1. This image of Corey is quite magical. He’s a real breakout isn’t he?!
    He seems to be getting such a positive reception within the community and an image like this shows excatly why the stars are decending from the heavens to light his ascent . So very radiant, clean and warm.
    I am in love with this photograph and so pro-Corey!

  2. Thanks Nigel!!! I’m actually the photographer who took that picture of Corey!!! U Can see more of my work with corey on my blogspot!!!

  3. Christian reminds me of a young Ashton Kutcher – anyone else see that? Super hot and will do well in Milan for sure – can’t wait to see more.

    Cory looks perfect in this shot .. and something about that shot is captivating me – IMHO – I think that shot went over board on the eyes perhaps? – little less opacity on the eye whitening in photoshop -Just a tad bit more natural would be perfection in my opinion – non?

    Sean – you’re work is stunning!! Def plan to follow your blog …

  4. alright, i’m sick of these guys portfolios all the time lately – who cares about them? what magazine are they in? what guy reads fashion magazines for mans fashion??

    this is site is now officially gay.

  5. He so has the eyes of Tyson Beckford ´!!!!!!! He will go extreeeeeeemmmmmmely far !..simply magnificent!

  6. Christian plauche is just absolutely gorgeous. We’re so very very proud of him. Mom and Dad you just had what it took to make this gorgeous young man. Love, Aunt Liz

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