New Faces: VNY Model Management Men S/S 2011

Oleg Antosik/Russia

We capture some of VNY Model Management‘s hottest new men’s faces in town for a special OTM walk video. Take a peek at our exclusive snaps below and see the rest of their male modeling stars in their S/S 11 show package right here.

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Johannes Niermann/Germany. Christian Plauche/USA

Jaco van den Hoven/Netherlands. Alim/Russia

Russell Giardina/USA. Johnny/England

All pics Betty for

  1. Jaco van den Hoven and Alim are the strongest for me and could be more different from each other.

  2. Love love love Jaco, glad to see him here in NY will follow how he does, saw him in Milan and he is amazingly beautiful in real life on the runway. Also love Alim.

  3. Oh Alim for certain…. the rest are very cute, but boys really, MEN please!!!!! :)

  4. they all look to safe. these guys, its kind of a seen them, done that kinda thing. i agree that they all look very young but hey, they all have to start somewhere. the most distinctive models are JACO VAN DE HOVEN and ALIM. they both have great distinctive looks. the others all look like your same stereotypical safe male model. nothing new or refreshing about them. wish them all the best of luck though.

  5. some of them shine, Christian has a distictive look but the rest aren’t too great. no really unique bone structures for me cept Christian but I agree with a poster above the rest are defoz “safe male models” but I like weirdness tbh lol

  6. i want jaco’s hair shortened
    and for the others, they look fantastic
    favorites: alim and johnny

  7. johnny is by far the hottest one!! and also Russell, but johnny’s eyes are incredible!

  8. That boy from england is so handsome!! He’ll get far with his cheekbones and defined jaw. I hope to be seeing him on lots of posters

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