2010 Year In Review

Lara Stone/Vogue Paris | Lea T/Lurve | Marquita Pring/V Size issue | David Agbodji/Calvin Klein | Liu Wen/Estee Lauder | Miranda Kerr/Vogue Italia

(Updated Dec 30th with the latest numbers)

The new androgyny, the year of Lara, the unstoppable Baptiste, the size issue… What will 2010 be remembered for? Which models, campaigns, covers and editorials? Here are what we considered the highlights of the year, in numbers and images.

2010 was a whirlwind year for fashion; it is hard to think of another year where so many revolutions took place. From shakeups at the biggest magazine’s in the world, to the deaths of beloved designers, the year was marked by dramatic change and visionary reinventions.

2010 was also a landmark year for Models.com. We began the year with a sneak peek at V’s boundary pushing Size Issue and ended behind the scenes with Phillip Lim, quite a journey. Interviews with fashion luminaries like Katie Grand, Edward Enninful, Olivier Theyskens and Anna Dello Russo the launch of Rad Hourani’s S/S 11 collection video and an exclusive preview of Esteban Cortazar’s collaboration with Exito pushed the site into new realms traffic wise and broadened our scope beyond the modeling industry. Our features allowed us a glimpse into the lives of our favorite creative talent, while expanding the definition of what the site could be.

2010 in numbers:

153 Million page views

The total number of pages viewed on models.com in 2010

18 Million visitors

The total number of models.com visitors in 2010 (56% more than in 2009)

Reaching now over one and a half million visitors every month, models.com is one of the most visited independent fashion web site worldwide. For which we owe a huge thanks to you, our readers!

Speaking of which… the recent addition of Facebook Like buttons was also an interesting opportunity to see what made our readers click. A few stories provoked an especially passionate response – over 1,700 Facebook likes on the Made In Brazil preview, 750 on the Viktor & Rolf’s S/S 11 show or 415 on the Alexander Wang S/S 11 show is nothing to sneeze at!

Which bring us to… so who is the most liked/viewed model of them all? Let’s just say we were as surprised as you will be:

Model profile most viewed (page views):

1. Baptiste Giabiconi (405,000 page views)
2. Lara Stone (314,000 page views)
3. Abbey Lee Kershaw (230,000 page views)
4. Freja Beha Erichsen (198,000 page views)
5. Sean O’Pry (188,000 page views)
6. Anja Rubik (182,000 page views)
7. Ash Stymest (168,000 page views)
8. Sasha Pivovarova (165,000 page views)
9. Natasha Poly (159,000 page views)
10. Karlie Kloss (157,000 page views)

Top 10 Facebook Likes female models:

1. Freja Beha Erichsen 239 Likes
2. Lara Stone 188 Likes
3. Anja Rubik 184 Likes
4. Sasha Pivovarova 123 Likes
5. Abbey Lee Kershaw 119 Likes
6. Jac Jagaciak 102 Likes
7. Karlie Kloss 94 Likes
8. Coco Rocha 90 Likes
9. Emily DiDonato 87 Likes
10. Kate Moss 72 Likes

Top 10 Facebook Likes male models: (updated to add Yuri Pleskun)

1. Baptiste Giabiconi 431 Likes
2. Ash Stymest 314 Likes
3. Jon Kortajarena 274 Likes
4. Marlon Teixeira 237 Likes
5. Josh Beech 175 Likes
5. Yuri Pleskun 163 Likes
6. Sean O’Pry 139 Likes
7. Simon Nessman 138 Likes
8. Lars Burmeister 75 Likes
9. Noah Mills 68 Likes
10. David Gandy 64 Likes

Yes, Baptiste beats them all, twice over.

Other highlights of 2010 included:

– The launch of our NewFaces section (and boys here), expanding on the already very popular model of the week
– A wide range of fascinating interviews, with some of the most interesting personalities in fashion, including designers, editors, photographers, star bloggers and models
– The launch of Love magazine issue 4 with an exclusive preview of all 8 covers
Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010 and Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

Happy New Year from all of us at MDC! See you all in 2011

  1. Baptiste Giabiconi is marmite .Also , how could people not swarm to view his profile after his ,eh, music video . That was deffinetly memorable…

  2. Gotta see that video!!! Speaking of Baptiste, what is going on at his agency. (DNA) Didn’t see it in his profile. Is he (and everyone else) moving to another agency?

  3. I think that Baptiste, don’t need to be so succesful!!i’m sick of seeing him almost every day!I want to see more anja,freja,abbey or jon!
    I’m tired of seeing his face everywhere

  4. Nice comprehensive review. This would make a nice collector’s item imo. Is MDC thinking of making this available in print as well?

  5. Suprising that there’s a man on top sort of speak. At first I also didn’t like Baptiste very much, but I have to say he kinda grew on me. But lets not mention that ”music”video, don’t think that will be going anywhere but that’s just my opinion. Also, and I’m probably one of the few, Anja Rubiks look doesn’t appeal to me that much, she’s good though but just a bit plain I feel. Besides that must names are logic ones, like freja, abbey lee and lara. Personally I have a thing for girls/women like Mariacarla, Natasha and Natalia, couple others like Stam and Trentini for instance kinda flew of the radar

  6. Alex & Giulia: We counted FB Likes on models.com pages, not on facebook fan pages (Vlada for example has 27 Likes on models.com). But we did miss Yuri in our count since he has 163 Likes on his models.com page, so we’re adding him now.

  7. What’s with all the Baptiste buzz? I don’t find him appealing at all.
    The only reason he’s getting so much attention is the fact that he’s Mr. Lagerfeld’s bedroom-boy toy. There are way more good looking models out there like Francisco Lachowski or Simon Nessman, heck, I would even take Cole Mohr over Baptiste in a heartbeat.

  8. The fact that you’ve dropped Coco Rocha off every list shows that models.com is biased and inaccurate to say the least.

  9. One question: Ash Stymest was ranked something like 28th in the male top 50…and from one day to another he disappeared from the ranking. How’s that possible?
    Thank you.

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