Casting Call

Merilin Perli, Anteprima S/S 12 Show September 2011, Milan.

Two of our favorite casting directors, Daniel Peddle and Drew Dasent consistently work with a wide variety of clients, ranging from Givenchy to 3.1 Phillip Lim to Uniqlo. We touch base with Daniel and Drew this season to see the process of working with longtime client, Anteprima during this past Milan Fashion Week and to get a peek at who they’re eyeing for fall 2011.

Karo Mrozkova and Juju Ivanyuk

MDC: Every client is different in their expectations, what was Anteprima’s vision for spring?
Daniel and Drew
: The designer and founder of Anteprima is Izumi Ogino. She is the first Japanese woman to show in Milan and started the company in 1993. We have had the privilege to work with her for many, many seasons now and after such an amazing relationship, it is not too hard for us to get in synch with her vision. Izumi loves very elegant minimalist designs with touches of whimsy and edge. In some ways the cast is quite similar. Elegant yet interesting. We like girls that have a doll-like quality married with a tough presence.

Xiao Wen Ju

Herieth Paul

MDC: Is there someone, model or otherwise, that you felt really encompassed the Anteprima feeling this season?
Daniel and Drew: Julia Frauche opened and was perfect. Fresh but with a incredible presence. For Anteprima it is important to us and Izumi to mix brand new faces like Daga, Karo, Marleen, with stars on the rise like Herieth Paul, Xiao Wen, Aymeline Valade, Monika S, and finally seasoned pros like Sara Blomquist, Hanne Gaby, Julia Nobis and Shu Pei. Diversity is also a key. Anteprima has over 85 boutiques globally and it is crucial to see their international customer base reflected on the runway.

Left: Anteprima designer: Izumi Ogino. Right: Izumi’s opener Julia Frauche

MDC: Who are some of your favorite new faces that came out this season and are there any underdogs to keep an eye on?
Daniel and Drew
: We love Valerija Sestic, Rose Smith, Emma Ahlund, Senait. All incredibly chic. Merilin Perli, and Caitlin Lomax have that “cool beauty” that we love. Varsha Thapa from Wilhelmina only did NY shows but she was for sure a stand-out! She is from Nepal and has this exotic look combined with an innocent demeanor and this incredible body. That sort of package only comes around once in a blue moon! Nancy Rhode described her well as a “force of nature”!

Sui Hei Preening, February 2011 at Anteprima by Daniel Peddle
watercolor & gouache on paper
58” x 31”

(All backstage images courtesy of Anteprima, painting by Daniel Peddle)

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