So Rad


Rad Hourani with 5 models. All pics, Betty for MDC.

Last night Rad Hourani introduced his slick, futuristic style to a whole new audience with the launch of his Rad by Rad Hourani collection. The intimate presentation at the Soho Grand featured affordable looks in the minimalist Hourani aesthetic as worn by some of the coolest new models in the city. Edgy beauties like the ultra-chic R’El Dade and androgynous Martin Cohn displayed the cutting edge jersey knits and separates to a crowd of in the loop fashionistas. Each and every piece was completely covetable so be sure to get your name on those waiting lists now.


Gloria/1 Model Management


Abiah H and Michael V with Red Model Management. R’el/Marilyn Model Mgmt and Ylonka/New York Model Management.


Martin Cohn/DNA Models.


Travis Daise/Red Model Management.


R’el and Ylonka.


The Rad shoes.


Perfect zippers.


Last minute adjustments by Rad. (with Marshall/Request Model Management NY)


Allen, Abiah, Michael, all with Red. R’el/Marilyn.











Red for Rad.


  1. Where are the cool guys that were in the show???
    Nick W stoled the show

  2. saw the show yesterday, it was great and RAD is so cool.
    There were more models than this, and some of these pics dont justify
    what was seen yesterday.

  3. Rad Hourani is about the most refreshing designer to hit the New York Horizon right now. Thanks for the Coverage Betty, it looks great! Wish I was able to go :)

  4. The show was Great!! excellent location and great time. Models all looked wonderful. As stated earlier The Model from Request, I believe Nick W, brought life to the show and mad me SMILE. However, I see him in none of these photos?

  5. I love this and the models…….it’s fresh and new along with extremely highly potential stars to display the work of this company…. eu gustei todo! beleza!

  6. I agree with jason.
    esp. the male models … nooot the most attractive guys I’ve ever seen

  7. Jason probably says this, cause he never seen models with clothes.
    His guys are delicious and naked.

  8. I’m in LOVE with the casting, the collection, the images, the mood, the style and everything about Rad!

  9. Wow!!!! You guys Rock!!! The show was amazing!!! I’m so excited for this year!!! I hope to work with everyone!! I want a photo shoot with Abiah!! Our feetures are almost identical.. Putting us togegher would make an amazing shoot!!! Armani!! D&G!!! and many more!!! lol
    Agian U guys rocked!!

  10. I think that Albino Model Shaun Ross would have went very well as well as Diandra Forrest

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