Maybe She’s Born With It


Emily au naturel. (Emily DiDonato / Request Model Management NY)

UPDATED: video problem is fixed.

The first thing you notice about Emily DiDonato – once you get past the fact that she’s stunningly gorgeous in that oh so 90s supermodel way – is her amazing personality. The new Maybelline beauty has the kind of friendly, engaging presence that makes her the kind of girl you want to know more about and the perfect pitchwoman for cosmetics. Joining the ranks of Christy Turlington, Julia Stegner and Erin Wasson is a major coup for a girl who literally just graduated from high school and it takes someone special to handle the pressure and the fast pace. MDC sits down with Emily to find out more about her meteoric rise.

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MDC: We hear you just graduated from high school. Congrats!
EMILY: I did just graduate! This has been a very exciting time – I also just moved into my first apartment. I can’t wait to head over to Ikea and get some furniture.

MDC: How did you get your start modeling?

EMILY: I’ve been modeling for about 6 months now. It’s been a whirlwind but so exciting and full of good energy. A friend of the family said that I should try modeling and I thought I would give it a shot – no closed doors. He showed my picture to Noel and even though Request mainly deals with guys I was signed. On that very day I had my first casting – I literally came in, met Noel and started working right after; it all worked out really well.

MDC: What’s the best part of your new job overall?

EMILY: Filming the commercial for Maybelline was so much fun and Christy was so nice in guiding me. She’s such an incredible role model and those are so important in this business. I’ve also met Julia Stegner and Jessica White and they’re all such nice girls and they make everything have such a great vibe.

MDC: As a model, are there any things you are excited about for the future?

EMILY: I definitely want to continue with Maybeline. I love the film part of it and being able to express yourself in front of the camera. I’d like to maybe to get into acting one day. I wouldn’t care if it was the tiniest role – I just really love that side of modeling. In the meantime I’m just excited about continuing modeling and starting college soon.

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