Just Add Frosting…

One of the biggest (and most perplexing) trends of F/W 10, has been the overabundance of velvet. Designers have sent models down the runways in velvet looks at almost every other show this season: particularly interesting was the amount of red velvet seen at the shows. Were designers craving cupcakes this season or is it simply a coincidence? MDC presents an overview of some of the season’s crimson and ruby looks – Tell us which designer / model pulls it off best and whether you’re loving this trend or hating it.


Yulia Kharlapanova in Ralph Lauren | Andreea Diaconu in Nanette Lapore


Jessica Miller in Alexander Wang |  Mia Rosing in Zac Posen


Tetyana Melnychuk in Antonio Berardi | Sessilee Lopez in Zac Posen


Siri Tollerod and Anja Rubik in Altuzarra

All Images courtesy of Style.com

  1. I guess if I had to pick, I would say Nanette Lapore’s, but I really hate this trend. Altazurra and A. Wang are so terrible.

  2. imo red velvet should only exist in cupcake form or on little girls wearing Christmas frocks with crocheted lace collars. Those are really the only acceptable forms.

  3. Ughs include: Lauren, Posen (I know he’s a genius etc.), and Altuzarra. Love-love-love Wang and Berardi.

  4. The Alexander Wang isn’t that horrible, but velvet isn’t a trend I want to see carry on.

  5. Anja Rubik for Altuzarra, easy one.

    PS Congrats on the new content, I thought I was on style.com for a second when reading this piece!

  6. Awful, I hate velvet. If needed I have one green velvet Betsey Johnson I wore circa. 1988 which I could pull poput in cas of emergency but I refuse to pay to wear velvet.. Not even for either one of my daughter during Xmas.

  7. o, please explain me why everybodys against velvet?
    personally i love it, cause it really has its own spirit
    not for everyday wearing but still hey.

  8. I don’t particularly like any of it but if I had to pick one I would pick the Alexander Wang piece

  9. I’m not picking any one of these. I’ve never been a fan of velvet especially once it trickles down to mall retail stores like Express. It looks cheap and costumey to me! If I could ban one fabric, it would without a doubt be VELVET!


  10. Altuzarra, Antonio & Wang… but other than the Alexander Wang I don’t see myself wearing any of these
    funny how designers often do the same thing at the same time

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