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December 23rd, 2010 by Janelle | Industry News, Model News
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So many things happened in 2010, here is a look back at the people and events that shock the modeling industry this year.

The Legend of Lara

Lara Stone by Mario Testino for British Vogue

No model made a bigger impact in 2010 than the lovely Ms. Stone; from her record breaking Calvin Klein contract, to her instantly iconic shot on the cover of Vogue Paris’ anniversary issue, Lara was the girl of the year. It seemed only natural for her to move into the number one slot of the Top 50, and we can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for the Dutch beauty.

VS Goes High Fashion

Miranda Kerr on Vogue Italia, Alessandra Ambrosio on Vogue Nippon

Curve appeal was on everyone’s mind this year and it showed in fashion’s newfound love for all things sexy. Naturally the girls of VS reaped the benefits, with ladies like Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr showing up on the the most selective runways and covers. Between the two of them they tackled Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, Dazed, LOVE, Russh, i-D, Jil Sander, Dolce, Givenchy and then some.

Asian Models Finally Get Their Due

September’s Vogue China, Fei Fei Sun and Du Juan for H&M

This year was a breakout year for several Asian models, many of whom snapped up choice covers and campaigns. Girls like Du Juan, Tao Okamoto, Shu Pei and Liu Wen led the pack, but newcomers like Fei Fei Sun were among the year’s most buzzed about.

David for Calvin

David Agbodji by Steven Klein for Calvin Klein

The in your face ads may have caused a stir, but the real story behind David Agbodji‘s tenure for Calvin is the fact that one of the industry’s leading brands chose a black model for their campaign two seasons in a row. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough and it is a testament to David’s appeal in front of the camera.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Renn by Steven Klein for Vogue Paris

When it comes to whirlwind years it is hard to compete with Crystal Renn in 2010. Moving from groundbreaking plus size model to darling of the high fashion set (and Karl Lagerfeld no less) is quite an accomplishment, but doing it with style and grace is what puts her in a class by herself.

Mariacarla Becomes Iconic

Mariacarla by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

It was only a matter of time, the divine Mariacarla Boscono, joined the ranks of the industry’s icons with her first Vogue Italia cover, a multi-season campaign for Givenchy and continued editorial dominance. With over a decade of modeling experience and work that is consistently cutting edge, we can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Estee’s Trio

Liu Wen by Craig McDean for Estee Lauder

With the scarcity of big contracts these days, it is exciting when a company like Estee Lauder eschews the celebrity trend and taps three of the most promising models for their ads. Liu Wen, Constance Jablonski and Joan Smalls joined the power brand’s roster of faces that includes everyone from Hilary Rhoda to Gwyneth Paltrow. The addition of these global beauties makes for an added sense of diversity and opens doors for the future.

Plus Size Models Hit the Mainstream

Candice Huffine & Tara Lynn by Sølve Sundsbø for V

Plus size models were visible this year in a way that they have never been before. From profiles in publications like Vogue and Elle France to the exposure of V Magazine‘s special size issue (launched in an exclusive preview on models.com), high fashion finally started to pay attention to plus sizes. Girls like Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham and Marquita Pring were standouts, but the increased visibility and growing acceptance of different body types in editorials is a major move forward for all models.

Returning Favorites

Kristen Mcmenamy by Danielle Duella and Iango Henzi for i-D

Fashion went full circle with the return of several iconic models, Kristen McMenamy resurfaced with a Viktor and Rolf show in her honor, numerous editorials and covers of Vogue Italia and i-D. Gisele Bundchen returned fresh from motherhood, to walk down the runway for Balenciaga then subsequently snag the campaign.

The New Androgyny

Lea T in Vogue Paris

Lea T‘s presence in the ads for Givenchy and within the pages of Vogue Paris opened doors for transgendered models. The rise of striking Australian Andrej Pejic (soon to be seen in the Marc by Marc ads) is another testament to fashion’s ongoing interest in androgyny.

Dazzling Debuts

Several new models rose to incredible heights this year seemingly overnight. The rise of Daphne Groeneveld from her debut as model of the week on models.com to a CK exclusive to Vogue Paris cover girl was meteoric, as was that of Kirsi Pyrhonen. Moving from being a featured model on Daily Duo, to the cover of Vogue Italia in less than three months is a new record. 2010 was also a great year for Arizona Muse, whose presence in campaigns for Prada and YSL makes her one of the breakout stars to watch in the coming year.

The Unstoppable Baptiste

Baptiste by Xiang Sun for L’Officiel Hommes China

Love him or hate him, Baptiste Giabiconi is still the most talked about male model of the last few years. His endless collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld have made him a fashion phenomenon, but his unique personal style and larger than life persona have kept him on everyone’s lips.

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  1. anlabe says:

    Lovely stories.

  2. The Boy from Newcastle says:

    In my eyes Daphne Groenveld is going to be this decades biggest star, although I doubt she will be as big as Lara Stone.


  3. Charlotte says:

    A feature is definitely needed honouring Australian girls !!!!! Three words; ABBEY LEE KERSHAW.

    She has been up there with Lara and Freja this year and also with girls like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart, Pania Rose, Sarah Stephens, Elyse Taylor, Catherine McNeil, Nicole Trunfio, Elle McPherson, Gemma Ward, Kristy Hinze, Emma Balfour, Sarah Murdoch, Shanina Shayk, Megan Gale, Jessica Gomes, Skye Stracke, Alyssa Sutherland, Bambi Northwood Blyth, Julia Nobis, Myf Shepherd, Tallulah Morton and the first ‘Big’ Aboriginal model Samantha Harris a tribute is definitely needed as I said.

    The Brazilians have boomed, the ‘All American’ girl has had it’s day, the Dutch dominated, the Russians have reigned and the Brits have rocked down every runway, but now it’s Australian Beauties at the top of this industry with Abbey Lee Kershaw paving the way.

  4. Not on the guest list says:

    where is the argentinean wave???

  5. ayako.chihiro@gmail.com says:

    Liu Wen and Constance getting their Estee Lauder contract was pretty great .

  6. allen says:

    so happy for mariacarla!

  7. EssVei says:

    Great year! :)

    I love Kristen McMenamy, she reminds me of myself! Andrej Pejic should be big in 2011, he’s absolutely stunning!

  8. marty says:

    Thats nice, I love all the hard work models put in.
    people think modeling is stupid when its pretty diffcult
    good job guys.
    @Not on the guest list says, i argee with you there was alot
    of them Tati Cotliar,Dafe Cajas,Anotella Greaf,
    Tetyana Melnychuk,Carla Gebhart. thats alot of them

  9. E says:

    Lea T. is not androgynous, she is a woman and looks like one when her genitals are not on display.

  10. anlabe says:

    @ Charlotte. Wow, chauvinistic right…..
    From the girls you mentioned the only ones who had something worth mentioning are Abbey Lee, Cat and Miranda. But since Miranda is pregnant right now, and Catherine is supposedly (and unfortunately) retiring, Abbey is the only one to reign the Aussie-camp.
    I don’t think there is any ‘wave’ going on right now, but if it was, it was certainly not an Astralian wave.
    I’m sorry, just had to say.

  11. MODELS & STYLE says:

    Indeed.Tati , Carla ,Antonella & others. The argentinean wave is for sure a highlight of 2010!!!
    I agree wit the boy from newcastle. Daphne defnitely has some major star qualities (new face of 2010 if you ask me)
    I also love that Shu Pei and a few others with an asian background have been able to proof their potential. this year was quite well-rounded. I loved the breaktrough of Melodie Monrose!

  12. Fashionmilk says:

    Interesting.. Cool Daphne made it to this list. She is very promising.

    And of course you started with Lara. <3

  13. Not on the guest list says:

    I have a question..
    Has Baptiste ever done another runway show beside Chanel????
    I’ve realized that this year brazilian girls are a bit down, not many NEW brazilian girls had walk an important numbers of runways I mean only Alicia Kuczman, Debora Muller and Lais Ribeiro but the other day i saw the winner and runner-ups from Ford Brasil Supermodel of the World and they are great.
    I also think that the argentinean wave will continue i mean i’ve always see the websites from modellig agencies in argentina and there are some serious potencial

  14. FittingRoom says:

    Although she isn’t my favorite girl, this was also the year of Lindsey Wixson. She deserved to be mentioned here.


  15. anlabe says:

    Yeah Lindsey has become quite a big model. But she didn’t have an YSL and Prada ad in her first season, nor she had a Vogue Italia cover or Balenciaga campaign or a Givenchy ad and Vogue Paris cover like Arizona, Kirsi or Daphne.
    But I agree, she has done big things and has interesting things coming. I’d like to see what her career would be like in a few years though, hope she won’t fade away.

  16. Ryo says:

    Hopefully next year one of the captions will be, “Black Models Finally Get Their Due” and I’m not talking about a once-off Vogue issue. Still a great post btw. Season’s Greetings MDC!!!!!

  17. D. says:

    I’m really glad Mariacarla was mentioned here. She is a personal favorite of mine and she definitely has a big cult following with Givenchy fans. Hopefully more Meisel work for 2011. When it comes to comebacks the big one for me was Karolina. she didn’t have as much as an impact as Kristen but I like how humble she is. With the Asian model wave I don’t think Du Juan belongs with the new pack. She has been around for a while and has done major work already. She almost paved the way for these other girls.

    However 2010 for me was Freja and Miranda all the way

  18. Alex says:

    Loved what you guys wrote about Lara, VS girls ( so glad sexy is back)
    and all the happening new girls..and MariaCarla . love her!!:)
    Really sad that Carine left VP.. noone can replace her..
    But Baptiste.. please!!! i mean what is all this buzz, he is NOTHING SPECIAL.. he is just a toyboy!
    SEAN O PRY FOREVER!!!!!! now thats a guy who rocks runway print and soon silver screen.

  19. Charlotte says:

    @anlabe … just you wait. Aussie girls are rising fast, and sure, not all of them mentioned are ‘Supermodels’, but the likes of Jessica Hart, Elyse Taylor, Skye Stracke and Sarah Stephens are defs on the way, collectively booking campaigns for Guess, Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret, Diesel, Benetton, Tommy, Lanvin, H&M and Jill Stuart. Plus Editorials for Australian Vogue, Italian Vogue, Interview, Elle UK, V Magazine, Pop, Dazed&Confused, GQ UK, Numero, Numero Tokyo and French Revue des Modes and multiple covers of international Vogue’s. Eat that!

  20. GP says:

    Transgender model Lea T was the highlight in 2010.
    Abbey Lee Kershaw should be in the list as she has been seen everywhere through the year.

  21. bored to death says:

    no more baptiste giabiconi please!!!

  22. Antonio Barros says:

    I think this was the year of Lea and Andrej!

    Merry Christmas!!!


  23. anlabe says:

    @ Charlotte. There are more models who have that. Girls like Skye Stracke and Elyse Taylor are nowhere to be seen.
    And besides, it’s not about the country, it’s about the models and their presentations.
    And these stories are just the special highlights, if Abbey needed a special mention, then Natasha, Sasha, Karlie, Freja and Anja needed that too because they were everywhere. I think Abbey can be happy with a top 5 spot.

  24. Emy says:

    WAIT… isn’t Andrej bosnian?
    Plus I think it should be mentionned that he is the only person to have ever walked both men AND women’s catwalks.
    I was disappointed to se that Mariacarla was added to the Icons sections only this December, she deserved it much sooner IMO. What a stunning woman!!!

  25. Janelle says:

    @Emy, Andrej’s father is Croatian and his mother is Serbian, he grew up in Broadmeadows a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. WWD credits him as Serbian-Austrailian, I put Australian since his mother agency is Chadwicks.

    Happy Holidays everyone :)

  26. Lasher says:

    Baptiste did a D&G and a Dolce show few years ago,before Karl.no others shows beside that……..

  27. blah blah blah says:

    No mention of Freja? None at all?!?

  28. Stephen says:

    Lara Stone is one of the most versatile models of the era, as the year 2010 for her has shown, and Lara seemingly relishes that status. She doesn’t seem to be the type to keep herself stuck in a comfortable niche. On the other hand, if you’re one of the most sought after models in the universe, you probably couldn’t help but be anything but versatile.

  29. Noel says:

    Natasha Poly DEFINITELY DESERVED TO BE ON THIS LIST….for five years straight she’s been rocking and dominating everything, from runway, editorials, covers, ads and much more…you guys need her at #1 ALREADY…

  30. Afnansyah Agimin says:

    congrats Lara Stone… hope to see a greater career from you… kudos to all the people related to the every exciting Fashion world for 2010…. :D

  31. pierre garroudi says:

    some good and some no good there is fine line in the beauty and you have to look harder on some to find a trace of it

  32. Alicia says:

    Baptiste who?

  33. Oscar says:

    Lara Stone does deserve this mention. She is a great pick for a #1. And congrats to Mariacarla. She’s been around for a while and does superb on the runway as well in editorials and ad campaigns. But my favorite model has to be Diego Miguel. He is beautiful all around. I wish him best to come in the year 2011. He is in my favorites list along with Jon Kortajarena. Love to see more.

  34. Rui says:

    baptiste? really??? just because he’s lagerfeld’s pet hardly makes him the most interesting male model in recent times.

  35. Marie says:

    I hope 2011 will be kind to the real top models, the established ones (Lily D, Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Sasha, Natasha Poly, etc.)

  36. andie says:

    wow. super intresting. and 2011 will only be better <3

  37. charlotte says:

    @ Anlabe: Girls like Skye and Elyse can be seen in and on the cover of VOGUE?? How on earth is that nowhere? And I disagree on you wanting to highlight girls like Anja and Freja as they have been around for years now and this is supposed to be 2010 in modelling not the last decade of modelling!! Abbey is (along with Lara ofcourse) practically the face of this last year in fashion, she’s slowly but surely taking over Freja in the Lagerfeld stakes and is also constantly on covers of Vogue aswell as being on the cover of iD, V, Numero, Numero Homme, Harper’s Bazaar and Dazed&Confused. Walking for everyone from Chanel to VS to D&G and booking campaigns for CK, Gucci, H&M and Fendi just to name a few. She’s been in EVERY magazine of note; Vogue Paris, iD, Pop, etc). Not to mention appearing twice in the Pirelli calendar! Mark my words she’s the next BIG THING.

  38. Valter Fabiano says:

    Arthur Sales?!

  39. anlabe says:

    @ Charlotte, oh please, take off those blinkers. Your chauvinism makes me laugh out loud. The only girl from Australia who’s succesfull right now is Abbey. And maybe Miranda when she gave birth but it is possible that the hype around her is over by then.
    Abbey taking over Karl Lagerfeld from Freja? Don’t make me laugh. Karl has apperently already dumped her. Yes, she is very succesfull but not more succesfull than Karlie, Lara, Freja, Anja, Sasha and Natasha, let alone Natalia, Daria or Raquel. She will have her time (as long as she hasn’t right now) when Freja, Lara, Sasha and Natasha are in the icons list (because they are sure to be icons) but then there’s still Karlie.
    About Skye and Elyse: I don’t even know the latter, that says enough I guess. And what notable appearences in Vogue besides Vogue Australia?
    I’m sorry but you’re making a fool of yourself imo.

  40. charlotte says:

    @ anlabe: a) both Elyse and Skye have appeared in Italian vogue and Skye in Nippon Vogue. Elyse was in the VS Show last year.


    ^^ Sorry for the long link, it only leads to one page I promise :)

    b) Miranda has been working even whilst pregnant so I don’t see her popularity wavering any time soon.

    c) I agree, on that Lara, Natasha, Sasha, Anja and Freja will all be moved to the Icons list and after that I don’t think Abbey will have any trouble nabbing top spot. Karlie Kloss isn’t my cup of tea, I know lots of people like her and i’m not undermining her popularity but for me she isn’t anything special. And by the way, it’s ridiculous to draw comparisons of Abbey with girls like Daria, Raquel, Natasha, Natalia and other girls who have been around for the last decade. You’ve got to compare apples and apples. I strongly disagree with your opinion. Abbey is the MOST successful Aussie at the moment, sure, but not the ONLY. If campaigns for H&M, Lanvin, Benetton, HEAPS others that I can’t exactly remember of the top of my head, but should you request to know i’ll research it. There are more new, young Aussie girls coming into the industry now than there are young Brazilians. That right there is saying something.

  41. charlotte says:

    @ anlabe: Oh and Abbey had SEVEN international covers of vogue this year, that’s more than Lara, Freja, Kate, Gisele and all those girls, she had one less than Natasha Poly who scored the most, but keep in mind Natasha has been on the scene for around a decade and Abbey for less than half a decade.

  42. anlabe says:

    They had editorials in 2009 or so. And campaigns for commercial brands like Benetton, HEAPS and other stuff doesn’t guarantee you a spot or rank anywhere. And Lanvin en Bleu, some Asian very low diffusion line from Lanvin…. that says enough I guess.

    Stop this discussion, you are really making a fool of yourself and your chauvinism makes you blind to face the truth.

  43. Jody Schmidt says:

    Oh my, David is unbelievable. The finest of the fine. Almost otherworldly.

  44. lisa says:

    Asian Wave = No! Chinese Wave = YES! All of these models mentioned are Chinese or of Chinese Mix. Please do some RESEARCH AND BE MORE SPECIFIC and not group them as “Asians” as most Chinese do not consider themselves as Asians just Chinese. Even the words written on the bottom of Chinese Vogue pic, clearly indicates this.

    Also, Du Juan is way more established to be considered in this new pack and should have gotten the Estee Lauder campaign rather than Liu, Liu (outstanding body) but face wise.No Way! That face won’t sell…

  45. Leon says:

    Arthur K is in every mayor campaing,…i love Kristen,Natasha Poli wasnt mentioned..Asian wave,,NOO..please..it becomes very monotonous,we need something that makes us feel alive!

  46. Dan Junior;Omitair says:

    Fico muito feliz por saber que nossa moçada brasileira está dando um show de beleza e atitude no planeta fashion. Garotos e garotas do Brasil. Todos de ouro!
    “I am very happy that our guys in Brazil is making a show of beauty and attitude in the fashion world. Boys and girls of Brazil. All gold!”

  47. Gina says:

    Love the asian and plus size trend! Its amazing to have some more variety in the modeling industry!

  48. Charlotte says:

    @ Anlabe: Look this is all that I have to say. First of all, Lanvin en Bleu is still Lanvin… Stella McCartney was still Stella McCartney when she did a line for target right?? amongst a whole heap of other designers and/or designer brands that have more than one main outlet. And I am shocked to hear you use the term ‘Asian’ as if disregarding it as not as good, umm racist much? And I would really like you to show me a country that has produced more newcomers this year than Australia?? And i’m not even from there, I was born and raised in New Zealand. And sweetheart it don’t matter how many times you say ‘chauvinism’ no one is impressed by you thesaurus stolen big words okay so lets just agree to disagree.

  49. Jie Loong says:


  50. Curvy Kiss says:

    I am thrilled that Crystal Renn made the cover of Vogue Mexico a couple months ago but sad that Renn needed to lose so much weight to be recognized for her beauty. I believe that the plus size or curvy model is on the rise and kudos to Tara Lynn – I think 2011 will be her year.

    Finally, I am estatic that Kristen Mcmenamy made a triumphant return to modeling – totally amazing featured as a bride in the Chanel Spring 2011 Couture show.

  51. Jeans for curvy women says:

    Stand out for me has to be Plus Size Models Hit the Mainstream photo shoot for v-magazine

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