Milan/Paris Top Men’s Newcomers S/S 2011

Milan and Paris men’s shows may be done but it’s just the start for the fantastic new faces that debuted in 2010. Most are brand new here, several may be slightly familiar; all have that unique beauty and perfect designer fit that set them apart from the masses. The European shows of S/S 11 were the definite launchpads for our picks of the season. Who’s your favorite to go the distance?

Adnan Djinovic ‘s breakout season was a stellar one for this charismatic young Frenchman. (Burberry, Z Zegna, Prada, Neil Barrett, Gaspard Yurkievich, Cerruti, YSL, Kenzo, Dunhill, Lanvin)

American Christian Plauche was whisked away to Europe for his first season ever within days of arriving in NY. And what a season it was. (Prada, Jil Sander, Versace, Burberry, Lanvin, Dunhill, Raf Simons)

Germany’s Christian Ochsenfahrt may not have the easiest last name to pronounce but it was no problem for the top casting directors during his first excellent season . (Jil Sander, YSL, Raf Simons, Dior Homme, Dunhill, Lanvin, Prada, Gaspard Yurkievich, Dries Van Noten, Kenzo)

Half Grenadian, half Trinidadian, all gorgeous, Corey Baptiste only did Milan but as predicted would make a splash. The market needs a flawless beauty like this. Imagine if he had gone to Paris! (Z Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Canali)

Demy Matzen was just featured on Daily Duo but this young Dutchman had the big guns immediately interested for S/S 11. (Burberry, Gucci, Jil Sander, Missoni, John Varvatos, Albino Deuxieme) (image Roy Seerden)

Felix Badman‘s breakout season was in a word, fantastic. He shot up out of nowhere to walk in many of the premium designers’ shows. (Burberry, Dries Van Noten, Prada, Jil Sander, YSL, Dunhill, Raf Simons Kenzo, Neil Barrett, Cerruti) (With Ford Models Europe)

The Swede Gabriel Gronvik has been making his mark editorially but this was his breakout season scoring many of the blue chip catwalks. (Burberry, Gucci, Giuliano Fujiwara, Neil Barrett, Gustavo Lins, closed Raf Simons, Hermes, Kenzo, closed Wooyoungmi, Lanvin) (Ph by Johnny Kangasniemi)

Denmark’s Peter Beyer had it easy his first time in Milan with his Prada exclusive tying him up in Milan. In Paris, Dries Van Noten, Kenzo, Dunhill, Romain Kremer and Lanvin were fans of the Dane. (Screenshot from Burberry/Gucci casting director Barbara Nicoli’s video)

The beautiful Belgian Tom Fonteyn had all the major clients clamoring for him his premier season and we can easily see why. Look for our upcoming new faces profile on Tom. (Jil Sander, Costume National, Gianfranco Ferre, Prada, Z Zegna, YSL, Raf Simons, Lanvin, Dunhill, Gaspard Yurkievich. (image courtesy of IMM Bruxelles)

Our final slot goes to 4 brand new faces used by blue chip brands to debut their S/S 11 collections. Calvin Klein’s Jacob (Ford Homme), Givenchy’s Pablo Otero (View) (opened and closed), Prada’s Luka Badjnar (Success Models) (opened and closed), YSL’s Tobias Lundh (Ford Homme).

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  1. corey baptiste; possibly the most attractive man i’ve seen featured on this site in many months.

  2. Lots of new, fresh boys this season!! I love Tom’s eyes and Demy has something special about him! I want to know more about Jacob and Luka!

  3. where is Danny Arter ???

    He did great for his 2nd season!
    Burberry & Alexander McQueen, neil barret, dries van noten, comme des garcons, kenzo, lanvin, Roman Kreamer, Z Zegna

  4. SS11 isn’t Felix Badman’s first season. He debuted last season in Paris.

    Also, Luka’s last name is Badnjar, not Bedjnar! ;)

  5. corey batiste is the obvious standout here. hope his agency is grooming him to go the distance. best of luck!

  6. Thanks for sharing those.It’s awesome:)
    But where is Jens Esping?I think he’s doing quite well this season,considering he’s a newcomer.
    P.S.Can you also introduce the boy who opened Versace?He got that look – sophisticated,self-assured and suave.

  7. jake says:
    June 30th, 2010
    at 3:03 pm corey baptiste; possibly the most attractive man i’ve seen featured on this site in many months.

    No doubt because you’re black, right?

  8. Corey Baptiste has what it takes to stand out in the fashion industry. He’s smooth & flawless. @Jason, what does it matter if Jake & others find Corey to be the most attractive? We don’t have to be of his race to see that. You should check your racism & stop the jealousy please.

  9. Tom Fonteyn looks like the male version of Daria Werbowy. Isn’t Daria’s brother a model too?

  10. To BRM:

    I see you are a Jonathan fan. Many young men got exclusives. So many that in fact this top newcomers list would be close to 50 guys if I put all the guys who got exclusives. Then how exclusive would this list be?

    I’m sure he’ll do great next season!

    PS, if you didn’t read my comment about exclusives in the Kings of the Hill post, you should go check it out.


  11. Why are European models so much thinner than the hunky American ones? I suspect it’s to keep the focus on the clothes and not the beauty of the model who can sometimes eclipse the very clothes he is essentially selling. I think Milan they are a little meatier becasue of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Emporium Armani.

  12. I’m the same height and weight as these models, and let me tell you, I have a complex about it. I’m 6’1 and about 155, doesn’t feel sexy to me.

    As far as the comment about racism, excuse me? It’s racist for black people to think the black model is the hottest simply because he’s black. just like supporting obama just cause he’s part black is racist. Quit with the double standard bs.

  13. Corey = Holy Wow! He becomes more and more gorgeous everytime I see him.

    Jacob from Calvin is some serious hotness! Very fresh look, very unique face/stature amongst the sea of similarites. Fairly American face..where is he from?

    Jasan – We must’ve missed it..where did Jake say anything about his being black? Secondly Corey was not the only black man(man of color of partial or total african decent) featured on this site in the past few months. There were others.

    Gasp! Perhaps Jake just feels most attracted to Corey..Can you phathom it?! You obviously have issues. i.e ” because Obama is part black”. Fact check – much of Obama’s black supporters do not view him as “part black”. Many consider him just black – DNA aside. And more power to the blacks that do support him because of it! Don’t like it?.. Kick rocks.

  14. To Jasan–
    Okay, I don’t know what you’re problem is. First of all, what does it matter wether he’s black or white, no one brought up race until you did. It’s obvious that Corey stands out because of his skin color, and just because someone thinks he the best looking guy on the planet (and he’s black) is an issue for you. Would you prefer if Corey was white? Because if he was, I bet you wouldn’t have brought up the race card. You don’t know if Jake is black, you simply assumed it. As for bringing up Obama, I don’t see how that even relates in the slightest bit. I can tell you right now that I know black people who didn’t support Obama’s campaign, but still considered him as a brother to the black community.
    This isn’t an attack on you, you just have to realize what you say and how it comes across, and don’t assume things about other people, because to tell the truth, you don’t know them. I can make assumptions about you now based on the responses you gave.

    I’m a black woman, and I find Peter Beyer, Christian Plauche and Corey Baptiste very, insanely, immensely attractive. I take guys in ALL colors.

    —End of conversation

  15. Corey Baptiste is a face to watch. I can not think of a more handsome model? I believe his face and unique style represent’s what a model is all about. Corey is flawless and unique to look at.
    I will love to see that young man face on tv.

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