf, world’s cutest domniatrix – a concept so audacious it brought a smile to our faces, easily one of the year’s most memorable and adorable.

The Power of Glamour
Ph. Steven Meisel | Magazine – Vogue Italia | Stylist – Karl Templer | Model(s)Fei Fei SunAnais Mali, Freja Beha ErichsenArizona Muse, Kinga Rajzak & Herieth Paul

Meisel doing what he does best, creating a vision of modern glamour where the fashion looks impeccable and the girls are phenomenal. This is the quintessential couture extravaganza.

Fabulous Fakes
Ph. Steven Meisel | Magazine – W | Stylist – Edward Enninful | Model(s) – Linda Evangelista, Karen ElsonDaria Strokous, Joan Smalls Guinevere Van SeenusNatasha PolyCaroline TrentiniCoco Rocha, Eden Clark, Joan Rivers & MANY more!

In a year where fake ads made the blog rounds (Lana del Ray for Prada anyone) Meisel created his own set of fantastic faux campaigns, including a diverse cast of supermodels, reality tv stars, industry insiders and Joan Rivers!

Call in the Cavalry
Ph. David Sims | Magazine – Vogue | Stylist – Grace Coddington | Model(s)Arizona Muse

We get excited every time David Sims takes his graceful aesthetic outdoors and his War Horse inspired story for Vogue is nothing short of impressive: cinematic in scope and beautifully styled.

The Freak
Ph. Sølve Sundsbø | Magazine – VMan | Stylist – Beat Bolliger | Model – Jacob Coupe

Spikes and studs and masks, oh my! Sundsbo and Bolliger take on the dark side of men’s fashion in this creepy treat of an edit.

Ph. Sean and SengMagazine – POP | Stylist – Tamara Rothstein | Model – Samantha Gradoville

Beauty and the beast retold in sumptuous style for POP, shot in Thailand and easily one of the best location shoots of the year!



  1. Nice!
    I loved Vogue It January, Steven Meisel’s fabulous fakes, and the one with David Sims and Arizona. That one was breathtaking.
    Also really loved the editorial ‘What lies beneath’ by M&M from Love F/W and ‘Live Bed Show’ by Vanderperre with Arizona in Love S/S

  2. raquel zimmerman’s vogue italia aug, chloe memisevic,dree,carmen, kasia by patrick demarchelier in love magazine- that editorial for me is the best of the whole year. mariacarla@natasha poly by willy w in wmag. saskia@daphne french vogue march…etc etc…

  3. Two of the best are missing, What Lies Beneath from Love Magazine, and the Dali inspires from Vogue Paris styled by Carine Roitfeld.

  4. I liked Ex Stasis by Matthew Stone, because it took the Givenchy aesthetic to a new ground, I liked the cover of that shoot (Dazed & Confused October) and the photo of Chris Moore with blonde hair, a crownd and two snakes, AWESOME!

  5. I didn’t look at a lot of magazines this year but I think my all of my favorite editorials feature Joan Smalls, the Vogue Paris and V stories were incredible.

  6. VGL’s pick for Menswear Editorial of the Year is “Shadow Dancer” — Daniel Sannwald’s spread for Re-Bel mag #4 with Tafari Hinds. Styled by Rasharn Agyemang. Art direction by Rob Meyers for RPBM Studio. You can see it here: http://goo.gl/exrpQ

    And Sannwald’s brilliant outtakes from the shoot are here. http://goo.gl/kld2n


  7. Does no one realise how cruel and wrong the Elephant photo is? It would have been so scared and confused. They are so cruel to animals Asia, especially Thailand and China.

    This poor Elephant has probably been trained to do these ‘tricks’ with lots of beatings and has probably never had a free life. Its so sad how you all applaud it.

  8. I may be biased, but Kirsi’s Mongolian adventure should’ve made the list too, even if she already had the Mechanical Dolls one.

  9. Of the ones listed, ‘Fabulous Fakes’ is definitely my favorite. The amazing Carmen Carrera and what I believe is the first appearance of Lady Linda’s nipple.

  10. @anlabe

    Or maybe, to me, the Asian girls stood out more than the others because they looked gorgeous? Had I said “the Interview editorial with Querelle, Crystal, Kristina and Dinara” people would’ve called me a racist for omitting Fei Fei and Tao.

  11. @kevin With a model straddling its neck? Not likely. It probably spends most of its life in chains being beaten into submission. Bet you just love fur fro chinese fur farms too!

  12. if these are the best editorial, then this has been a very sad year. however, the one with sam gradoville and kate moss are great!

  13. The Elephant story has got to be the experience of a lifetime for a young model like Samantha G, don’t complain so much people!

  14. Even though they aren’t my favourite models I really enjoyed the spread in Vogue UK September edition ‘Master Class’.

  15. The Collections story was also styled by Robbie Spencer & Karen Langley, Joan smalls image by Karen & Billie by Robbie…

    The Elephant shoot is lame, if you need exotic animals to make your images more memorable, then there is something missing.
    There are so many great ones missing IMO but I do love the Tim Walker one

  16. @ carola
    That had nothing to do with racist and you never mentioned any Asian at all.

  17. All amazing editorials but I must say where are the hair & makeup artist credits…They equally contributed to the complete look & feel of the editorials, yet they get no acknowledgment in your story…its just not right!

  18. ^ For full credits on any of the stories – including hair, makeup, casting – click the image associated with each story. You’ll also see more images from each editorial.

  19. Editorials: “Elephant” and “Call in the Cavalry” are beautiful, but the others are so boring.

  20. My favorite editorials of 2011 are: What lies beneath by Mert and Marcus for LOVE magazine 6, featuring Mariacarla Boscono, Saksia de Brauw, Kristen McMenamy, Anais Pouliot, Lara Stone, Guinevere van Seenus & Xiao Wen Ju.
    Ka-Pow by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine August, featuring Freja Beha Erichsen & Sasha Pivovarova.
    Trbal by Greg Kadel for Numéro july featuring Daphne Groeneveld.

    : )

  21. “Elefhant”: beautiful, but poor elephants. In Asia are very cruel with elephants.

    all of this is so seen yet, and are so boring.
    inez and vinoodh are so real, odd and fresh.
    They are really missing…

  23. i think that “WHAT LIES BENEATH” by Mert and Marcus on Love Magazine was amazing, the best of the season.

  24. I love the one with the Elephant !! very beautiful and arty… saved and shared on my page.
    And ofcourse Kate MOss is gorgeous everywhere!

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