Fashion Profile: Tom Van Dorpe

Tom Van Dorpe wearing Tim Coppens, photographed by Jason Kim

With a keen eye towards cutting edge trends and a willingness to break boundaries Belgian born stylist Tom Van Dorpe brings cool to the pages of V Magazine & Vman. As fashion editor he shapes the distinctive looks of both publications, but what pieces is he looking to put into his own wardrobe? Looking into the minds (and closets) of the industry’s most in demand emerging talent our new series, Fashion Profiles focuses on the creative set and their preferences. These are the tastemakers of today and this is what they’re into right now.

OTM: What’s your favorite trend of the season?
Tom Van Dorpe: I loved the YSL mens show, not sure if you can call it a trend but the military themed looks were the best of the “men’s” season to me. Celine (see the show on Nowfashion) showed amazing construction and detail that makes the difference between regular clothing and luxurious fashion design. The season’s must haves are pieces that will last beyond trend… which I love.

Favorite looks from Yves Saint Laurent Men S/S 12. Images courtesy of Nowfashion

Favorite looks from Celine S/S 12. Images courtesy of Nowfashion

OTM: What piece are you wearing a lot right now and why?
TVD: I’m consulting with mens designer Tim Coppens, I love the collection and I’m wearing a lot of his designs. The coats are incredible and everybody asks me where I got them from, even when I’m getting a coffee. I also recently discovered that the Gucci suits fit me like a glove so that’s what I’m wearing at night. I’m also a big Dries Van Noten fan, not a day goes by without wearing a Dries pant or shirt. I also got the perfect pants from Richard Chai, and have been wearing them non stop.

Looks from Tim Coppens, courtesy of Tom Van Dorpe

OTM: What’s next on your list to buy?
TVD: With winter knocking at the door, I’ll need a couple things to keep me warm, Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters were on my mind today. I would love to start travelling soon with a Prada weekend bag I saw passing by our fashion closet. Working at VMAN is actually very hard for me as amazing pieces are always coming through the office daily and sadly we can never hold on to them!! But I have to admit that I enjoy styling with clothes even more than wearing them.

Ralph Lauren sweaters; Prada weekend bag. (images courtesy of Tom Van Dorpe)

OTM: Favorite new photographers?
TVD: I work mostly with “new“ photographers… it’s amazing to create images together and feel like we are part of the “new generation”. Some of my favorites must be Sharif Hamza, Kacper Kasprzyk, Steven Pan, Karim Sadli, Elle Muliarchyk … to name just a few.

OTM: Up and coming designers to look out for?
TVD: Peter Pilotto and Tim Coppens are two up and coming designers that I work with, on their shows. Both are incredibly talented and such a pleasure to work with. Anthony Vaccarello is definitely a designer to watch, his designs are so strong and feminine. I think JW Anderson is also a very impressive new talent.

OTM: Favorite new models?
TVD: If you ask me to name my favorite boy and girl I would say Zuzanna Bijoch and Baptiste Radufe.

Some other “new” girls: Daga Ziober, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Pauline Van der Cruysse, Sui He and for boys: Bastiaan Van Gaalen, Charlie Timms, Peter Bruder, Miles McMillan, Luca Stascheit and German Ruiz.

The right model is what makes the picture so casting is very important to me and I’m always looking for new models. Strong classic sophisticated beauty is what I look for. I enjoy working with people that are positive and enjoy fashion, when they know who they are they really have a lot more to offer. I like interacting with the models and I get inspired by their personality, it’s always a collaboration.

OTM: Favorite non fashion thing to do or place to visit
TVD: My favorite non fashion place to visit must be my home in Belgium with my family… I can’t wait to be there for the holidays. It’s hard to find a non fashion spot in Manhattan, I know a couple but I’ll keep those a secret.

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