Major’s New Army

Emma at Major Model Management

Flush with a rush of super-fresh new faces, Major is picking up massive buzz for SS11 as a top new contender in the breaking faces sweepstakes. Leading the charge are three must watch faces, Emma Beam hailing from Chicago, Mara Burns, the Seattle girl with the impossibly dewy skin and the runway perfect Rebekka. Clean, sleek,  beautiful girls from a fresh source? The blue chip battilion will be scanning this board with serious interest.

Mara Burns at Major Model Management

Rebekka at Major Model Management

  1. Emma looks like a mix of Snejana and Shannon Click. I think she will do very well. Rebekka looks like Erin Hetherton, so she will probably do well commercially. There is something a little off about Mara, though. I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet.

  2. I’m Impressed. Emma (Edge) & Rebekka (soft & Class) Both looks very intriguing.

  3. Wasn’t Emma with Elite NY for many seasons already? Wonder how she’ll do with a new agency…

  4. I like Burns the best! I think she’s beautiful and looks exceptionally healthy.

  5. Mara is beautiful, and I have to agree with the earlier post about her looking the healthiest of the lot.

  6. Emma is far the most interesting… she will def get some major campaign this season. She is so beautiful

  7. Wow.. Major is lucky to have Emma. She should have a incredible season. She has a incredible edgy look and yet is so beautiful. I hope she has a great season.

  8. Emma is the most interesting… she should book some major campaigns.. she is so pretty.

  9. Emma Beam is amazing she will kill it in the shows love always and forever Nick xoxoxoxox

  10. If you’ve ever seen Mara in person, she’s the real deal. Stunning, willowy, with a gravitational pull that makes her peers pale in comparison. Congrats to Major on signing her!

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