Icons Revisited

Erin/IMG. Ph: Terry Richardson for Paris Vogue

Have you noticed the recent shift in booking protocol for those blue chip clients who give MDC’s rankings its context? When it comes to that iconic level of girls, they have been booking a serious wave of late 90’s, early Zeroes faces to stock last season’s campaigns. That trend seems to be continuing for many of the SS 09 gigs which is why we felt it was high time we expanded our icons list to include the likes of Shalom Harlow, Malgosia Bela, Erin Wasson and Guinevere van Seenus.

» See the updated Icons rankings here.

  1. Could it have something to do with economic downturn?

    The feeling that people need faces they trust to prise those dwindling dollars from women’s pockets?

  2. Seymour : Pop cover, Numero cover, harpers cover…. a lot of editorials, campaigns…..???????????????????? why she’s not here?

  3. I’ll take SS over GvS any day. Stephanie’s a legend, she was in “November Rain” for god’s sake; Guinevere peaked in the Jil Sander and Chanel ads in ’96, it’s been downhill ever since

  4. Come on guys – they’re completely diferent models.

    It’s like comparing Karen Elson to Adriana Lima.

  5. Finally we see Erin Wasson back on the list! She deserves it. Her style is copied by everyone these days and she has never looked better! Malgosia is amazing too!

  6. c’est n’import quoi le ranking models.com. Le Forbes dit que GIsele est la plus riche, ici elle est la troisiéme. Et je suis d’accord: where is Stephanie Seymour??????????

  7. @Eamon: maybe so, but you can’t have GvS on the list when SS’s been overlooked. That’s just ridiculous

  8. I’d also argue for the inclusion of Kristen McMenamy and Kirsten Owen. Possibly Raquel. And I know I’ll get booed off the site for suggesting it, but Helena Christensen too; and would Tatjana Patitz be asking too much?

  9. And why the heck is Christy Turlington not in the top five with the two others of the trinity, Linda and Naomi? This list is messed up, for reals!

  10. The thing about your icons list is your description of it is sort of misleading. There really aren’t that many models who are celebrity brand names with public recognition. I would say that of your 20, Christy, Claudia, Naomi, and Linda are names that everyone does know, though I’m guessing most people think of them as supermodels of an era long past unless they pay close attention to fashion. And if they have to pay close attention in order to notice these women, they aren’t that powerful right now. But Kate and Gisele of course command media attention and if a normal person were to be asked who are the supermodels of today, those would be the names that would come up (well, besides the names of models who are famous mostly for sexy Sports Illustrated/Victoria’s Secret-ness, which would not fit your description of what a real fashion icon is).

    That being said, since there are so many names on the list, I do wonder where you would have put Gemma if you’d updated before her hiatus. I remember when you first took her off the Top 50 list, you promised that it was because she was now an Icon…

  11. I thought Stephanie Semour was on this last week. What happened? I am glad to see Claudia on there as she is having a great year. Nice to see Linda move up but with Naomi’s recent magazine bookings and editorial. she should have been number three but carolyn is having a good year and her Banana republic ads were fantastic so i don’t know.

    Nice to see the website updated though. I wish they would put up Naomi’s recent v cover. It was sensational.

  12. What is all this ridiculous talk posted up here. Quite frankly, I did not
    get any thing from the viewers comments but what I have to say is Erin you
    just keep yourself busy and Stay away from Justin.

  13. Well damnthatlion, to be fair, McMenamy, Owen and the others you mentioned don’t meet MDC’s criteria:

    “The VIP club: those working “icons” of the moment – defined as celebrity models with public recognition, established longevity and a major magazine cover within the last 3 years.”

    Goodness knows, girls like Tatjana haven’t done anything worthwhile in years.

  14. Well, y’all have already tell a lot… but I can humbly say that this is a very poor and so not iconic photo, you know… comming from such an “ICON” as Erin Wasson…

  15. Cindy Crawford has been on more magazine covers than any model in history, and she doesn’t make the Icons list??

  16. As Rod so calmly quotes, it’s the working icons, who work in high fashion campaigns and publications. “WORKING” is the key word here… Cindy doesn’t do that type of work anymore, Omega watches does not count on our list. This is not a list of the top icons EVER… that would include models like Veruschka, Twiggy, etc…

    As for Jean, Forbes declared Gisele the richest based on all the NON-hi fashion work that she does, like her bathing suit line etc, which we do not count.. Besides, Forbes GUESSES the amount. I KNOW FOR A FACT that the agencies do not release the amounts that the models earn AND you cannot look it up under their tax filings.

    As for Stephanie Seymour, when we expand the icons, she will most likely be on it. This season she only had the Loewe campaign as a new campaign.


  17. I can’t believe a icon list without Stephanie Seymour and Cindy Crawford…they starded the icon concept in models

  18. Im sorry, but i dont think that Heidi Klum did more fahsion works than Gisele. SOrry for my english. kisses

  19. when will naomi’s info be updted to include her recent covers for “v”, “pop” and “Numero”?. also she did french vogue february 2008 and not may 2208 as stated.

  20. Maybe it’s time to expand MDC Top Icons to 25. Now, in 2011, it is apparent that a lot of the late 90s/early 00s girls (Erin W., Karolina K.etc.) are continuosly “working it” season after season. They deserve the recognition.

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