Miharayasuhiro Men S/S13

The swirling, kinetic backdrop that Japanese artist Jun Inoue painted in real time during Miharayasuhiro‘s Spring 2013 show in Paris was a fitting emblem of the powerful energy of the collection, one that designer Mihara Yasuhiro said was inspired by Nicolas Cage’s snakeskin blazer from David Lynch’s 1990 film Wild at Heart. Fittingly, Arthur Gosse wore trousers in a snakeskin print, one of many pieces that riffed on that motif, while the rest of the models were dressed in updated takes on the iconography of rebel American youth, an idea that has been a fascination of sorts for the Japanese ever since James Dean screamed out, “You’re tearing me apart!” in Rebel Without a Cause. Their hair slicked forward rockabilly-style, the guys marched out in looks that hinted at the ’50s, like Adrien Sahores’ bowling shirt or Victor Nylander’s emblazoned tank top. There was even Baptiste Radufe’s very Dean-like red biker jacket, a touch that often feels like an obvious answer but here felt utterly appropriate with the rest of the production. As the looming abstract expressionist painting filled in as if by magic at the end of the runway, several of the boys came out for their second looks with their faces and necks splattered with paint. In its evocation of Pollock—another well-known all-American bad boy—it was the fitting conclusion to a show that bristled with barely-contained potency.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Photos by Dirk Alexander

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