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Our second preview from V Magazine’s Size issue celebrates the sexiness and beauty of curves. Solve Sundsbo‘s seductive photos of models Tara Lynn, Marquita Pring (above), Michalle Olson, Candice Huffine & Kasia P, have the visual impact of Avedon’s classic Versace ads and a charm that is all their own. Whether they’re in denim, lingerie or nothing at all, these girls radiate sensuality – check them all out in our exclusive preview.

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  1. I think the photos were absolutely amazing! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time. Being a curvy girl my self, I really feel awful seing skinny girls everywhere in fasion and advertisement. It makes me feel ugly and unwanted because of the size of my clothes. I don’t know what size I am in America because I’m Norwegian, so I can only compare myself to the women in the pictures.. And they make me feel a lot better, I can relate to them, and I can feel like them. If they put on a sexy dress or something, I might dare to do the same one day. You know, there are people who like curvy women just like there are people who doesn’t. That being said, I really hope that fasion and advertising will make room for more variety in their models…

    Also pardon my English; It’s late, and I’m not up for reading my comment a second time..

  2. These women featured in these absolutely stunning photographs are in no way any threat to the draining of any countries health system. They look pretty damn good to me.
    To say these women are unhealthy is utterly ridiculous.
    We have been brainwashed into thinking anyone over a size 12 is at immediate risk of heart failure and diabetes.
    People who find these photos abhorrent or distasteful need to get a serious grip on reality.
    To make hateful derisive comments about women with actual flesh on their bones smacks of misogyny and fear.
    Live and let live folks! Fat, Thin, Average, Blonde, Brunette, Black ,White …
    One day we all die and none this will matter anyway.


  3. You know what grow the fuck up people! ok niether extreme is sexy blah blah blah GET OVER IT there are sooooo many people out there that are both extremes so embrace the variety and extremes of sizes and stop being a damn party pooper! These models are fuckin fierce in there Versace heels jus like any other models, I love them just as much and what they are wearing just as much as any other model and you guys should too. so in conclusion suck it up bitches and just admire every size even if its not you prefrence…..
    Peace, Love, & Fashion

  4. haha i’m sorry but this isn’t extreme for those people who think this is wrong to show the other ‘extreme’.
    this is beautiful, not ‘chubby’ or ‘fat’ jeez get over yourselves. it’s a sad world we live in yes, as long as we feel comfortable about ourselves and don’t let anyone get you down, long live these types of photoshoots!

  5. I enjoyed this photoshoot very much!The models has such a beautiful face though I wonder why don’t they have double chin.Maybe they’re the selected few who are VERY bless to have just lovehandles WITHOUT double chin.

    But I would like to point out a few things here after reading the comments above. As what some of you had said,models are models.They aren’t selected to represent us,the real normal woman you can see anywhere.That is the fact and that is why fashion is still an important part of human history,no matter how bad the image they’re trying to shove on us.I’m overweight too, and no,don’t have that kind of a beautiful face.

    But I do know that’s not the reason for us to start hating the world,like how they love to put skinny girls to fashion their clothes.I mean,they think art.we think practicality.It doesn’t go together.
    I hate to see overweight girls like me goes on a rampage to the world.Just relax and be mature…

    That’s just show how fragile you are,how much you’re trying to get approval from the society,while sniffing at others about embracing every sizes as beautiful. I just don’t think that’s a good thing.I think that’s some kind of hypocracy.

    I am for one,being in the healthcare industry, I know and learned that to be healthy is the utmost important thing in the world.And overweights,lovehandles,cellulite are all PROVEN by scientific research that can increase the risk of getting diseases like heart attack,diabetes and whatnot.Though it’s true that our BMI and weight can’t show how healthy we are.

    Let’s not being in denial and ignorant.To embrace our beauty is precious and most needed in our society especially young teenagers who are very insecure(most of them)BUT it’s not to be use as an excuse to let us indulge and justify the action of being TOTALLY IGNORANT on the basic fact of living healthy.Anyone on his/her right mind will know this.

  6. Yes, these are beautiful photos with beautiful women but…

    These ones are as much photoshopped as photos of size 0 models. These does not represent real beauty either! Where is the sellulite and pimples etc.? Yes, they are bigger women, but still as flawless as models.

    When I compare myself to these beautiful women, I feel myself as pissed-off as always browsing magazines or watching posters. I don’t have this perfect skin or perfect make-up or perfect outfit! It doesn’t matter if they are bigger (or smaller or average), they are still too perfect to be real.

  7. to be honest: cutie girls but pls don’t tell they are sexy gorgeus and stuff like these

    if you are anywhere you like and two nice girls are in front of you, the first is one of these chubby ones and the other one is a “normally sized” which one would you find more attractive? which one would you consider first?

    be honest!

  8. The ‘average’ size of women has increased over the years, and just because Society says that a size 12-14 is ‘average’, it DOES NOT mean that it is healthy. It means that we have an alarming number of people who are NOT TREATUNG THEIR BODIES CORRECTLY!!! resulting in an average size that is increasing!

    The human body requires regular exercise and NUTRITIONAL food. If you treat your body well, as it is SUPPOSED to be treated, then the ‘average’ size would be more of a 8-10.

    I agree that skinny models are not the average woman either, so a variety of sizes must be displayed. HEALTHY bodies is what should be promoted.

  9. I’m all for diversity, but…how about dressing these women in clothes that fit and flatter their particular body type!? Rolls of skin showing at the waist is not sexy! It’s also a health issue!

  10. Wanted to add this:

    These “thick” (let’s call it what it is!) women are just as enslaved to current fashion/beauty standards and ideals as are “regular size” women: jeans so tight they can barely breathe, mile-high heels that deform the feet, shampoo commercial type of flowing hair, too much make up, etc. This is liberating and a step forward for women?! I don’ think so!

    Too skinny = bad
    Too thick = bad
    Balance, balance, balance, people!

    One thing more: only one model (Pring) is non-white. Why?

    (I’m white, 125 lbs. 5 foot 5 inches and have never dieted in my life. I love food!)

    We really haven’t come a very long way, baby.

  11. The young lady lying on the floor in nothing but heels and jewelry is an absolute goddess. She’s not sexy “for a big girl”. She’s a sexy girl

  12. Seriously? People are going to talk about these folks being “too fat” and “not normal” and this spread somehow encouraging/excusing unhealthy eating habits? These girls are not morbidly obese. They are on the plus side, true. But they aren’t rotund. They are curvy, sexy, beautiful, and HEALTHY LOOKING. Way more healthy looking than the average anorexic model that looks like she’s living on tic-tacs and cigarettes.

  13. t said “She’s not sexy ‘for a big girl’. She’s a sexy girl.”

    Amen, t!

  14. The blonde girl in the leopard print outfit is currently on America’s Next Top Model!

  15. THe photogrpahy and models are stunningly beautiful but I do not think that these women represent all ‘real women, yes they present on body size and shape and is challanging our perceptions (which is a job well down!) of beauty but I disagree on the comments that state things such as “Finally real women”, this does not mean in anyway I support anorexia (for those who like to put words in others mouths), syaing that I support anerexia and unhealthy thiness is out of context.

    These photos are hopefully a stride towards a future in fashion and beauty where models of ALL shapes and sizes are portrayed, when I state ALL shapes and sizes dosen’t mean one group such as all shapes and sizes in the curv group but I mean every body shape that is positive, curvy and non curvy.

  16. CURVES refers to the hip to waist ratio in WOMEN, otherwise fat men could have curves. Not even most skinny girls have curves. Idiots. Obesity is NOT sexy or healthy, there is nothing sexy about having diabetes, heart attacks, or bed sores.

  17. These are real women, beautiful women. Please advertise more of this kind, and less of the starving. In your hands there is the point of view of the masses. ‘beautiful’ is a word whose meaning you invent. And after that, the expectations depend on you, so are cheating men / starving women. Why, when look how beautiful REAL women are.

  18. So…my opinion on this is. I consider this for a step foward. These girls are not obesed or fat. I am about size 12 more or less. I take care about myself, I eat nutritional food, I exercise at least 3 times a week, I LOVE sport, I LOVE running, I LOVE touristic, I LOVE dancing, I just LOVE TO MOVE… I used to be on diets 5 years to be size 10 or less, horrible diets and I don’t want to do it again, never! Why could’t I be consider to be beautiful just the way I am. I don’t think I am unhealthy or fat or I don’t know…
    So what if we start to be more open’minded and start to accept diversity. In my opinion some skinny models are beautiful, some curvaceous as well and something between as well…
    It is just too ridiculous to say size 8 is average and the most healthy!
    you should consider more aspects for this than just the size of trousers, don’t you think?
    I am for diversity that’s all ;)

  19. I love the usage of curvy models, showing us that there is another body type that is just as beautiful. There is just one thing, why are the women all in passive poses? When is that going to change? These photos should be powerful and aggressive showing the power beauty possesses.

  20. I’m an 18 year old girl I’m 5’6″ and weigh 170lbs, and I cried when I saw these pictures shared on facebook. I thought finally that I wasn’t fat and disgusting and was overjoyed to think that any of my friends with similar self-esteem issues could see this and think the same.
    I just hope to god they don’t read the comments. I was crying of joy and now I’m crying because of the cruelty. I’m only a size 14. I’ve been battling multiple eating disorders. But I haven’t battled against them I’ve battled for them.
    So I can be “pretty”.
    Thank you cold hearted people who say that these rolls of skin are nasty.
    I appluad your kindness in thinking before you typed and ruined something that could’ve been detrimental to hundreds of women and girls out there.

  21. No one, not the media, fashion magazines, television, not anyone can please everyone. If these models can make a few women happier, then the point has been made. No one is perfect, and not one of us deserves to judge. Women are beautiful….period.

  22. These girls are too fat. Unhealthy fat. Healty “big-boned” girls do not look like that.

    Visceral fat (the fat on your stomach) is directly linked to a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Belly fat is caused by an energy imbalance—basically your energy intake (FOOD) is greater than your energy consumption (MOVEMENT).

    While yes, many girls on the runway would be labeled as underweight, has gone too far. These girls are NOT at an ideal weight class.

    The average “size” (however you calculate it—weight, BMI, etc.) of men and women in America is NOT where the average healthy person should be at.

    And don’t give me that Marilyn Monroe was a size 10/12/14/16/insertdoubledigitnumber bullcrap. American sizing for women’s clothing has changed dramatically over the years as its consumers have ballooned up. Judging from her photos, Marilyn was most likely a healthy size 4/6. Anyone who’s seen her old costumes in museums knows.

    So really, it’s not terribly difficult. Cut down on processed foods (high fructose corn syrup is not good for you), don’t overeat (the majority of Americans eat over-sized portions), and go jogging every once in a while.

    -Med Student

  23. Irene (and all those like her): Wow, you’re a real asshole. I wouldn’t have you as a friend for all the money in the world. And I’m pretty sure nobody else would. You must be very depressed and self-hating to say all this. There’s a little thing called diversity. You know, variety is the spice of life. You don’t like these women or find them sexually gratifying for you, then don’t look at them. GO on binging and purging and allow other people to express themselves, okay?

  24. I think beauty is on the eye of the beerholder. LOL. Kidding aside.

    If you ask a room full of people on what is beauty, you would probably find yourself a myriad of answers. This is because beauty is something relative. If you sit through a cosmetic consultation, you would probably hear varying requests from patients on their specific preferences and their view of what is beautiful in their eyes.

  25. Since when is ‘rubuenesque’ not embraced? We embraced it back it the ‘olden days’. “David D.-What you said about these thick woman was a disgrace!!” “You’re a sick man!” I’m not saying women all across America should go out and become thick like these gals but clearly lighten up on the whole ‘thin’ thing. Imagine how much more attention these models would get if they were thinner?Could it be that being a little thicker is a protection for them, and who could blame them? Maybe their focus is on higher goals like a degree to go along with their modeling careers, thus their priority isn’t to be ‘pin thin’. Notice how from the waste up this African American gal is thin then balloons out from the waste down with thick thighs?Do any of you know what it takes to lose weight in just the areas below?…very specific targeted exercises perhaps as well as running would do the trick; It’s not easy being pear shaped.I am pear shaped but I have a beautiful face. It’s sad how rejected I get when their eyes meet my body. To change these gals shapes, if they so choosed, would take and the only thing that ever rid me of my fat lower extremeties was a walk/run and a high level of committment and determination combination as well as 1200 diet. Nevertheless, I say, “enjoy your life and keep your esteem nice and high no matter your size!” Love others and yourself because life is too short to usurp your priceless energy on anything less. Obviously, you can expect a high level of critics critiquiing an ad like this but everyone has their own opinion. “Opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and some stink more than others.” Look at the faces on these women? They are ferociously beautiful! Women are special no matter what size. They are delicate, complicated, emotional beings and we as a society need to understand that. Can you imagine being in the modeling industry? I, for one, could never do it!

  26. your size!” Love others and yourself because life is too short to usurp your priceless energy on anything less. Obviously, you can expect a high level of critics critiquiing an ad like this but everyone has their own opinion. “Opinions are like armpits, everyone has the

  27. I think these photos make people think and use their heads. The debate between skinny or overweight is funny to me as I’m a size 16 which most people deem over weight, but i have no rolls on my tummy, i have smooth skin, i am slightly muscular and i can do everything a healthy person can such as run, swim, dance and enjoy life without feeling the strain of being overweight. So why such a concentration on skinny or fat? what about if all these women featured in this are just like me? healthy…. isnt that whats really important? And how about we drop this skinny and fat labels and go for healthy women? thick or thin every type of body should be featured together in a shoot labeled healthy and we should accept out shallow insecurities as just shallow insecurities… be who you are and be healthy who cares if your not the skinniest or the curviest you are unique and that is what these magazines are actually trying to take away from you.

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