Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | April 4th, 2024

Industry Access: Vogue’s Mark Guiducci, Nicole Phelps, and José Criales-Unzueta

Addressing pressing topics around the significant shifts in fashion, publishing, and advertising, this discussion panel with three key members of Vogue presents an exciting opportunity to speak on how the publisher continues to fulfill its role at the forefront of the industry. For Industry Access, Vogue’s Creative Editorial Director, Mark Guiducci, Global Director of Vogue Runway and Vogue Business, Nicole Phelps, and Fashion News Writer, José Criales-Unzueta all speak on the industry, from gauging consumer psychology through creative content to the success factors for fashion brands in an era of elevated costs and an attention deficit economy. One of the most prestigious and well-respected brands, Vogue has evolved over 125 years, expanding to 28 international markets to be a media conglomerate that includes print, digital, video, podcasts, and its megawatt events like the upcoming Met Gala and the third Vogue World show set for a Parisian summer right ahead of the Olympics.

As Vogue’s Creative Editorial Director, Guiducci works across all platforms with a vast team of editors to create new, innovative ways to tell stories and engage audiences. Phelps’ digital media beginnings started at, with its extensive runway archive, industry insights, and backstage interviews, which became the backbone of Vogue Runway’s power and the eventual creation of Vogue Business. Criales-Unzueta used his digital savvy and designer background to build a unique writing perspective that zeroes in on the granular design details, menswear, and how it intersects with queer and digital culture. Given the significant shifts in fashion, publishing, and advertising, there seemed to be a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the exciting changes of the present and future. The trio sat down with editorial director Irene Ojo-Felix to discuss staying nimble in a fast-paced digital cycle, how Vogue’s influence turned museums into runway history, and why there appears to be space for only one type of ‘diversity’ at a time.

Editor-in-Chief: Stephan Moskovic
Editorial Director and Interviewer: Irene Ojo-Felix
Director & Editor: Ben Wulff
Camera Assistant: Stevie Miller
Makeup: Jessica Paillant
Special thanks to Monique Siaw at Soho Works, Byredo, Lucien Pagès Communications, and Christopher Michael at Egos and Icons

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