New Norwegian Star


Lea Groesland/Ford Models. Fresh off the set of V Magazine. Image Betty for MDC

V Magazine knows a thing or two about models; their V A Model competition has launched the careers of notable girls like Amanda Laine and Addison Gill. This year the competition charted a new trajectory, pairing with Ford Models and crowning Norwegian beauty, Lea Groesland the winner. OTM catches up with the freshest face in town to get a quick lesson in Norwegian and find out what it’s like to be propelled into the spotlight.

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MDC: So Leah, is it pronounced Lee-ah or Lay-ah?
Leah: I say Lay-ah.

MDC: So, you just finished the V shoot with Hasse Nielsen? How did it go?
Leah: It went well, I was really nervous when I first started. It was one of my first shoots, but it went well.

MDC: Where are you from?
Leah: Norway, Oslo. Five minutes outside.

MDC: How tall and how old are you?
Leah: 5’10” and 15 years old.

MDC: Do you have any favorite supermodels?
Leah: I like the Victoria Secret models, they’re so WOW! I really like Adriana Lima, she’s beautiful! I’ve always liked her.

MDC: It’s such a big deal to work with V Magazine… do you actually get it in Oslo?
Leah: It’s huge! No, it’s not selling in Oslo so always when I am out of the country in Denmark (I have family in Denmark) so when I travel there I always buy V magazine!

MDC: That’s so great, so this must be like a dream come true to shoot for them?
Leah: Yes, absolutely!

MDC: Thank you so much, have a great rest of your stay, and we’ll be seeing you in the pages of V!

  1. She’s so Norwegian! And she looks stunning with the heavy eye make-up.

    V magazine is not sold everywhere in Oslo but it is in the sentrum. Anyways, she sounds so relaxed and down to earth. Definitely a star in the making!

  2. The search doesn’t have the same feel as before, not as cool. Seems controlled by $ rather than imagine and artistry.

  3. v magazine ought to focus on models again, the fresh faces, the newcomers, the ones that make the current ‘industry’ this year, and they shouldn’t constantly use actors as their cover ‘models’.
    if a fashion magazine has to sink that low just to increase their sales
    or get more attention from other buyers, it’s not worth buying it. hopefully this promotion of ‘stars’ on their covers will cease to exist one day. i used to passionately buy v magazine until all this mainstream
    hype occured, by now i even refrain from taking a look inside.

    but needless to say, the best of luck for leah..

  4. on the video she says that she think it went really well with the shoot and she thanks her bestfriend and etc. i wish her all luck, she’s gorgeous!

  5. I like the other winners better and are they going to pick any girls of color I am sure there where good black,Asian , Latin and others with some color beauty to them this is the third winner when will things change

  6. of course they sell v in oslo!

    she is pretty, but i think that she don’t have anything special. don’t like her that much..

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