There’s a lot of mystique surrounding Kirsi, who is off to London tomorrow for the shows. The requests and bookings have already been flooding in, with clients as in awe as we are of Kirsi’s severe yet soft features, the incredible planes of her face, and her tall and lithe figure. Yes, this Finn is nothing short of fabulous!


Full Name:
Kirsi Pyrhonen

182cm / 5′11.5″
82 cm / 32″
63 cm / 25″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Espoo, Finland

Date of Birth:
December 12 1993


Mother Agency:
Brand Model Management

Viva Model Management

Viva London

  • She’s gorgeous. I know her from somewhere ? Amazing

  • Lily

    Ok, I wasn’t very impressed when I first saw her in MDC, but these are some nice pictures! Especially the 12th picture, I could totally see someone selling perfume or jewelry with that look. I think it’s because it’s one of the few pics where her hair is nicely done and away from her face and nice, long neck. Yeah, it’s her typical, thin, wispy, no-color, Finnish hair that bothers me a lot. Someone get this girl a signature haircut and color and she could go stellar.

  • Erika

    Her unusual looks & height will set her apart from the pack ….. very elegant.


  • elle

    Okay, I really don’t love her look, but the fact that FINALLY we have a notable small-eye’d model other than of asian origins, really gives hope for a new look! I like that.

  • anq

    I really do not like her… i mean she could have no mater what kind of profession, less model….but this is the obscure and inexplicable fashion world…i know very well the sense of beauty (adriana lima, doetzen kroes) /VS/ (kate moss, gisele bundchen)..
    Sorry …for my opinion

  • VV

    She could be Michael Whittaker’s twin.

  • Excellent! We would always be disappointed, if all possible people liked the faces we represent. That has never been way to make history, or be remembered…

  • Taylor O’Brien

    I love her look. She has something unique. Not Typical. But Beautiful.

  • S.

    OMG! Great, great, great discovery!
    She’s incredible. I really hope to see her a lot in the shows!

  • Liko

    She is gorgeous with more work and runway experience people will start to love her… If they don’t love her look now.
    After all fashion is changing little by little as trends are beginning to fade with all the recessions going on.looking at her face she has a soft and strong some some what manly cheek bones and jaw…she is fabolous.

  • Mk

    “She could be Michael Whittaker’s twin.” I thought the exact same thing when I saw her!

  • jankarden

    gosh i know her! i’ve always known she’ll become even some kind of a model, she’s just always had that look, since she was 9. good for her! and in my opinion (like it actually means something) she has what it takes when it comes to the looks, after all she reminds me of another finnish model suvi koponen. well, i just think she’s extraordinary and promising.

  • gill

    i`ve noticed you put only the positive comments, it`s not fair! if i take a look through the models all of them have positive and that emphasize the praise for them!
    It`s natural to have a nergative opinion about smbth

  • ery

    this girl has everything(good height,beautiful hair,luck,…)less beauty! look at the last 2 pictures, i think she could make some campaigns for plough!
    sorry just my opinion

  • H.

    I’ve known Kirsi for a long time, and I got actually really suprised when I saw her here.. Yes she’s always been thin and beautiful, but i couldn’t have imagined her becoming “that” famous. Her extraordinary looks, i think that’s what it is. Beautiful but different, I would say!

  • lishica

    she is a special beauty, and that seems to be more impressive than being a typical beauty(that attracts almost anyone’s taste)..

  • E.

    When sticking strictly to Kirsi’s outer appearence and keeping in mind that I do not know much of the fashion world, I must say that she is above all special. Beuty is a question of opinnion but what makes Kirsi attractive is her extraordinary appearance. The feautures of her, wich the other comments have been in favor of, I agree. Her facial bone structure is out of this world and her eyes are to shatter the adoration of doll-like large eyes. Having seen her live, I think the only thing to still improve in her body is her posture. She is not a classic beauty in the common meaning of the words, yet her looks could remain popular for a longer time. I guess we can all agree, that it may not be easy to predict anyone’s future in the fashion world.

  • marlyn

    now heres a face i havent seen before..FLAWLESS and beutiful!!

  • What a beutiful gilr!! OMG!

  • nanna

    Yes she is unique, different and extraordinary but come on… she looks like she’s almost sleeping most of the pictures. She looks like she’s bored and she doesn’t have that “something” in her eyes. She is just boring! And that’s my opinion!

  • jessi

    Hyvä Kirsi, pääset viel pitkälle !

  • Petra

    AAAAA kirsi du e sååååå söt! love u

  • alexisB

    I see a cK contract in her future. Exquisite beauty.

  • mi

    she is really unique. Once you see her, you can’t forget her face. Plus she is really a nice girl work with.

  • jez

    She has a very soft look with her baby face but maybe lacks more expression and personality to shine through? ( my opinion anyway). She Reminds me alot of caroline Trentini in her earlier days.

  • That 12th picture sums it all up. Stunner.