Inside: The Great Photographic Book


When talking of Eric Maillet‘s “Great Photographic Book” describing it as a book of truly great proportions is no hyperbole, try 200 X 173 centimeters when opened. That’s an impressive wingspan, in fact the project by Mario Rescio and AndrĂ© Werther in collaboration with Mauro and Marco Loce / Design & Artbook is “the first in the world for its dimension and printing standards.” But its 64 visually stunning images don’t only demand wonderment for their size alone, as the experienced Maillet captures up-close moments of both lavish detail and color depth, abstracting the common to poetic levels. A limited edition of 20 copies means “The Great Photographic Book” is going to be hard to come by, but nonetheless, that doesn’t diminish its attractiveness.

All images by Eric Maillet (AW Artist Management)




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