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Posted by Stephan Moskovic | May 8th, 2012

models.com presents an exclusive teaser: 25 Magazine

In 2010 when Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic assumed the reins of 25 Magazine, the Vienna based publication logged a storm of press. Two years later the team is set to launch the latest edition of 25 and this time expect the storm to turn into the full deluge. Consider the staggering list of contributors :

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Paola Kudacki, Emma Summerton, Camilla Akrans, Mary McCartney, Katja Rahlwes, Catherine Servel, Yelena Yemchuk, Annie Leibovitz, Roxanne Lowit, Sheila Metzner, Liz Collins, Corinne Day, Ellen von Unwerth, Alex Prager, Caitlin Cronenberg, Delphine Achard, Anna Bauer, Helena Christensen, Melanie Ward, Keegan Singh, Karl Plewka, Myrzk + Moriceau, Alejandra Mendoza, Yi Zhou, Iman, Veronika Varekova, Elettra Wiedemann, Coco Rocha, Petra Nemcova, Summer Rayne, Liya Kebede, Zuzanna Bijoch, Karlie Kloss, Carmen Kass, Arizona Muse, Aline Weber, Abbey Lee, Crystal Renn, Eniko, Natasa Vojnovic, Jessica Miller, Dita von Teese, Derek Blasberg, Wendy Rowe, Lady Amanda Harlech, Christiaan Houtenbos, Barnaby Roper, Kanye West, Louis Marie de Castelbajac, Eddie Borgo, Victor Demarchelier.

Add to that the issue’s unabashed erotic theme and what you have is a sure fire sell.
MDX caught up with the editor for an outline of the new 25, including these exclusive teaser videos.

Teaser videos by : Santiago & Mauricio Sierra
Starring: Abbey Lee Kershaw

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1. This being the second issue of 25, how does it differ from the
first one and how would you say it has evolved?

This is really my first issue of 25 since I took over. The vision of
25 is a very strong minded, intelligent, sensual woman. The content
will be beautiful visually with an erotic twist.
The magazine approaches sex in an imaginative way and is filled with
beautiful images, great fashion, and irreverent stories. 25’s
inaugural issue is dedicated to the talent of female photographers and
celebrating strong women.

2. We love this new logo, what was the idea or inspiration behind it.

The inspiration was the woman’s body, her sensuality and her
strength …. I’d also like to think of it as the new 69 – but on a
woman’s terms.

3. Given the theme of the issue, did you feel the need to draw a line
or a limit as to how far it could go with the idea of eroticism?

I think it came very naturally, the magazine has the erotic touch but
it’s all very sensual and within good taste.. the people that I have
chosen to be a part of the magazine have a very specific sensitivity
to beauty which is far from anything vulgar.

4.Does being an editor change or influence the way you see modeling?

Not really, I still enjoy modeling and it is my main focus. I have a
even greater appreciation for the importance of team work..and how
important it is to choose the right girl for the right story.

5. How much autonomy did you give each photographer to create the visuals.

I spoke with the photographers about the vision of the magazine, we
discussed the story and inspiration… from there, they had all the
creative freedom.

6. When and where does the magazine launch and where will it be
available for sale?

The magazine launches in Cannes 🙂 We are all very exited .. it will
be available online and at Colette, Corso Como 10, and a few
selected places in NY.

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30 Comments to “Teaser: 25 Magazine”

  1. Stephany says:


  2. neni says:


  3. stradivarius says:

    we see the next issue in 2014

  4. Uschi says:

    Yes, I will be looking for this online.

  5. Aga says:

    Bravo Anja :))) I admire you !

  6. bella says:

    Need Freja

  7. GC says:

    I don’t care what anyone says! But I am sick and tired of all these “fashion publicaitons” with nudity all over the place pushing eroticism, sex and lust. Isn’t that what playboy and penthouse were invented for?
    what place does all that have in fashion???
    And everyone seems to forget that very young and highly influenced kids have access to all of this! No one seems to care but cheer this type of behavior on! Anja,please reconsider all of this. I know you are highly influenced yourself by all those liberals around you, but think about what I am writing to you here! Just concentrate on beautiful FASHION IMAGES, creative and artistic and leave the frivolous nudity out or send it to Hugh Heffner, he can sure use it and profit from it!!!

  8. Chelsea says:

    GC, I think the problem is that nudity is only associated with magazines like Playboy. We need to start embracing our bodies and I think putting tasteful nudity in fashion magazines allows audiences to think about separating nudity from sex and erotica. It makes nudity more natural and beautiful, rather than forced and patronizing.

  9. Chingmam says:

    Need Freja x2

  10. No Name says:

    Well said GC!!!!! Is naked for shock value, and in some respects to “degrade” “women.” When fashion magazines begin using male models full frontal exposure then I might change my tune on the objectifying of women. The “fashion industry” has lost its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Willem says:

    Chelsea, GC does have a point that the videos are totally meant to be erotic/sensual. And even the last photo is a pretty weird image for women when it seems to be a helpless young woman grabbing her own breast. Separating nudity from sex and erotica, I cant see that in this article.

    But for me these videos etc. are in no way the same as something from Playboy as they are meant to explore eroticism from an artistic viewpoint and not necessary from a sexual one.

    As in, I think the work is beautiful because it self-consciously plays with these themes and is beautifully edited/produced.

    “Just concentrate on beautiful FASHION IMAGES, creative and artistic and leave the frivolous nudity out or send it to Hugh Heffner, he can sure use it and profit from it!”

    Here you forget that nudity can be and is one of the purest form of beauty and inspiration. I dont get what is wrong with nudity in itself? We were all born naked. Whats wrong about it?

    Eroticism/sex has always had it`s role in fashion and for me that isnt bad (for instance Givenchy`s last few seasons). But people who get into fashion are mostly already old enough to understand these themes. I think you underestimate the sexual awareness etc. of the current generation. I wouldnt call a 16-year old a kid.

    Oh and whats wrong with sex/sexual fantasies?

  12. olta says:

    Need Freja ^3 But then again-I don’t think people can handle both of them at their sexiest. =P

  13. A says:

    Anja is amazing I love her-She looked well nice at the met gala

  14. Bai says:


  15. Jennifer says:


  16. Rachel says:

    Guys & Girls… I love nudity. I love fashion. Nudity is not fashion, fashion is about CLOTHING, and accessories like handbags, jewelry and the list goes on what ever would cover a part of the body can be fashionable. When you remove the fashion elements from the body the use for Fashion Designers goes out the window. The word, “Class” is not in any way shape or form a part of being nude. Loosing class, is when you diminish the look of fashion for nudity. Showing a lack of class and morals. Nudity is and should be in a class of its own, with in art paintings, Playboy, and the underworld of porn and they people who represent pornography. Showing a nipple in a see through dress is the limit and the imagination must be play a part in the fashion theme, keeping the facts towards a Fashionable statement. This is FASHION.

  17. brenda says:

    Abbey i love u!!

  18. sara says:

    yes but…………..freja? ;((((

  19. GP says:

    Fashion isn’t always about CLOTHING. It can be the hair, make-up, pose, mode,and photograph. Till we seen the whole magazine yet then we can judge…

  20. Anieszka says:


  21. Nylon says:

    just anja rubik enough

  22. Robert says:

    Still not quite sure about this.

  23. Rin says:

    Abbey is great. She has all the unique things, and they’re all charming.

  24. Fashion is not about clothing. Fashion Couture is. Fashion is a mode, a style. If someone decided the fashion would be to go nude all the time, that would be the mode. Thus, nudity can be a fashion!
    I like the logo, truly fantastic.

  25. vivian says:

    Abbey,you are so baeutiful!

  26. Shannon says:

    I would kill to know what makeup is used here. So gorgeous.

    As for the whole sex thing, it’s been done a million times, a million different ways. I wouldn’t say it’s anything new.

    And yes, I do agree with the user that said that males should be photographed nude, as well. It sends a bad message to have the female body plastered everywhere you look, and yet to have the male body be taboo.

  27. Anna says:

    the most teasing teasers ever )

  28. ADAMCHAN says: