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August 5th, 2009 by Janelle | Girls, Interviews, Model News
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Emily au naturel. (Emily DiDonato / Request Model Management NY)

UPDATED: video problem is fixed.

The first thing you notice about Emily DiDonato – once you get past the fact that she’s stunningly gorgeous in that oh so 90s supermodel way – is her amazing personality. The new Maybelline beauty has the kind of friendly, engaging presence that makes her the kind of girl you want to know more about and the perfect pitchwoman for cosmetics. Joining the ranks of Christy Turlington, Julia Stegner and Erin Wasson is a major coup for a girl who literally just graduated from high school and it takes someone special to handle the pressure and the fast pace. MDC sits down with Emily to find out more about her meteoric rise.

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MDC: We hear you just graduated from high school. Congrats!
EMILY: I did just graduate! This has been a very exciting time – I also just moved into my first apartment. I can’t wait to head over to Ikea and get some furniture.

MDC: How did you get your start modeling?

EMILY: I’ve been modeling for about 6 months now. It’s been a whirlwind but so exciting and full of good energy. A friend of the family said that I should try modeling and I thought I would give it a shot – no closed doors. He showed my picture to Noel and even though Request mainly deals with guys I was signed. On that very day I had my first casting – I literally came in, met Noel and started working right after; it all worked out really well.

MDC: What’s the best part of your new job overall?

EMILY: Filming the commercial for Maybelline was so much fun and Christy was so nice in guiding me. She’s such an incredible role model and those are so important in this business. I’ve also met Julia Stegner and Jessica White and they’re all such nice girls and they make everything have such a great vibe.

MDC: As a model, are there any things you are excited about for the future?

EMILY: I definitely want to continue with Maybeline. I love the film part of it and being able to express yourself in front of the camera. I’d like to maybe to get into acting one day. I wouldn’t care if it was the tiniest role – I just really love that side of modeling. In the meantime I’m just excited about continuing modeling and starting college soon.

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  1. vanessa says:

    i unfortunately can’t hear anything

  2. bettina says:

    after adriana got out, maybelline found a girl who remeinds me of adriana a lot!

  3. china Doll says:

    What a stunning girl.
    Congrats to request for landing a major contract with a girl while there a mens focus agency. Proves they can do the job especially with a girl.


  4. Anastasiya_T says:

    She is like new Adriana Lima. I hate when people compare models this way, but she really does look alike, and probably thats why Maybeline liked her. Anyway I like her too. This is the kind of beauty that appeals to a majority of people out there, more commercial look than editorial, well oh so pretty and sexy. I wish her luck, I think she will do great, I think she can get major contracts just like Adriana, even with VS as well. And I know I would get some “Boooo” here, but I like this kind of look more than for example Anna J’s high fashion and I want to see more girls like that. Anyway… they have different markets, and there is a place for everybody. In my opinion she is a true beauty.

  5. raie says:

    wow gorgeous girl ive been intrigue by her ever since i saw her guess campaign instore i was like omg shes gorgeous :D she gonna be one of VS bombshell i just know it!!!! shes gonna be a household name like adriana lima and alesandra ambosio !! good luck emily :D

  6. Antonio Barros says:

    She looks like Angelina!
    When will she be in Paris????

  7. ines says:

    she looks so much younger and sweeter in video… her eyes get so big when she talks, adorable.

  8. Alexis says:

    I think this girl is perfect for VS show

  9. angus says:

    Does anyone else feel she looks like Rachel in some ways?

    Beautiful girl in any case.

  10. tiger says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!

  11. marty says:



  12. CharlesJay says:

    She has some doutzen features….

  13. jason says:

    Immediately when I saw her I thought “she looks like adriana lima” and then I thought “she will be the next big Victoria Secret” model for sure. I’m gay, but I think I’m in love anyway.

  14. tony says:

    at first I thought she was doutzen…she also looks somehow like adriana lima. that’s a good blend. wow gorgeous !!!!!

  15. melissa says:

    wow amazingly beautiful girl! First pic i thort of cindy crawford and then angelina jolie and second pic i thort of doutzen! I can def can see her as a vs angel! xx

  16. Elvire says:


  17. cha cha says:

    This girl so gorgeous!!! Love her eyes.

  18. aidol says:

    she got the lips and eyes

  19. debby says:

    like the smile and teeth

  20. alice says:

    she reminds me of rachel mcadams and angelina jolie mixed together.

  21. Bassm says:

    She is simply stunning ,and and very beautiful .comparing her to others well her beauty type makes her closest to Cindy Crawford,i beleive that she has that potential beauty that will take her up all the way , definately she will be a great model.

  22. Movieman says:

    Italian Beauty

  23. Ganesh says:

    She just god made beauty no words to describe her. I just love her eyes and dimple in cheeks

  24. Julie says:

    She’s gorgeous but unfortunately too short for runway..but she will definately do great in commercials.

  25. linda says:

    She’s not short for runway since she’s listed at 5’10” at Re:Quest (though agencies lie all the time) but she’s tall for sure since filming with Christy in Times Square, they were about the same height.

    This girl definitely is going to be the next big star out there and I personally hope she enters in high fashion too because she definitely looks like she could belong on the runways of Milan and Paris.

  26. Taylor James says:

    Isnt she 5’10″??

  27. Alan says:

    She knocks me out!

  28. Viny says:

    She is great … for me is like Doutzen … good luck for you Emily .. you are the best.

  29. toby says:

    how stunning. shes gonna make a lot a lot a lot of $$$$$$$$$

  30. Charlotte says:

    Request gave her a showcard for F/W RTW.. hopefully they give her one for S/S as well, and she will book something major, don’t see her in Rodarte or anything, but she’d be perfect for Michael Kors, Carolina, Hilfiger.. etc..

    Does anyone know where she is placed internationally though?

  31. Elizabeth Judd says:

    She is lovely :)

  32. Pavlína from Czech says:

    she is really beauty!!!
    She has so nice lips and eyes, she is natural…

  33. Sydni says:

    She’s really beautiful =]

  34. adfda says:

    I also see a few doutzen features in her!!

  35. Hanna says:

    Yeah she looks like a Adianaa Limaaa!

  36. karen says:

    how old is she this is how old i think she is,14 or 15

  37. Leslie says:

    ha ha she is 18…..I’ve know her since she was born….I’m great friends with her Mom…..this could not have happened to nicer people!! it is so darn exciting to watch this unfold and see the world react! Go Em!!

  38. chris says:

    Ha ha ha. Hi, Leslie. I’ve known her since the delivery room. I saw her first. She is really that gorgeous, but her personality is even better. She really is the deluxe!

  39. leslie says:

    hey Chris! didn’t know you were in the delivery room! so damn exciting….my kids say I act like Em is my 4th child…. can’t help being so excited about this…..truly an amazing story to follow! certain there will be a lot more to see!!!

  40. sandeep says:

    wow..pure beauty !!!

  41. chris says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Em & Fanny are off to Paris for awhile, it just keeps getting more exciting. I’m living vicariously thru them. She was a beautiful baby in the delivery room!

  42. christy says:

    she has some angelina jolie and doutzen kroes feature. love her. she’s so pretty

  43. leslie says:

    Hey Chris!! WOW so much more to see! I actually spotted her on a Maybelline commercial here in Singapore! The stores here all have the 2008 campaigns for Maybelline displays, but I keep looking and waiting for the ’09!

  44. Jimena says:

    I love Adriana Lima,

    but I think this girl has more potential and very dazzling features!!

    and of course having 18 years and modelling for maybelline , doesn’t hurt either….!

    lovee her!

  45. munns says:


  46. Bri says:

    i went to school with em! i love herr, and im so proud of youu for achieving ur dreams!

  47. louise says:

    i actually thought it was adrianna when the add came out, i couldnt figure out why she looked so much younger. this girl is stunning.

  48. Bee says:

    I love her. She is fantastic.

  49. Lala says:

    God has created some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL people!

  50. Jim says:

    Just stunning!

    One of the beautiful women I’ve EVER seen! But High-fashion is a hard business, especially on a girls self-esteem: weight, height, pressure to over extend herself (work-wise) etc.

    This young woman is quiet a vision – she’s near perfection.

  51. Keira says:

    i dont think she look’s like Adriana at all…more like Doutzen to me… and when she talks she’s like Tanya D. wow… nice girl i like her!

  52. Emily (Official) says:

    Thank you so much! I’m really thankful you guys like me, since I’m new and all :) Again, thanks for all of the nice comments.
    Oh, and I’m Italian…

  53. uschiii says:

    She’s so beautiful! Love her :o)

  54. Roberto says:

    She’s like a mix of Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes. and she’s gorgeous.

  55. Leslie says:

    Hey Em! don’t forget the Irish half!! Trust me, it makes a difference! Just ask my 3……

  56. Miss Joanne says:

    When I first saw the Acqua di Gioia commercial I couldn’t believe my eyes. Absolutely stunning girl. I had to research to see what else she had done. God does give us beauty in many ways.

  57. mike says:

    She owes me a white chocolate mocha venti with two pumps of raspberry…

    I didn’t even know such a beautiful girl had existed until two weeks ago. After the initial shock had faded away I youtubed the Armani commercial and started to read the comments to find out who she is. I had to read through the comments about how nice the setting or the music is in the commercial and I am like what setting? There was music too?? Are they blind?? Can’t they see the girl??? Finally someone wrote something like Angelina Jolie + Adriana Lima + ……= Emily DiDonato and I am like this must be her name. I googled it and volaa. A girl perfect for my computer’s new wallpaper… Even prettier than my current wallpaper Claudia Lynx. I had to check couple of times to make sure she was worthy enough to be my computer’s new wallpaper and yes she was. Now all I have to do was to find the perfect picture of the prettiest girl with beautiful smile. That should be easy. How hard could it be? But I was wrong… Now I am looking at her modeling pictures one by one to find the best one with her beautiful smile but there was none… All her smiling pictures were before she started modeling. As if she had stopped smiling when she became the “it”. That’s when she reminded me of Gene Tierney. Not only because both of their beauty is almost impossible to be surpassed, but because they have the same sad eyes when they work. Even though there are thousands of girls who would love to be in her shoes, landing all those major contracts and the success that comes with it, I felt like she doesn’t want to do modeling. If she continues modeling there is no doubt that she will be the most successful one, but I hope she pursues her dreams and uses modeling to catapult her to other fields of entertainment business like acting for example, which she says she loves. May be then we can see her smiling again. I would like to wish good luck to her and her parents who has the hardest job assisting such a young, beautiful and destined to be successful girl in an unforgiving field. And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank probably one of her former bff’s for capturing her beautiful smile inside a car which is now my computer’s new wallpaper.

    But no matter what she still owes me a white chocolate mocha venti with two pumps of raspberry…

  58. Sarahkou says:

    wow she looks like adriana lima

  59. Alina says:

    She is fantastic!!! Ilove her

  60. TC says:

    What a lovely smile and beautifully expressive face…


  61. Vivek Singh says:

    she is really beautiful.

  62. jazz says:
  63. playedout says:

    she is WAYYYYY prettier than Lima. She has perfect straight teeth! a thinner face and more classically beautiful.

  64. Bitsy says:

    Awhh, she is like so pretty! (: She is my favorite model!

  65. Ann says:

    she is so beautiful!, not just outside, but inside. i think inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty and she has it both :D!

  66. Emily (Official) says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind comments! Lots of love, Emily

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