La Dolce Vita

Nils Butler by Cristina Capucci.

With the mens’ shows wrapping up today and the Italian team still in the World Cup, Italy is having a blast. Cristina Capucci enlists some of our favorite male faces of the season for a special portfolio commemorating their time in Milan. With whimsical styling by Matteo Greco utilizing Italy’s iconic colors, this exclusive shoot for MDC/The Ones2Watch is a fitting end to a fabulous week.

See the entire portfolio here, only on TheOnes2Watch.

James Smith.

Johannes Niermann.

  1. Betty is it me is is the link you posted not working correctly?
    It re-directs back to the same post
    And is francisco lachowski part of this ?

  2. Riviera,
    The link works.. it redirects to the full story, Italians do it better on the Ones2watch section of the site..

    Francisco is not part of this.


  3. James Smith is man pretty. To me he looks like a beautiful peacock, but still masculine. lol

  4. It redirected back to here too.. i can’t get on any links under

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