A Century of Zegna

100 years in any industry is a landmark achievement and the esteemed fashion house Zegna looks like it’s only getting better as it enters its second century. Casting director Andrew Weir sends us the faces who walked Z Zegna’s momentous show, exclusively for models.com.

For a closer look:

Section 1: Linus Gustin, Adnan Djinovic, James Smith, Tom Lander, Pavel, Anthony Murrell, Tim, Jeremy Young, Robert Rae, Robin, Chris Pulliam,Martin Landgreve, Andre Bentzer, James Hampson, Arthur

Section 2: Sam, Malte, Julian Hennig, Henrik, Nicolas Ripoll, Thiago Santos, Felix Schopgens, Aram Gevorgyan, Sean Harju, Gerhard Freidl, Fabian, Dominic, Leo, Borys, Corey Baptiste

Section 3: Danny Arter, Thomas Hoefnagels,Johannes Linder, Borys, Jamie Conday, Clement, William Eustace, Wenceslas,Tom P, Oscar Spendrup, Vladimir Ivanov, Melker, Dennis, Nils Butler, Janis.

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