IMG’s Trinity


Daria, Kate, Lara/IMG.  Ph: Bruce Weber for W, July 08, image courtesy of IMG.

Three of the coolest girls in town, Kate, Daria and Lara rule the new cover of W. In between that V power agency pic with the IMG girls in bed for Sorrenti and this new Bruce Weber cover, OTM spots a “babes in a bed theme” circulating around IMG.

  1. Honestly not impressive. Anybody’s with me to call it weak?
    A waste of outstanding models if you ask me.

  2. It’s so all the camp movies, like Porky’s, I grew up with. Daria is the prissy virgin. Kate is the popular girl every guy wants at, and Lara Stone is totally the skanky one who gets nude all the time and has sex in the woods.

  3. r u kidding me? this is a dream, its heaven. bruce has taken it there..look how effortless daria looks.brilliant

  4. I know, it such a good cover. I can’t wait to see all 36. I know Lara Stone is going to be nude. I just know it.

  5. i agree…totally weak and whose the girl with the spitting gap?

    this could have been an amazing cover…they should have stuck with Michael Thompson

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