New York Top Men’s Newcomers S/S 2011

The women might still be out full force on the Paris catwalks but the men’s S/S 11 campaign season begins now. As expected, former Top 10 Newcomers/Top 50 denizens cleaned up during their first time walking the Big Apple (including Christian Plauche, Clement Chabernaud, Corey Baptiste, Danny Arter, Johannes Niermann, Oleg Antosik, Oskar Tranum, Thomas Penfound) but New York debuted some striking new faces of their own. Get ready for the next generation!

Bastien Bonizec. This charming red head stood out from the crowd, opening Rag & Bone as well as walking in Carlos Campos, Duckie Brown, Patrik Ervell, Antonio Azzuolo, General Idea.

Daniel McSweeney. Arresting features is one reason why some of the coolest designers chose to book this New Yorker: Richard Chai, Duckie Brown, Tim Hamilton, Rad Hourani, Carlos Campos, Siki Im.

Johnny George. This young Brit hit it out of the ballpark and appealed to both ends of the spectrum. Duckie Brown, Lacoste, Michael Bastian, Phillip Lim, Patrick Ervell, Rag & Bone, Richard Chai, Yigal Azrouel.

Guido Carminetti. This young Argentinean follows up his June Givenchy exclusive with Duckie Brown, Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone continuing his winning streak.

Jaco van den Hoven. This curly haired young Dutchman was a winner with the clients: Bespoken, Duckie Brown, Custo Barcelona, General Idea, Marc by Marc, Phillip Lim, Petrou, Timo Weiland.

Niclas Gillis. Niclas was a stealth Swede coming from out of nowhere to walk in some of the season’s most avant garde shows: Duckie Brown, Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Simon Spurr, Antonio Azzuolo, Complex Geometries, General Idea, Native Son.

Peter Bruder. Peter’s face is familiar to Europe’s top runways but his first time here in NY proves that his popularity crosses oceans: Bespoken, Duckie Brown, Elie Tahari, Lacoste, Marc by Marc, Richard Chai, Robert Geller, Yigal Azrouel.

Silviu Tolu. Silviu’s first season included Billy Reid, Rag & Bone, Buckler and Sabatino with 10 more that had to be cancelled for a big booking.

Zhao Lei. Zhao appealed across the board booking high profile shows like Loden Dager, Philip Lim, Perry Ellis, Siki Im and Tommy Hilfiger.

3 Bonus New Faces: Daje, Eryck, Lowell
Daje Barbour. The ethereally beautiful Daje opened Phillip Lim.
Eryck Laframboise‘s lithe athletic frame was perfect for Marc by Marc/Rad Hourani/Siki Im.
Lowell Tautchin booked the ultra cool Richard Chai/Rad Hourani before leaving town for a job.

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  1. I love Guido, he is the best one and he is the upcoming argentinian new sensation, he is amazing beautifull and simply lovely, his really beauty comes from inside to outside, he is an angel and arrives to fashion scene to win, i think is just the beggining of his successfully carreer, campaigns are waiting for him, viva Guido!

  2. I just dont understand where the world of male modeling is going.
    I know a kid who just went out to see everyone- very interesting looking, very striking interesting. Tons of great tests- shot with some of NYCs greats. Good tears too and no one wants to pick him up. How are these undeveloped plain/normal looking guys going to bring anything to the table. Anyone can look like this. Anyone does look like this. With the exception of a few they are all normal guys who are going to need to be developed. Waste of time and money

  3. John,
    I think the first question is, what do you do in the industry? If you do know the show side, then you would know that these young men may seem “undeveloped” to you but they are the average size for the high fashion end of the spectrum. The samples for men for these shows are cut just as small for them as for the women. These are not Abercrombie & Fitch-like shows where shorts and tshirts are thrown on them. The look is sleeker, more lean, think greyhound not pit bull.

    These are new faces so it’s absolutely true what you said: these ARE all normal guys who need to be developed. I would say that’s true of 99% of the business, men AND women. If you take a look at some of our model of the weeks, you could say the same of many of them. See this one young man, very cute but who knew he would turn out to be one of the top earning male models in the last decade:

    There are no guarantees in life that any of these guys will fail or succeed. All I know is that they impressed enough of the premium casting directors and designers in the biz.


  4. Bastien rocks!!
    You can see him in my “circus freaks” editorial….
    It was a real pleasure to shoot him!

  5. To me, they are all very good-looking men. They all look intelligent, nice fellows, good boys. I wish them a great career both as male models and whatever they decide to do in life : lawer, doctor, teacher, etc. Many thanks, Claude

    niclas naslund is great as well!!

  7. None of these male models have a good figure,someone tells me why?

    This is not what I’m talking about sexy.

  8. I don’t know…is the problem of fashion,or of myself?I mean…even though the shows which Gabbana did in Paris was really great,but,I still don’t know what’s the point that he wanted to tell us.

    When I put his thing on my body and go out my house,everyone thinks hey,there goes a rich guy in D&G.But,What’s the else?What am I suppose to do if I wanna show people the things that inside me?Like I’m a psychosis,or,I don’t know…hungry for girls.

    See,the things that designers trying to tell people through their clothing are getting out.Independing,freaky,oh,and neuter.C’mon…tell me if they got anything new…lol

  9. This past Monday, December 13th 2010, Niclas Gillis walked into the Drama Book Shop in Times Square, where I volunteer work for, to get some material for his acting career. When I saw him walking in, I thought: “Wow! A runway model is walking in”. You can clearly tell when they’re professional models by the way they walk, such as Adriana Lima and Tyra Banks, who are also customers at the shop. Niclas is more good-looking in person than in any of his pictures I’ve seen so far.

  10. I met Niclas Gillis at the Drama Book Shop last week. The minute he walked in I knew I was seeing a runway model walking in. I could chat with him quickly while he was shopping, and he also has a very nice personality. He’ll probably become a very successful movie star in his 20’s. He’s almost too handsome to be true!!!

  11. Bastien Bonizec, Jaco van den Hoven, Niclas Gillis, Peter Bruder, oh boy!!!

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