Sessilee’s Sultry Summer

Sessilee Lopez picking up her Model Of The Year Award in South Africa: Image courtesy of Major Models

What’s a top model to do when summer kicks into high gear? In Sessilee Lopez’s case the answer is to ricochet all over the world enjoying the fruit of all your hard work. The week starts with La Sess popping into South Africa to pick up a Model Of The Year Award followed by the flight to Paris to walk for Gaultier’s couture collection then the plane back to New York and then onto Jamaica as a special guest judge for the forthcoming Jamaica Style Week. The girl certainly has model stamina.

  1. I´m so happy for her. She´s such a good model. Beautiful from the outside and from the inside. Well done.

  2. Good for her. Next year is hopefully the year of Joan Smalls domination!!

  3. You’ve come a long way baby!!!

    I’ve been following your career since the IMG days and have been rooting for you ever since. I’m glad you are now with Major Models like my daughter Kelly. You and my son share the same January 4th birthday and he has killer looks too.

    Sessilee, I wish you continued success and the best that life has to offer.

  4. PHENOMENAL model. keep up the good work! and make sure to plant some trees to make up for all the flight time… :)

  5. I’m really really proud of her !! She worked so hard for that !! And now she wins !! Congratulations Sessilee !! That’s fantastic !!

  6. Model of the Year?
    Come on, where is she in the fashion world? Nowhere!
    Give the price to Sasha, Natasha, Lara or Freja.

  7. I’m calling her “The Hardest Workin’ Model in the Biz,” especially after seeing her documentary and every photo she takes just explodes off the page. You can’t miss her “IT” factor.

    So happy for her. Her tenacity is paying off. Glad she’s on top! There’s no one else quite like her out right now.

  8. I’m so happy for Sessilee!
    She’s beautiful, sexy and she looks like that all models should have, because she’s thin but healthy! And that is very important from my point of view!

    Congratulations Sessilee! I wish she continued success in her modeling career and in her personal life!


  9. wow congrats!!! Sessilee as Model of the Year! As a Runway coach i’m proud of you.keep moving forward in your sucess.

    OH And Blaze That Catwalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alva Page
    Runway Coach

  10. GO Sessi GO!

    So proud of her. She has come a long way…. yet still has quite the ways to go before everyone else “gets it”.
    Indeed, she should be much bigger but alas her success is undeniable
    Her body of work is scintillating in its richness.
    She possesses unparalleled posing ability and is quite adept in character empathy.

    Always present, poise, sculptural and beautiful – heavenly yet right up the street.

    She embodies everything that makes a true Supermodel.
    That award statuette could’ve easily had been modeled from Sessilee herself! She belongs in a museum.

  11. Sessilee never gets the recognition she deserves and it really frustrates me. She has the look for blue chip campaigns (Gaultier, Givenchy etc) but she is always overlooked. I mean just look at her pictures on the Gaultier runway a few days ago. I was blown away. I recently saw her in a vogue nippon editorial which was simply phenomenal. I kept asking myself why that editorial did not make a splash because it was definitely one of the best editorials of that year. Her intensity is just insane and I really can’t think of any model who outshine Sessilee in an edgy, high end editorial. Congrats Sess. All the best.

  12. @ Leandro

    Hahaha. I know right? Sessilee deserves it. No one can touch this girl when it comes to edgy editorials. She delivers every time, 100 percent.

    She totally deserves it!…She’s worked with almost every designer all around the world

  14. I love her face in the pic! She looks so happy. It’s so cute. You can tell she’s very grateful.
    Congrats Sess you worked super hard for it super model!

    All this girls editorials are banging. She rips the pages right of the magazine with her poses and looks, which are more than fierce.

  15. LOVE HER… and the prize is so “well-earned” and so “deserved”… Thank You for those who see her true star power!!! She is AWESOME!!!

  16. Congratulations Sess, I can’t explain how happy I am for you. Seeing what type of person you are and where you came from has been a rare opportunity and I’m thankful. Keep doing what your doing, its really great!!1

  17. sessilee! so hard working, so divine, such high style looks and artsy, way to go, and well deserved!

  18. SESSILEE!! So proud of YOU and Major!!!!…An extremely hard worker, persevering dedication and a good heart- SO HAPPY IT IS BEING RECOGNIZED:)
    You definitely earned it. xx

  19. congrats sessilee you definately are the model of the year for all of us, you epitomizes true beauty and you ahve been reminiscence in all our minds. and sessilee you were wonderful at style week jamaica.

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