The Givenchy Effect


All backstage pictures special courtesy of Givenchy. (model: Adam Refoufi, MGM)

While all the runways of Paris feature beautiful boys only a select few really bring something different to the table. This season’s innovation came courtesy of Givenchy’s multi-cultural cast that combined fresh talent with established players within the world of male modeling. The unique cast was a standout and perfectly encapsulated the changing dynamics we’ve been seeing on the runways of late. Always one step ahead of the curve, casting director Daniel Peddle talks to MDC about the decision making behind the selections, working with Riccardo Tisci and the boys that made an impact this season.

MDC:. Givenchy always has a very unique point of view, particularly this collection – what were you looking for when casting this particular show?

DP: We were looking for a very global cast of athletic types. Guys who could look both elegant and real. That was the challenge, finding the perfect balance. The final cast has a cool edge with a very authentic vibe from the street. Also we wanted to show plenty of new faces mixed with a few stars. It brings a certain spirit of excitement to the show when the audience gets to see fresh faces.


Keith/Request, Justin Steward/Ford LA, Armand O/Success, Jamil/Red

MDC: I know it’s important for you to have a cast that is diverse – do you feel that the runways this year are finally catching up and showing a more diverse set of boys?

DP: Yes. You could see a definite shift. Even more importantly, it felt very sincere and not “token”. For us it was especially nice to see such a wide range of models of color. Sometimes when you encourage designers to use a diverse cast but can only offer them a few options of those in town, it is a real let down! This season is proof that when the demand is there, everyone will join forces to meet it.

MDC: Who were the standout boys for you this season?

DP: Keith Hernandez with Request, Adrien Sahores with Ford Hommes, Frankie Ellis with Marilyn, Patrick Kafka, Henry Watkins,and William Eustace.

Ariel Seitler/Success.

MDC: What was it like working with Riccardo?

DP: Fun! He’s clearly a visionary but a very sweet and humble guy. Really a pleasure! The entire team from Givenchy made us feel very at home!


Dominique Hollington, Givenchy opener Jamil (in white), Henry Watkins, Steffen Weng/Success, M4,  Keith Hernandez in front.


Adam Refoufi/MGM, Adrien Sahores, Jesus Luz in black and white.


Armand O/Success.

  1. if that jesus luz wouldnt have slept with madonna we wouldnt have to see him so much. he really doesnt fit to givenchy -.-

  2. jesus luz needs to go away!!! he is just in it because of madonna !!

  3. Robert Knox deserve more coverage even Getty AFp gave him aclose up of his incredible facedjamee in NYC truly brings unique models on the table.

  4. It is all about Keith. A new comer with a bright future and looks to match.

  5. poor jesus… everyone looks at him and thinks madonna! even you betty lol :P

  6. OMG! GENIUS!!!! love the collection!
    Jesus look very bad! He’s like really different in the group.

  7. well the last pictures is so not Willima Eustace….it’s a brand new kid of 16yrs old from Success.

    his name is Armand. FYI

  8. sometimes the order of the collection determines who openes as in this case.

  9. OH JESUS…..he bores me, and everyone else here in Brazil…boytoy or not

  10. We never said the last picture was William Eustace. He just happens to be the last person “tagged” in the post.


  11. Jesus is beautiful, unbelievable eyes and I see what Madonna was attracted to in him, being the young virulent sex bomb that he is. But, that being said, his look is quite different from that group of models there. He’s more pinup rather than Givenchy. Granted, he’s hotter than those models though.

  12. You guys need to grow up and stop bashing on Jesus. He features are no different from those models standing next to him. He even looks more fit for the collection than the guy in the first picture sticking his tongue out. And what about the guy in the last picture? why is no one saying anything about him? you guys are clearly biased and it’s immature and unfair. As I said, grow up.

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