2010 Year In Review : Editorials

Models: Tasha Tilberg, Karolina Kurkova, Hannelore Knuts, Julia Stegner, Alek Wek, Ana Beatriz Barros & Christina Kruse | Hair: Duffy | Makeup: Lisa Houghton

The combined talents of Etheridge, Duffy and Lisa Houghton combine to offer up a novel twist on the beauty story that transforms the industry’s biggest girls.

Water & Oil | Ph. Steven Meisel | Magazine : Vogue Italia
Model: Kristen McMenamy | Fashion Editor: Karl Templer | Hair: Orlando Pita | Makeup: Pat McGrath

With one of the most topical and timely editorials of the year, Steven Meisel used fashion to comment on the current environmental crisis.

Cut & Paste | Ph. Damien Blottiere | Magazine : Dazed & Confused
Models: Victoire Maçon-Dauxerre & Christian Ochsenfahrt | Fashion Editor: Robbie Spencer | Hair: Nicolas Eldin | Makeup: Sergio Corvacho

Pure imagination. Blottiere’s use of cut outs to create images never fails to excite and impress.

Festin | Ph. Terry Richardson | Magazine : Vogue Paris
Model: Crystal Renn | Fashion Editor: Carine Roitfeld | Hair: Luigi Murenu | Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury| Sets: Jean-Hughes de Chatillon

A truly audacious tribute to Guy Bourdin and one of the year’s most talked about stories. Is it unflattering? Is it tongue in cheek? Is it just plain ol’ grotesque? This story had a way of pushing people’s buttons.

Zara Gorman | Ph. Ben Toms | Magazine : AnOther
Model: Jeneil Williams | Fashion Editor: Cathy Edwards | Hair: Naoki Komiya | Makeup: Hiromi Ueda

With simple premise and a bit of cool styling, Ben Toms crafts an enviably chic studio editorial; note to the the powers that be, this is how its done!

Un dimanche à la campagne | Ph. Mikael Jansson | Magazine : Vogue Paris
Models: Sasha Pivovarova & Ava | Fashion Editor: Anastasia Barbieri | Hair: Anthony Turner | Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo | Sets: Mary Howard

Great casting makes you rethink your models; who would have ever thought of Sasha as maternal until this editorial came along. The sweet story was a breath of fresh air and strikingly different from VP’s in your face, controversy inducing fare.

The Family Circus | Ph. Paolo Roversi | Magazine : W
Models: Lindsey Wixson, Britt Maren, Anais Pouliot & Arizona Muse | Fashion Editor: Alex White | Hair: Julien d’Ys | Makeup: Lucia Pieroni | Sets: Piers Hanmer

Enchanting, atmospheric and quintessentially Roversi with a cast of bright new stars; if the revamped W gave us more like this every month we certainly wouldn’t mind.

Double Vision | Ph. Sølve Sundsbø | Magazine : Interview
Models: Anais Mali & Melodie Monrose | Fashion Editor: Ludivine Poiblanc | Hair: | Makeup:

This is just a flawless editorial. Striking use of color, movement and 70’s style ensembles. The fact that Melodie and Anais are incredible together certainly doesn’t hurt things either.

Star Signs | Ph. Tim Gutt | Magazine: British Vogue
Model: Siri Tollerod | Fashion Editor: Kate Phelan | Hair: James Pecis| Makeup: Kay Montano | Sets: Shona Heath

With a whimsical and witty take on the astrological chart, Tim Gutt’s fantastical editorial was the perfect way to end the year. Shona Heath’s larger than life sets are out of this world.


  1. Spot on! Star Signs, Water & Oil, Un dimanche à la campagne and Double Vision had to be some of this year’s best editorial. But there are still others that are not mention here which I think is definitely amazing as well.

  2. I loved Water & Oil.
    Also liked Rhapsody in Camel with Mirte Maas by Vanderperre for Vogue China and I loved Family Circus, too. Blonde ambition in Pop and l’hiver avant l’hiver by Sims for VP was also nice.

  3. Mikael Jansson and Sasha Pivovarova’s maternal story for VP is hands down a personal favourite of mine for the year

  4. Siri in Star Signs, she was every sigh in every emotion she was amazing, the styling was hands down. I always have to do with my divisity and go with Anais Mali & Melodie Monrose in Double Vison.

  5. @ The boy from Newcastle, ooh thanks!
    I totally forgot Bal Masque and The girl from Atlantis, genious!
    Vogue Nippon was spot on for me this year, for photography and model choices.

  6. some of these editorials are ”must haves” when you want to select the best of 2010, but there are a couple of choices I don’t really get. off course Water&Oil is one of the better ones, and I also like family circus. And when I started to write this comment I wasn’t really feeling the cut and paste editorial, but I might have to give it another look

  7. Steven Meisel’s work is quite touching! Blottiere’s cut outs were surreal. Not very impressed by Un Dimanche a la Campagne or Zara Gorman here.

  8. Love the Steven Meisel, Paolo Roversi and Ben Toms’ stories. Not so convinced by the Roe Etheridge one. I feel like some great stories are missing, but cannot think off the top of my head

  9. I’d never really been a Karolina fan, until Photos by Roe. I guess i just wish she wasn’t blonde.
    Oh, and it was nice to see Alek Wek again!!

    An almost up and coming photographer: http://fsudk.blogspot.com/!!

  10. OMG so glad Siri starts getting the spotlight she so deserves, Star Signs was the best way to end this year!

  11. It has got to be Siri in Star Signs! Every photo is perfect. No other model could have pulled that off. That girl is amaaaaazing!

  12. Some of these I will remember for awhile…but I will remember Water and Oil for the rest of my life.

  13. If Water & Oil and Double Vision are not in this list, I will be damned!
    I’m not loving Zara Gorman though, sorry.

  14. My favourite editorial of the year has to be Freja Beha Erichsen and Raquel Zimmermann in New York New York 10021 (April, W Magazine, Inez & Vinoodh). I’m a fan of both models, of course, but the shot of Freja with her hands on her hips, wearing that amazing blue gown in what looks like it could be her own luxury apartment, all cheekbones, feline eyes, bouffant hair and kick-ass red lips – one of the most beautiful and perfect images of a woman I have ever seen – bought her immediately to my attention and I’ve been in love with her ever since.

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