Union Models


179cm (5’10.5″)

Place of Origin:
The Netherlands

Ethnic Origin:
100% Dutch


How discovered:
By my motheragent while shopping with my Mom.

Favorite things:
Vacations, Dancing and the fact that for my very first editorial I was flown in to Milan, that was a really great shoot and experience.

Favorite music, band:
I like lots of music. I last listened to Beyonce.

Ballet and modern dance.

Favorite piece of clothing:
I love wearing jeans.

Favorite artist (any kind):
I’m a big fan of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes.

Place you would love to visit:
New York, which will be soon I’m happy to say.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Right now I’m obsessed with passing my school exams.

  • Eamon

    Wow! I would definitely enjoy seeing more of her!

  • wendy

    seems very skinny,

  • i’m all for a thin girl. but, this nearly brings a tear to my eye. our standards of beauty today… this poor girl.

  • Carol

    Beautiful in a very fresh way and she seems perfectly normal to me for a 15 year old that tall, she’s Dutch they are build skinny and tall !!!

  • Dale

    I agree with Carol, she seems very tall for 15 years I’m sure her body is still changing. Dutch girls seem to have a slim tall build. Kind of harsh to say poor girl because of your own standards. A lot of models say they were bullied for being tall and skinny when young and still in school, go figure. She’s very pretty and I’m waiting to see more on her.

  • William

    Absolutely agree, she looks very healthy and Dutch kids indeed first grow north before they go east and west; she is stunning!

  • Martika

    so gorgeous.

  • Eva

    I’m 100% Dutch.. also model.. and really.. The dutch models have problems with keeping their hips under 90 centimer. It’s a big issue that many girls have. Sad to see. I know many pretty/talented girls that have 95 and nobody wants them..

    but Daphne is just 15.. come on.. she needs to develop!!

  • She’s FRESH!!

  • Rose

    Daphne has a great look!! I already saw some pictures of her a little while back and she has lots of potential. She is going to do very well!!

    Lot’s of young girls starting out have her measurements, tall and skinny, that is also why they are scouted to be models!! When they reach 18 their bodies have developed and usually changed a bit she is still growing and looks healthy to me as well.

    @ Wendy and Jared Let’s not judge so harshly. Not cool!! Come on, not every skinny girl in fashion has a problem!!!!

  • She’s super gorgeous

  • Madonna

    I totally agree. Just because she is thin does not mean she has a problem. She is young and extremely beautiful, great lips.

  • cjay

    Gorgeous face…
    Dont like the body porportions…

  • Felix Elisabetta Forma

    Absolutely beautiful !

  • Natasha K

    No need to critique her weight, she’s 15 and tall obviously shell look like a string bean she prob just got her you know what.

    I’m all for the 14 yr old models and what not (if not we wouldve missed Tanya D) but when the girl’s face looks like she’s 9, I can’t get into the look.

  • aya

    she looks amazing, great potential. I’m sure she’s a normal healthy eating 15 year old, she’s very tall for her age – that’s probably why she’s skinny

  • Sydney

    I cant believe some of the comments on her weight.

    She’s 15! I was that skinny when I was 15 and my eldest neice is 14, tall like Daphne and has the same proportions.

    I think the comments on her weight are cruel and sick.

    She’s stunning – she’s going to be just fine if not more! :)

  • Erika

    This girl, despite these rediculous comments regarding her weight, is most likely going to be the next big thing… she has every element required to be a serious contender in the fashion world! Good luck to her.

  • royy4

    gorgeous face but needs to gain some 30 pounds

  • A dutch girl..nice
    She looks adorable

  • Jas

    She is 15. Her body will develop. In any case, one should stop constantly critiquing other people’s body. To say that someone is “unhealthy” (whether too skinny or too fat) just based on how they look and without knowing what their natural metabolic rate/ bone structure/ eating habits is to judge someone too quickly and too unfairly.

  • Sydney

    Jas says:

    January 15th, 2010at 7:49 am

    “She is 15. Her body will develop. In any case, one should stop constantly critiquing other people’s body. To say that someone is “unhealthy” (whether too skinny or too fat) just based on how they look and without knowing what their natural metabolic rate/ bone structure/ eating habits is to judge someone too quickly and too unfairly.”


    some people, believe it or not, are just naturally slim – some people cant gain 30 pounds even if they wanted to royy4. I wish people would stop labelling naturally slim people with eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious. Its not fair to go around saying every slim person has one or doesnt eat anything. I’m 5’8 and 8.25 stones and I eat about 4 meals a day – often KFC or Pizza or bangers and mash – proper food. I do not ‘need to gain 30 pounds’ because I’m healthy and Daphne is meant to have some more fat on her bones then it will happen naturally.

  • Sydney

    Also, jayy4 by saying ‘she needs to gain 30pounds’ it sounds like your just trying to mold her into an image that reflects what you think is right which is just as bad as those who think the model industry think that beauty only lies in skinniness.
    Just because the industry thought it would be more efficient to say all models need to be around size8(UK) so designers know they can make their clothes a certain size and its going to fit no matter how late they pick a model.

  • Bernadette

    I don’t think she’s anorexic or wasting away. I think that’s how she is built. She’s only 15. She’s very beautiful and fresh looking. (Naturally thin girls abound in modeling.)

  • mk

    I dont think she looks too thin per say, just not 15. When I was 15 I surely didn’t look like that. I looked more like this (body wise) when I was 9/10. really weird.

  • here she`s 17 or 18))

  • i come from the netherlands too , in my opninon she is to skinny.. when she would fall she just breaks!

  • I love her look! Different, and I find that to capture the eye.
    It just so happens that she’s incredibly standard for size.

  • Kessa

    Beautiful! Ohhh my god, she’s so gorgeous. I think she’ll do great in the industry

  • omg katie f’s eyebrows with lindsey’s lips! love her! instantly love her

  • anastacia

    she hasn’t developed yet she will grow because she is very tall and is not physically matured i mean hips,breast and other parts of her body are still of a child …she needs time …

  • Josje

    I’m Dutch too, and Dutch people arent THAT skinny
    Yes, dutch people are slim, but she is just..really Skinny
    She is really pretty though

  • Saturn

    We shouldn’t be judging anybody by their height, or weight, or body porportions, for that matter. The fact is that every human comes in different shapes and sizes. What we need to look at is the fact that most “female” models in the fashion industry are in fact not even female at all. Most are either males who have had sex changes or in the process of having a sex change. They choose to do female modeling instead of male modeling, because female fashion modeling pays much much more than does modeling careers. As well as there are more job opportunities. And what is very sad is that the fashion industry promotes this for whatever there reasons are, and I am quite sure that they have many reasons for supporting and promoting this. Indeed the fashion industry is in need of a change in the industry especially within the “male” modeling industry. As for female fashion, it is indeed a psychological game designed to test our common sense amongst other things. I do say that I am very amazed at how many people are willing to belieive that most of these so-called female fashion models are indeed female when it is very obvious that they are not. After all that is why so many young girls and women who aspire to look like these models are never able to achieve this…

  • Bernadette

    she’s kind of beautiful in an odd way. I don’t mean that in a bad way. She’s stunning. But her look is quirky…sort of exotic looking

  • love

    wow!! she so beautiful!!! she looks nice to me. i wantto meet her 1 day.



    You’re Beautiful!


  • AA

    She has a stunning face, and her close up is beautiful; but when you look to her body it’s like she had a too big head for that skinny body!

  • @ Saturn…

    No, just no. Most models were NOT born men. I might give you Jamie Bochert, but most of them were born women. Sorry to break it to you.

  • Shaun

    Too skinny , but beautiful face.

  • HH

    She looks too skinny to me too, but what the hell. she’s 15 and developing. i think it’s normal for a 15 year old to look like this.when they reach 18 then usually we could see changes.not just the body, but the face as well sometimes.
    but anyway,i can understand why she said she like Doutzen. she looks something like Doutzen^^

  • dita

    skinny, yes, but its perfect
    stunning proportions…
    face? not such a big fan of, but WOW at the bod

  • kos


    her face is AMAZING SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kos

    she will be supermodel!!!

  • poopsywoopsy

    umm too child like. she looks to have potential in face but ummm no. too sickly thin, sorry. I would want to rant and rave about her blonde beautiness, if she could not look so thin. if she gained some weight I would however.

  • Elreev

    Yes, she is skinny. But may be it’s just a childish body. May be her body has not been developed yet.

  • steve lebel

    She has the look of a potential future supermodel.Only 15 and 5’10+”tall.She may grow taller yet.Can she walk,does she have the stare so essential with todays supermodels?She stands out,she’ll succeed,I have no doubt.All will depend on her attitude and work ethic.Good luck to her.

  • ***t

    she’s just a top model
    follow her in the future.

  • Neneng

    She’s just simply gorgeous…a ‘skinny’ story of ‘old’—it’s all in the genes guys ( I bet she has tall, slim parents too; or at least one of the parents). Brooke Shield’s father is quite tall and that’s why she’s at least 6′ tall now…the same story goes with a super-gorgeous Brit model years back, Jodie Kidd—look it up guys:)

  • Astation

    She is lovely and I wish her the very best. But the discussion should not be about her weight, but her age. Sure she is naturally slim and will probably always stay that way. But a slim 20-year-old or a slim 15-year-old, there’s still a difference in body shape and dress size. The fashion industry should not be allowed to use children to model anything other than children’s clothes.

  • Neel

    Heeft mooi koppie, maar is echt té dun!

    Weer een slecht voorbeeld voor alle meisjes van deze leeftijd!

    Zó jammer!

    Maar gun haar overigens zeker wel een mooie modellencarriere…!

  • zwolle

    To skinny for a Dutch girl.
    Heeft mooi koppie, maar is echt té dun!

    Weer een slecht voorbeeld voor alle meisjes van deze leeftijd!

    Zó jammer!

    Maar gun haar overigens zeker wel een mooie modellencarriere…!

  • Lyric

    Sooooooo pretty. I love it !

  • Eva says:

    January 13th, 2010at 4:26 am

    I’m 100% Dutch.. also model.. and really.. The dutch models have problems with keeping their hips under 90 centimer. It’s a big issue that many girls have. Sad to see. I know many pretty/talented girls that have 95 and nobody wants them..

    I’m one of them and it sucks!

    I hope that Daphne is healthy because she doesn’t look like it. -sorry!
    But good for her and I hope she gonna be a topmodel.:D (go holland!)

    (nederlanders zijn juist naar mijn idee niet echt “fijn” gebouwd.. of ik heb het mis?)

  • Pien

    Knap meisje maar echt te dun. Dat is lijkt bij veel meisjes een obsessie. Doutzen is niet zo dun en haar voorbeeld, dus hup aan de havermout, een paar kilo zwaarder meer is niet nodig en je bent PERFECT!

  • i dont think she got it sorry
    lips bigger than hips ??
    her face looks bit alienatic
    think the moddeling world needs complete other faces
    all models look the same thes days and the poses they take look unnaturel and then it becomes ugly

  • Anna

    very beautiful girl! keep up the good work Daphne

  • indiae

    she’s new Lara Stone

  • cecilie

    great different look. but she is to thin. way to thin.

  • jennifer

    well she is thin, but she looks healty.
    like some models are thin and they’re looking like a ghost.
    so i like her.

  • daphne is way beyond gorgous nd she has the right figure to be a model…dnt critize her bcuz of her wieght ..cuz shes naturally skinny…nd dnt hate on skinney beatiful women alll uu fat sooooz…

  • Thea

    Dear Miss Groeneveld (if you’re reading this),

    You have a beautiful face and gorgeous hair. You’d be a superstar with some muscles on those arms and legs. Thin and strong is sexier than thin and frail. If you’re naturally this thin while eating a normal diet of 1,800 cals + per day, then throwing in a protein shake with a vitamin boost and some weight training wouldn’t change your eating routine much at all but would have some stunning results.

    I’m sure your parents are encouraging you to maintain a healthy lifestyle; don’t listen to designers whose perspectives are warped and unrealistic.

    God Bless & Good Luck!

  • Europa

    Nobody is as beautiful as Andrej Pejic right now. He’s prettier than all of these female models. Sorry but there it is.

  • developingWishN2Bliss

    this is a young man/male/boyyyyyy.
    Just look at the masculine facial features.
    This is very typical in the male species.
    People I know that a lot of you might hate this, but this is the reality.
    And I know this because……………..
    Dudes I study bones for a living

  • fashionfades

    she’s obviously an absolutely stunning, striking girl but she looks so out of proportion. I’m someone who thinks skinny, angular girls are gorgeous but shes so ‘lollpop’ headed! give her a few years and I’m sure she’ll fill out but for now, there is no way that is a good image to send out.

  • fashionfades

    also it is not ‘normal’ for a 15 year old to look like this
    I’m not saying shes not normal, because everyone has a different view of what is normality. But as a 15 year old, in the modelling industry, I can say I have never ever seen someone quite so waif-like.

  • Wooww it’s Daphne!!
    When I was little she plays in my hockey team en then she moved to Voorschoten.

    Greets lizz

  • Amazing. I love her lips and brows. Such a unique and exotic look. She’s definitely one of my new favorites!! Good luck to her in the industry :)

  • Freethinker

    With a length of 179 cm she is to thin.
    This hasnt to do with being natural slim.
    The pathetic world of models.

  • Ana T.

    she looks like an alien and her face is very ”cookie”’type, but will work great in industry…

  • later

    I have seen some of her later campaigns. she can bring it to the table. ridiculously stunning find…

  • Leana

    LOVE her! gosh. Her second picture is breathtaking, I love her lips. not to skinny.

  • chiara

    she’s a child and she’s too terrible as the fashion world does not realize that model these skeletons is too dangerous for a lot of child..she is terrifying.

  • Kasia

    She’s got lips like Tomo Milicevic. Nice. ;)

  • OMG! is she only 15! and she has done soooo many things allready! whooa, but she is very beatiful :)

  • anna

    I personaly think that she is an amazing model and I am sure she’s got a great futute in her field. She has a very unique and beatiful face.May God bless her in all her beginngs, she is still very young, i trully wish her the best.

  • She is perfection!

  • Daphne has that freshness and attitude that a model needs to wear and show whatever product you’ll want to showcase. Fantastic model and an amazing potential for this very young, but very astonishing model.


    She’s so stunning! Wow she’s absolutely gorgeous! I would die to look like that!

  • sarah

    wow, she is verry skinny, and beautiful!

  • Sally

    Her skin & hair look very healthy so that indicates healthy & nutritious diet. Her body shape is typical of a teenager…..she will grow up to be a very beautiful woman.

    Good luck in the modeling world sweetie, I know you will do extremely well!

  • tall, skinny, beautiful. very model-esque! i think she’s gorgeous.

  • lakahjsga

    omgg she is 179??? :O:O:O:O

  • Daphne is an unusual beauty who I can never get enough of. Really glad she’s doing so well, especially being so young. Met her with her mom and I was overcome by her beauty the second I spotted her.

  • jane

    sigh i wish, people would just see people as they are, fat or skinny, if weight wasnt such an issue, eating disorders wont exist and life would be so much happier. skinny models wont matter because weight wont matter, the reason why people are so obsessed with skinny or whatever, is because you guys make such a big deal about it.

    so if you really want to make a difference, stop caring about weight and enjoy fashion and models as they are, a form of art, it is with interesting faces like hers thar inspire designers and artists alike.


  • Natalie

    Daphne is really pretty and I wish I was as pretty as her. She will definitely have a good career ahead of her. I wish her luck for the future but I’m sure she wont need it. So pretty.

  • Anastassia

    She’s gorgeous! Her lips are perfetc, her platinium hair is magic :) I luv’ Daphne, she’s different. Also, she’s so cute in the new campaign for Dior Addict *.*

  • she’s amazing . love her body altho some girls would say that her body very skinny , haha . Love you Daphne !

  • Zuly

    I love her. She has a unique beauty and I would love to meet her, I also want to become a model! ERES HERMOSA DAPHNE.

  • Zoe

    Looking at her makes me want to cry. Why can’t I be tall, skinny, and perfect??

  • Az

    I absolutely LOVE her !