A Century of Zegna

100 years in any industry is a landmark achievement and the esteemed fashion house Zegna looks like it’s only getting better as it enters its second century. Casting director Andrew Weir sends us the faces who walked Z Zegna’s momentous show, exclusively for models.com.

For a closer look:

Section 1: Linus Gustin, Adnan Djinovic, James Smith, Tom Lander, Pavel, Anthony Murrell, Tim, Jeremy Young, Robert Rae, Robin, Chris Pulliam,Martin Landgreve, Andre Bentzer, James Hampson, Arthur

Section 2: Sam, Malte, Julian Hennig, Henrik, Nicolas Ripoll, Thiago Santos, Felix Schopgens, Aram Gevorgyan, Sean Harju, Gerhard Freidl, Fabian, Dominic, Leo, Borys, Corey Baptiste

Section 3: Danny Arter, Thomas Hoefnagels,Johannes Linder, Borys, Jamie Conday, Clement, William Eustace, Wenceslas,Tom P, Oscar Spendrup, Vladimir Ivanov, Melker, Dennis, Nils Butler, Janis.

For full runway looks and review, check out Style.com.

  1. Sure that is Tim Boot, don’t think so actually!
    For the rest: Nice casting! Very nice!

  2. They all look like they are trying so hard to suck in their cheeks and get their zoolander on haha :P

  3. I’d like to know perhaps understand, not one face shows maturity. I see young men, beautiful in their prime, youth. What I don’t see is someone
    that is a Zenga client,buyer or wearer. I’ve gone into their shops to buy
    this doesn’t campaign speak to me. I laugh!

  4. Please let me rant!
    I go to this sight to see beauty, heck who doesn’t. I’m wanting the image makers, you people behind the scenes, the client, casting, hair & makeup;the very people who shape all this. Why has this industry embraced youth to the extent of forgetting it customer base. Beautiful pictures and youth splashed across magazines aren’t aspirational to me. Believe me, I have been young and beautiful and at the same time (LOL). Let’s name the name’s. Estee Lauder most recently marketing a cream in Australia, Hillary Rhonda was the the model. The copy on the ad stated “Look Ten Years Younger”. I looked up her age she’s 23years old. Does this mean using this cream will look 13? Whilst one could laugh and add “its only an ad for face cream” I say that’s not enough. It’s been said many times infinitum and nothings done. Please wake up to yourselves Image Makers make more informed decisions. What happened to (Art Truth and Beauty) in advertising.

  5. HI everyone,


    It only affected a few of you users…. but it should be fixed now for those few.


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