Arlenis Glows In Vogue


Arlenis/Marilyn Model Mgmt. Ph: Norman Jean Roy for American Vogue, July 08. pic courtesy of Marilyn

She’s bronzed, she’s burnished, she’s beautiful! Marilyn’s Dominican newcomer Arlenis nabs two Only Girl snaps in the July Vogue.  Tune in tomorrow when this beauty’s exclusive video interview with MDC goes live!


Arlenis/Marilyn. Ph: Norman Jean Roy for American Vogue, July 08. pic courtesy of Marilyn


Arlenis in the middle at the Met Costume Ball. Ph: Robert Fairer for Vogue

  1. Great photos buy a greatphotographer. Her book must be sick already. Here’s to hoping she’ll book some MAJOR campaigns other then the obligatory Benneton campaign.

  2. Agree. She had this classic beauty vibe.. hope she becoming successful!

  3. OMG this is one stunning girl!! I seriously hope that Arlenis ( love her name!) will go far. Marilyn must be over the moon with their new discovery!

  4. :)
    it makes me happy to see her being so successful! its such a fairy tale, she’s incredibly gorgeous
    i’ve heard that she’s a truly nice person as well.

  5. I’m speechless….She’s simply beautiful and elegance side to it
    ;no question about it!

  6. I love that VOGUE did a piece about this, but a cover of Naomi, Liya, Iman would have really taken the point home
    Truly, do we need to see Nicole Kidman again..really?

  7. I am speechless as well, She is stunning. Saw her in the top 50 models section, who is the
    photographer that took that photo?

  8. She is so beautiful and I’m glad to finally see another black high fashion model! I really do think that designers should put allot more African American models onto the runway and into more high fashion. They certainly do not all look the same and they have different features just as everyone else does. Excellent photography.

  9. She’s absolutely stunning, great addition to the up and coming African American models!

  10. She means healthy and natural beauty! What everybody is looking for today.

  11. LOL — People please!! Arlenis is not African American. She’s Domincan, who happens to have African heritage. It’s so funny how people don’t seem to get that concept about people of African ancestry. She’s a beautiful Latina, and I wish her the best.

  12. Perfect black statue. She is going to be another Naomi Cambel. I am soooo happy that you are bringing color madel back….Thank u :o!!

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