Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | March 28th, 2024

Hanan Besovic of @ideservecouture Gives His Runway Perspective

For so many, the pandemic jumpstarted major shifts in career, perspective, and way of life. Fashion commentator Hanan Besovic emerged out of this period as a dynamic, creative force behind the popular @ideservecouture handle. Building a platform that emerged during a time of unprecedented challenges was no easy feat, yet Besovic was able to create a unique beacon of humor and insight into the major comings and goings of the fashion world. Originating from Croatia, he propelled himself across the globe to settle in the United States where he initially pursued a career in hospitality. His transition into digital commentary was sparked by a layoff prompting him to channel his charm, creativity, and expertise in content creation into a tangible space on social media.

Now with @ideservecouture, Besovic’s approach has been marked by an authentic perspective that’s as honest as it is direct, resonating deeply with a newer fashion generation craving authenticity. Through that lens, Besovic has navigated modern digital communication with a timely assertiveness that operates in real time. His ability to weave humor within critique, has not only earned him a significant following but has also established him as a new guard in fashion discourse, that operates outside of traditional modes of media. caught up with Besovic at SO/ Paris Hotel where he shared his thoughts on some of the standout performances this season, his current favorite models, and the need to elevate the next generation of icons.

Editor in Chief: Stephan Moskovic
Editorial Director and Interviewer: Irene Ojo-Felix
Director: Hicham Alaoui
Editor: Ben Wulff
Managing Director: Sasha Grinblat
Location: SO/ Paris Hotel
Special thanks to SO/ Paris Hotel and Christopher Michael at Egos & Icons

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