An Englishman in New York

William Eustace. Ph: Kevin Tachman for

If the season has a man of the hour it most certainly has to be William Eustace. From his appearance in the CK ads to his pristine show season, William is shaping up to be the face to watch. Good thing then that the talented Kevin Tachman was there to document William as he made his way through New York Fashion Week. Capturing the real behind the scenes action – from first thing in the morning to backstage at shows and all those crosstown train rides in between, Kevin shows the private side of the budding star exclusively for MDC.




















Special thanks to Lana at VNY.

  1. I always love it when you guys did coverage on whats going behind the models’ lifes like AJ Albuarub, Josh Beech and Kasia Struss a few months back.

    I hope there will be more soon =)

  2. If Taylor Fuchs & AJ Abualrub somehow met, fuq and had a baby, this would be the product.

  3. Oh. And here I was hoping this coverage would be about Danny Schwarz or even Jamie Jewitt when I read “An Englishman in New York”. Ah well.

    And a big LMAO to Asilah’s comment. I just hope your comment doesn’t get taken down seeing as having an interesting/differing opinion isn’t too popular with folks who run the site ;)

  4. cute guy, but unique? when i think it-guy i think of the very unique appeal of models like simon nessmann and sean o’pry. just a personal take – may he have a long career!

  5. Mika:

    People are allowed to have differing opinion as long as they are respectful to the people involved. As I always say, if you have something to say that is not “positive” to say, do it with courtesy and it will most likely be published. Remember that the models and industry people DO read this and they are just as human as you and me. There’s nothing wrong with Asilah’s comment, it’s actually kind of funny.


  6. I love the 2nd pic when he’s on the MTA sitting nearby that Asian lady with this look of disgust on her face probably because of what she’s reading in the paper. It just reminds me how well a photographer can capture a certain moment even when other people are not realizing it. These set of pics are very cute.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh betty, she’s soooooooooooooo funny, and the model pics are kinda cool too

  8. He really does look like a fuch-aj baby with really magnificent pale blue eyes. I’m sure we will see a lot of him since he did really well this season( 16 shows in Milan and Paris!) really one of my favorite new models.

  9. These pics are awesome, you need more behind the scenes stuff like this

  10. Yea, the 3rd pic from above, he kinda looks like AJ. & the 4th pic from below, that he looks so much like Fuchs!

  11. well this is a copy of the report Success did with AJ and Josh Beech by Eric Sposito…I thought NY had more imagination…

    William is stuning though.

  12. William’s a great model, I remember when he was starting out and he’s looking even more amazing now. It’s fantastic to see how well he and Jamie J are doing.

  13. GG:
    We titled AJ’s story, “An American in Paris” and William’s “An Englishman in New York”. Both are pretty famous cultural references and we wanted to
    have New York’s story be a bookend to the Paris story. We commissioned all the stories specifically during a time when they are working a lot.

    I’m sorry if you don’t know this but models lead pretty similar lives no matter what big city they are doing shows in. What do you imagine New York’s version would be for fashion week? The model climbing the Empire State Building? Having a hotdog in Central Park? Visiting the Statue of Liberty? They are here to work and I think it’s kind of fascinating how parallel William’s and AJ’s lives are visually: getting up, taking the train, visiting clients, getting booked for shows.

    We do these stories to feature a top guy and to show him as a real human being.


  14. wow I didn’t know we have to prove models are real human being….
    I like the story don’t get me wrong Betty.

    a “hot dog break” would have been funny though…

  15. …great set of pics, the boy looks really cool in many of them.
    I do like and enjoy too this kind of pictorials/stories on models, regardless of whatever intended aim are thought out for.
    …and Asilah’s comment was soooooo funny, thanks!

  16. Well… Hi William I wanna give u a big kiss!!! So cutie… beauty eyes… attitude so cool… I love him ja ja ja ( no really)… have a nice day everybody in this amazing fashion world!!! Ciao…

  17. He’s really sweet looking, it’s easy to see why he’s doing so well, he has an interesting face!

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