Notes on Milan-Part 2

Milan may be over but these pristine young men stood out amidst the crowded field of new faces. Here are OTM’s new faces to watch emerging from Italy and their highlights for the week.

(See Notes on Milan Part 1 here)

Nicolas Rippol. This new face opened Prada immediately marking him as the face to watch. (BANANAS, Why Not Model Management,  image from Bananas).

Charlie France– Having a Jil Sander exclusive as one of his first jobs is an exceptional way to start a career. (Models 1)

Francisco Lachowski-Ford’s Supermodel Brazil winner appears in Gianfranco Ferre and Gucci. (Ford Models Brasil, Why Not Model Management).

Johannes Linder. His exclusive Jil Sander last season is followed by…. an exclusive Jil Sander this season (as well as opening the show) Check out his MOTW from July. (PMA, Success Models)

Lyle Lodwick– New face for Burberry and opening John Varvatos. (Fashion, Red Model Management)

Nick Rea– Exclusive for Gucci (Fashion, Models 1).

Robbie Wadge. Jil Sander, Prada, Gianfranco Ferre and John Varvatos. (d1 Model Management, VNY Model Management Pic courtesy of d1)

Benoni Loos opened the always glamorous Gucci show. (IMM Bruxelles)

(See Notes on Milan Part 1 here)

  1. I love Janice, he’s not brand new though and didn’t have 2 Jil Sander exclusives in a row..


  2. I don’t know about these guys. None of them really striking, Isaac Carew is Milan this season!!!

  3. A stunning set of newcomers great job looking out betty :)

    Mark Cox DNA/Success did well in Milan too logging in Jil Sander, Prada, and Gucci.
    Johannes, Nicolas, and Robbie have been doing very well in Paris so far too.
    So far Johannes has been in Hugo, YSL, Dries, Gaspard Yurkievich, and Blaak
    Nicolas has opened Dries, closed Blaak, and walked Givenchy
    And Robbie has opened Blaak and walked Hugo, YSL, and Veronique Branquinho.
    I’m pretty sure as Raf Simons press photos are released we will see Johannes and maybe Robbie.
    Have you guys discovered the name of the Jil Sander closer

  4. Why are guy models getting as thin or thinner than female models? I know it’s the whole mind over body, intellect thing, but still it would be nice to see some more ‘butch’ guys back on the runways and pages to represent the more booty, broad shouldered, thick legs guys.

  5. francisco is a greeaaat find and Nicolas as well. beonini looks like a editorial sweeper, charles looks fresh. francisco, nicolas e charles are going to carefully look at this season and seemed to be getting some inspiring male models that’s good. Nicolas has this fire. Gucci needs to hold tight to Francisco cause I can see him in Dolce&Gabanna or Versace.

  6. Watch Edmond Roosendaal, the guy at Ann Demeulemeester’s in Paris, also at Diesel, Milan, earlier and at Masamota in Paris.

  7. Robbie Wadge is great!! And I have to say I agree with elisabeth: Edmond Roosendaal has a great face! Who is this guy? I want to see more!

  8. hmmm….Very onesited choice! My favourite guy, was a boy called NIKOLA!!!! He is amazing anf opened the Ferre Show, did Gucci, Dries van Noten…I think he was the highlight!!!!

  9. i still love nicolas <33

    i seriously have like major love at first sight crush on him!!!!!

    some of the other guys are cute but…..their too thin for me i like a

    man man!!! i hope to see more of nicolas :D

  10. The Edmond guy at Ann DeMeulemeester in Paris! Radiates style and intelligence.And he has the looks…
    Great show too!

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