Milan/Paris Top Men’s Newcomers S/S 2010

In a season of recession that most predicted would be a return to the classic faces of yore, quite a few lineups for Spring/Summer 2010 were anything but predictable. As expected, last season’s top faces of Milan, Paris and New York continued their winning streaks, but many designers sent a frisson of excitement around the world with their new vision for the runway. Here our MDC’s picks for this season’s hottest new faces out of Europe. For some, it was their first show week, for some, S/S 10 was their big breakout season.  All that matters is that these 10 young men’s charts are set to explode, right this minute.


Adrien Sahores. Pol courtesy of Ford Homme. This marks Adrien’s first full season. Besides a Prada exclusive in Milan, Adrien walked for Givenchy and Raf Simons in Paris, and opened Lanvin and closed Dunhill.


Arthur Daniyarov. Following up last season’s Prada and Jil Sander shows, Arthur was exclusive this season and opened/closed for Jil Sander. In Paris he walked for Hugo Boss, Lanvin, Raf Simons amongst others. (Arthur is a former MOTW)


David Agbodji. Already featured on OTM the moment the Calvin Klein show was done 2 weeks ago. Held the opening and closing slots at Calvin Klein S/S 10 in Milan and walked for Rick Owens in Paris.


Frankie Ellis-Galati. with MGM/Fashion/DNA Models. Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Dior Homme, Gianfranco Ferre, Roberto Cavalli and closed Tim Hamilton.


Henry Watkins. Exclusive for Calvin Klein in Milan; exclusive for Givenchy in Paris.  (Former MOTW)


Jacob Coupe. New face Jacob was exclusive to and opened the Prada show. Exclusive for Hugo Boss in Paris.


Linus. Polaroid courtesy of Ford Homme. This Swede’s angular features were popular with designers like Gucci, Burberry, Prada in Milan and Galliano and Lanvin in Paris.

Patrick Kafka. Patrick certainly delivered for his first full season, walking in 14 shows including Trussardi, Dolce Gabbana, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta, John Galliano and opening Francesco Smalto.

Robert Rae. Polaroid courtesy of DNA Models. This new face walked for Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo,  Raf Simons and YSL amongst quite a few others.

William Eustace. Breakout season; walked for 15 shows including Jil Sander, Prada, Costume National, Hugo Boss, Raf Simons and Lanvin amongst others. (Former MOTW)

  1. Patrick Kafka and Robert Rae are the best new guys from the season! They both look so good i can see them in CK and Lanvin ads in a near future!

  2. Where is Roy Pratt from Request. I was expecting to see him in all the shows???

  3. Roy Pratt is shooting amazing editorials as we speak, Im sure he will be gracing the runways this fall in NY
    just worked with him on a shoot and the kid rocks!

  4. Roy Pratt was supposed to do Prada but he got cancelled.

    I’m surprised that Johannes Linder is not on this list, he had an amazing season.

  5. I don’t understand the whole fashion week thing can someone please help me? How do you kno what season it is and do the adverts match with the runway season? What is an exclusive? Are all models of the show exclusives? Are openers and closers of runway show the most likely to last multiple seasons with the designer? And are the openers and closers featured in the campaign? What is the schedule for this season is Paris week still going on and when is London and NY fashion week start? I know its a lot of questions but your help will be appreciated. Can someone please help me? Thank you


  7. personally i dont see jacob or patricks appeal!?!? LOVE adrien arthur linus robert and william. when it comes down to it.. theyre just good looking boys

  8. Hafiza,

    Johannes Linder was also already featured last season already by us here:
    He had a exclusive Jil Sander for S/S 09, last season had exclusive Jil Sander for F/W 09, so really this is the 3rd season he’s done phenomenally well… not a new face or breakout season.


  9. Roy Pratt was never cancelled from Prada get information straight before you post it Hafiza. Thats why Betty just corrected you on your other postings.

  10. To fashion newbie:
    Let me see if I can help you out with your questions:

    How do you know what season it is and do the adverts match with the runway season? Shows are always one season ahead, even though we’re heading into fall, shows are already “Spring/Summer”.. Girls’ shows in September/October (by then fully in Fall) will also be “Spring/Summer”. The ads DO NOT match with the shows. Fall/Winter ads are just starting to appear now in magazines.

    What is an exclusive? A designer loves a model and feels the model personifies the look so much that they are willing to pay a premium to hold that model “exclusively” for the city they are in. An exclusive for Jil Sander means that the model cannot walk in any other shows in Milan. Well known guys get paid more for exclusives, newer guys get some money but the “privilege” of saying they were held exclusive carries a lot of weight for the newer guys.

    Are all models of the show exclusives? No.

    Are openers and closers of runway show the most likely to last multiple seasons with the designer? Totally depends, sometimes yes, sometimes no. So many factors depend on this. Does the model’s “look” fit with the aesthetic of the designer? Is the model’s body right for the line? Dolce & Gabbana likes a more fit body and YSL likes a leaner body. Some guys can do both, many cannot. Last and most importantly, many times a designer re-books a model (if the look is right and the fit of the clothes is right) mostly because the model is pleasant to be around and very professional (on time, hard worker, etc).

    And are the openers and closers featured in the campaign? Again, that depends on many factors. Some of it could be the things above. With campaigns, the photographers many times (for the big campaigns) have a say), esp the top photographers. Sometimes, a fantastic runway model may not photograph in a way that the brand wants.

    What is the schedule for this season is Paris week still going on and when is London and NY fashion week start? Men’s Milan/Paris is done for 2009. Haute Couture (women) is going on in Paris right now. New York Ready To Wear is the 2nd week of September (there will be men and women’s shows). London is immediately after (mostly women’s shows). There’s a week or so of castings and then Milan begins, end of September. Paris is right after that, beginning of October. London, Paris are women’s only as men’s just happened.


  11. um why is gordie walker not on this list?? he had more runway mileage than any of these boys? but yay for robert rae!!

  12. Love Gordie Walker (our former MOTW is such sweet guy as well!).. He’s already shot with Steven Meisel for Pringle! We try to also introduce young men who are newer faces, within their first season or so, or have not shot recognizable campaigns like Pringle.


  13. S/S 2010 shows used more ethnic guys, but still need to see some ASIAN male models. just wondering, Betty( if you are reading this), are ASIAN male models that hard to find other than Phillip Huang, Allen Tsai? or designers just don’t want to use ASIANS?

  14. Jumpoff, sorry someone told me that he would be in the Prada show, and so I didnt see him in any of the pictures. So I just assumed that he got cancelled or something like that.

  15. Hey Betty, Fantastic job in answering Fashion Newbie :) I see many faces in the top 10 that I quite love and of course my Henry Watkins has a halo around his head and I’m busting with pride.

  16. Row,
    Actually, I am Asian so interesting you should ask that. There are multiple reasons why Asian male models are not as easy to find. It used to be that many Asian male models were not tall enough, a 6 foot Asian male wa considered a giant. Now, many of the younger generation of Asian males seem to be taller so that should no longer be as big of a problem.

    Also, it used to be that the modeling profession was not considered “right” for Asian males. Even though what I am going to say could be considered a massive stereotype, trust me when I say that Asian parents only respect professions like the medicine, law, finance, anything to do with computers, etc…. But this is also from my generation…. the younger Asian males seem to have more freedom than previous generations.

    The last reason I can see is that Asian males are not the target audience for all these marketers, advertising agencies, etc. so they don’t care about including them in the demographic when casting editorials/campaigns/shows.

    Hopefully that will all change too.


  17. Omg thanks Betty that was very helpful your the best and by the way the site is awesome;-)

  18. what is this some sort of Mafia who decides this.. ??? hmmm i think this is choices made by people stuck in the past.. the skinny quirky boys are on the way out.. look for the masculine sexy men again!!! i know some big photographers and clients are starting to wake up finally.. takes time.. but bring back the real men!!! get some meat on these kids bones!!

  19. Hi Betty, great job! Do you know when the fashion seasons for men begin and end in Barcelona?


  20. ..they look like ordinary high school boys, with the exception of David A. He looks handsome and elegant!

  21. Robert Rae has great features…hope to see more of him in the future..

  22. Being Chinese, I found the Asian models part interesting. I asked my mom why I was taller than my other Chinese friends. She said that the people of northern china had slightly different genetics in height than those from southern china, northern being taller and southern being shorter. i am 5 ft 8, but even so, that is barely tall enough to be a model. This is a very general statement….and perhaps i’m wrong. but maybe the chinese are not tall enough? i have not seen a single chinese model…..

  23. just saw jakob on ftv.. i take back anything negative i’ve said in the past.. hes quite amazing and very articulate.. very interesting personality!!!!!

  24. hmmm…I’m actually wanting to see more of the edgy kind…although this is fashion for now and will no doubt change in the very near future

  25. Hi, great website!
    Would a 1.71m tall indian guy (like myself) be suitable for modeling in New York. Is this too short? Please shed some light on this, as I will be in staying in New York for 1 year from Nov 2010, and would be interested in getting into modeling.

    Thanks. :-D

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