The Glory of David


Just released by WWD, is the first shot of the Calvin Klein men’s Spring Summer campaign with the unbelievable David Agbodji by Steven Klein. Rare is the campaign that takes our breath away but this one most certainly does. David opened the Calvin show this past July and has not looked back since. Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, this campaign is perfection personified. (pic courtesy of Request)

  1. GROUNDBREAKING!! As a man of color, seeing these images this morning for the first time left me absolute speechless. It makes me believe that we have arrived, and indeed all things are possible people. Absolutely fab David. On another note, I was not expecting Steven Klein. That was also another surprise for me. Good way to start the week.

    ‘God bless the fashion people.’

  2. Thrilled to see such a campaign. It’s so a fresh take of both Jil Sander S/S 09 & F/W 09.
    His body is nutz… or should I say, his Agbodji.
    Wondeful face.

  3. since nobody is not saying it im gonna say it DAMNNNN thats the first thing that came to my mind because that is so amazing so sexy and i am so happy look at that ass, the beautiful skin ha ha i am smiling from ear to ear i think we may have just found the new Tyson Beckford with the possibility to be better than Tyson bringing in a high fashion mix. this has made my morning . On a side note can people of color stop putting so much stock in white people’s fantasies, not to offend but i’m talking about Nik’s comments, saying that “we have arrived” in reference to the ad, did barack obama becoming president not signal that we have arrived, or other accomplishments by black professinals and activists. But back to the add all i can says in damn damn damn (similar to martin lawrence on his tv show)

  4. I like but it definitely reminds me of the underwear line more. And the image with him in the suit, he could’ve had his face picked up more. But good image overall.

  5. Since I have somewhat offended you James, let me take the time to elaborate. I truly do believe that any and all things are possible. I am never the one to play the race card, and really there is no need to in today’s society. The election of a President of color definately was a worldwide signal that change has come. However, fashion is a bit different from politics, and music, TV, radio, etc. in the fact that some of the major player in fashion are still highly selective in choice of ‘casting’. .We all remember a certain Italian fashion house that did not even allow any ‘girls of color’ to fittings for shows during SS09 I think it was. Although I thought that was vey discouraging, the news of David A. was very refreshing. I could be wrong, but I think it is the first time a black model has done the mainline. The part of me saying, ‘We have arrived’, was more for the naysayers (white, red, yellow, and even black), who didn’t think it would happen. I will agree with you though, he could be the new Tyson B.

  6. Wheneva a model of colour is pictured, the the race topic always comes up huh? anyway, i agree with Nik, he made his point ( and a good one it was too). David is the man! This Ad isn’t very calvin Klein tho but luv it all the same.

  7. This is so wonderful! Time is in our hands to take fashion to the level that our great models before us did and that’s OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the great work david
    Be the leader not the follower

  8. What a beautiful and ground breaking campaign.
    Cheers David for outstanding work.
    Congrats to the entire RE:Quest team, (thats campaign # 3 this season). I also hear your Star Emily has something new coming?!!
    to Calvin Klein, thanks for giving the world a treasure this season.

  9. My God.. this is amazing. And of course the race issue HAS to come up, when was the last time a Calvin Klein ad featured a black male model?? Or any other majon American fashion house, or what the hell, any other European fashion house.

    Kudos to Francisco Costa and his team for making great advertising and doing things others could never dare doing.

  10. Actually kudos to ITALO ZUCCHELLI – the mens designer for such an AMAZING campaign.

    Calvin: great mens campaign and a weak womens campaign

  11. Why does everyone make a big deal when the race issue is brought up. I find it more negative when people are bothered by it when it is brought up, than those who bring it up. It’s not like it wasn’t an issue too long ago. I for one don’t mind when people bring it up because it is something to be proud of. It’s not every season you see a model of color star in a CK ad.

  12. This is just a response to nik, shanila, carola, ld and others . My contention isn’t with the fact the race issue was brought up that is inevitable, as EVERYONE is , or should be aware that it is rare for a black model, especially male to be used for a major campaign. I was referring to the way in which nik and co were going on as if this ad was revolutionary because they used a black model when it is not. It is not groundbreaking first of all because this not the first time calvin klein has used a black male model, just two seasons ago travone hill was used in the ads for ck jeans as well as ck one campaign all shot by meisel. two years before that there was the calvin klein campaign starring djimon honsou shot by lindbergh.
    Second, by saying that “we have arrived” in referrence to this ad to me, sounds so backwards like we were waiting to be uplifted by high fashion, as if our worth is dependent on others acceptance and appreciation of our beauty. It’s like your saying “ooh massa thinks he’s purty” as if before this ad he (and in extension, all black males) wasn’t beautiful. Also not to date myself, but to those saying this is not calvin klein, from I can remember calvin klein’s ads have usually been some model provocatively posed usually against a white background and that is since the eighties going back to avedon.

  13. ..great points james. But David shot the collection and solo..Travonne shot amoung a big group of models.

  14. Why are people saying its not very Calvin Klein???
    Is it because they’re not seeing the typical model that books the job?!!………. Understand that IT IS the typical CK AD.. Just better!!
    “Coming from a NEW signed model of color!!!”
    Just shows me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE………….

  15. Its a great Ad.. since im a person of color its great.. How come any black person does something… race has to be brought up. Damn

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