2010 Year In Review : Covers

What would a look back be without a glimpse at some of the biggest and best covers of the year? Here are a few of our favorites from 2010, be sure to comment and let us know which magazine covers were your faves this year.


Vogue Paris 90th Anniversary Edition | Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Model: Lara Stone | Fashion Editor: Carine Roitfeld | Hair: Paul Hanlon | Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury

An instantly iconic shot, sure to be remembered as one of the high points of Carine Roitfeld‘s tenure as editor in chief at VP.

Vogue Italia August 2010 | Ph. Steven Meisel
Model: Kristen McMenamy | Fashion Editor: Karl Templer | Hair: Orlando Pita | Makeup: Pat McGrath

One of the most visually impactful covers of the year; Kristen’s serene expression and the cloud of smoke billowing around her, make for an ominous atmosphere – perfect for Meisel’s environmental hazard themed story inside.

Interview October 2010
| Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Model:Naomi Campbell | Fashion Editor: Karl Templer | Hair: Eugene Souleiman | Makeup: Hannah Murray | Sets: Anna Brun
Naomi – ageless, flawless and surrounded by constant controversy. Mert & Marcus create an almost surreal vision of Ms. Campbell’s perfection for the October issue of Interview.

Acne Paper S/S 10
| Ph. Daniel Jackson
Models: Mirte Maas, Natasa Vojnovic & Rianne Ten Haken | Fashion Editor: Mattias Karlsson| Hair: Esther Langham | Makeup: Hannah Murray

With Rianne, Mirte & Natasa as muses, Daniel Jackson crafts the perfect blend of modernity and classicism; this cover would look right at home on the walls of a museum.

LOVE S/S 10 | Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Models: Natalia Vodianova, Daria Werbowy, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss,Amber Valletta,Lara Stone, Kristen McMenamy,Jeneil Williams
Fashion Editor: Katie Grand | Hair: Yannick D’Is | Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury

M&M go for a touch of Helmut Newton, with their multiple model covers. The straight to the point black and white shots, were censored the most provocative portions of the image, but the erotic implication was understood.

  1. The covers in which real models are pictured are the best rather than those of celebrities that are not models. Cover of the Year? Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but Russh’s from Australia ’09 cover, featuring Vika K., with little or no make-up, in a Coca Cola halter top and long boots was one of the best in the last couple of years in showing genuine simplicity and what looked liked the Australian outback in the background. Though apparently taken indoors, with an open door in the background, the picture had an outdoorsy, Western-like feel to it while showing sporty fashion.

  2. All Iconic covers of 2010 that’s for sure, but I’d like to remind you of a few that in my opinion were right up there with these:

    Eva, Helena and Claudia on the cover of iD shot by Paolo Roversi.
    Freja Beha Erichsen on the cover of iD shot by Emma Summerton.
    Natasha Poly on the cover of Muse shot by Solve Sunsbo.
    Abbey Lee Kershaw on the cover of Dazed&Confused shot by Daniel Jackson.
    Catherine McNeil on the cover of Australian Vogue shot by Max Doyle.
    Isabeli Fontana on the cover of Muse shot by Terry Tsiolis.
    Hilary and Julia on the cover of Turkish Vogue shot by Cuneyt Akeroglu.
    Alessandra Ambrosio on the cover of Russh shot by Will Davidson.
    Lara Stone on the cover of Interview shot by Mert and Marcus.
    Tori Praever on the cover od Russian Vogue shot by Matt Irwin.
    and last but not least Rosie Huntington Whiteley on the cover of Love shot by Mert and Marcus.

    … and thennnn you’ve got them all, unless someone else wants to add a favourite?? xx

  3. Naomi’s, Lara’s & Kate’s covers are the best among the above BUT my favourite cover of the year is Vogue Paris November 2010 featuring Natasha Poly! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. From these’s 5 im going to say i like Ance Paper its differnet,strong.
    But my favorite is the September Issue of Vogue China. I loved Liu Wen,Ming Xi,Fei Fei Sun,Shu Pei,Tao O. That’s my favorite covers.

  5. Hello?! What about the gorgeous pregnant Miranda on the cover of Australian VOGUEEEEEE!!!!???
    One word. . . Iconic!

  6. @ Donna, its wonderful thats shes having a baby. happy for her its amazing. =D , but theres has been many pregnant models on covers.

  7. I also would put in the list Gisele for Vogue Italia december 2010 and Alessandra for Love Magazine.

  8. Yes indeed Janelle. These were great covers, but you missed one. :-)VOGUE AUSTRALIA NOVEMBER with Abbey Lee was really cool. Would be good to have more Aus Vogue covers like this. For the guys: David Abodji/Numero Homme Paris, Clement Chabernaud/UK GQ Style.

  9. I agree with these choices, especially Love, Vogue Paris and Italia. But what of the i-D Summer covers? Though not the most high fashion those were among the most memorable of the Summer.

  10. Guess everybody has their personal favorites they want to mention, although these are great covers, shame the selection wasn’t a little bit wider. My favorite of the ones viewed here is Lara’s, but as long as everybody is supporting their favorite I’d like to mention Natasha Poly. That girl has probably landed the most Vogue covers of any model in the whole year, so she probably deserves some recognition I feel. I liked the one with the pink bikini and the red boots, have to look up which one that is, or the VP cover with her and the camel

  11. Couldn’t agree more. Love these covers especially Vogue Paris(Stone) and Vogue Italia (McMenamy)

  12. Lara Stone and Kate Moss are icons. Kate despite the low height is one of the greatest models of all time … His journey is gorgeous and she proves that her modeling career is a career like any other. That must be learned, studied and very well managed. And Lara is not the standard, she has a body, curves. But he also manages his career very well and is dedicated entirely to it.
    See these two icons in beautiful covers are an inspiration!

  13. Kristen McMenamy is absolutely stunning on the cover of Vogue Italia. I love her pure ash blonde hair!

  14. Naomi Campbell is a true beauty who has place style and substance to models around the world. Her beauty has not changed, only improved as the years move forward. I would love to have a complete Magizine for models only, with Naomi, Gisele, Lara, Daria on the cover monthly.

    These models have changed the view of models from the skinny days to the very beautiful figures days, which is more appealing. It’s the individuality of each model that makes them so beautiful and are superstars in my book.

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