1. Congratulations Dominique I wish you great success.

    Congratulations to Modes.com for diversifying (Soon I will be one of your models of the week just wait and see.)

    Hold me to my promise.

  2. Hi Alphamale,
    Dominique is great. It’s not us that is diversifying, we
    always support people of all colors, ethnicities.. It’s that the
    agents are sending us more choices of great people of color and
    most importantly the clients (designers, magazines) are being
    more receptive.


  3. I shot with this guy last friday great atitude loved working with him. Much more success

  4. Hello, I beleive we are family…I wanted to know who your dad was…Mine is Floyd..Holla when you get this , I dont want anything just to know if we’re family.Peace ,blessings and continued success.

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