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Which of your favorite girls counts another model as her bestie? Which young ladies are part of fashion week dynamic duos? Just who is licking Tatiana Cotliar‘s face?! All these questions and more are answered in this adorable video of top models talking about their very best friends within the industry. See who Joan Smalls, Arizona Muse, Candice Swanepoel, Karmen Pedaru, Liu Wen, Jasmine Tookes, a very affectionate Julia Nobis and many more list as their closest confidantes as they speak candidly during NYFW in this + Modellounge exclusive video.

  1. This is awesome. It’s nice to know who each girl considers their friends

  2. good idea i think its funny when one model says a girl, but the other girl doesnt say her

  3. Good job and original…wish there was abbey and freja. Favorites are ramona and wanessa. Ramona seems very sweet.

  4. If I ever become a model. Abbey will be my first friend <3 Then Karmen, Karlie, Joan, Daphne, Natasha Poly, and Kasia. And of course Freja, Jac, and Frida!!! <3

  5. i’m in love with this video. Candice, Joan, Aline, Karmen and Liu Wen are to die for.

  6. Model Lounge has come a long way. Glad to see they are still around and dong well

  7. I <3 this…so many beautiful models have friendships with other models. There are no cat fights :) This is good for modeling. All of these beautiful girls can exist together, compete for jobs and still maintain friendships with each other. Way to show industry camaraderie

  8. I fail to see how this video is "adorable" or that the models speak "candidly". Boring. They just give a quick answer to the same question by listing names we may or may not know. What's the point of this? I quit halfway through because it was totally bland.

  9. ^Anonymous

    I think it’s interesting and revealing to know who their friends are. New York Magazine even dedicates a section to model friends but it’s fairly inaccurate. This video takes you inside the personal friendships that models have…and you get to hear it directly from the model. Everyone else seems to like it.

  10. CAN YOU JUST UPLOAD numero´s china march cover with TATI COTLIAR!! u always talk about the same girls: karlie, saskia, karmen, arizona. its SO boring, come on! go tati, u are the only model with brain and personality

  11. Chinese models only with chinese models!So chinese!Open your mind,there are also other cultures!

  12. Where is Natasha Poly, Freja Beha & some other top models? But glad to see Carmen Kass & a great video anyway

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