Ford Supermodel 08 Finals

The Supermodel of the World 2008 finals was classic Ford; a flawless, full on production equaling those of the top designers during show week. From the location at Terminal 5, to the elaborate runway stage to the huge team of hair/makeup/dressers backstage, the event was the perfect showcase for Ford’s new fresh faces of tomorrow. Check out complete coverage of the event; backstage, the winners’ circle and the fab post show bash.

Video 1: Show producer Kevin Krier on the new girls of tomorrow. Video 2: Mac Foulkes talk to MDC about walking and his favorite girl of the contest
Video 3: Mac and Seung Hyun
Video 4: Models represent! Video 5: Katie Ford waxes poetic Video 6: Meet divalicious Andre J!

IMG 3831
Some of the 49 fresh Ford faces
IMG 3834
Eventual finalist from the US, Jacqueline
IMG 3839
Eventual finalist Lithuania, Vilita
IMG 3847
Prepping the runway

IMG 3850
Runway master Mac Foulkes with eventual winner Seung Hyun from Korea
IMG 3872
Denmark and Peru (eventual Maybelline contract winner)
IMG 3877
Greece, China and UK (Ford finalist and eventual Maybelline contract winner).
IMG 3879
Estonia stops for MDC
IMG 3882
The Netherlands always have the most beautiful people!
IMG 3886
Seung Hyun’s winning shot on one of the giant 4 TV’s.
IMG 3888
Page 12
IMG 3890
Page 13
IMG 3916
Page 14
IMG 3924
Ford agent Jessie and men’s director Sam with Daniel Pimiental
IMG 3926
Ford agent Luiz with Sports Illustrated star Tori Praever
IMG 3928
Our favorite legend Carmen Dell’Orefice with photographer Fadil Berisha. After 62 years of modeling, Carmen still outmodels 99% of the girls out there.
IMG 3931
Tiara’d and be-frocked, Crystal Renn is always amazing
IMG 3938
Katie Ford and John Caplan, CEO of Ford
IMG 3941
Right before the curtain rises, the girls patiently wait their turn to shine.
IMG 3959
Each model’s moment in the spotlight.
IMG 3970
Presenter Andre J.
IMG 3979
Cacophany of color
IMG 3984
The packed house
IMG 3988
Ford model and Maybelline contract girl Tomiko Fraser
IMG 3995
Legendary diva Carmen, meet current “It”diva Andre
IMG 4000
Andre and Chanel Iman announce the winners
IMG 4002
Peru and US; Jacqueline on hearing she’s a finalist.
IMG 4004
Lithuania’s Vilita steps down to accept her contract.
IMG 4007
The drum roll for the winner….
IMG 4008
Korea’s Seung Hyun!
IMG 4010
The radiant 2008 Ford Supermodel of the Year.
IMG 4024
With CEO John Caplan
IMG 4037
Lithuania, Russia, Peru, Korea, US, UK
IMG 4052
Still dressed from the show, Seung Hyun with Katie Ford
IMG 4067
Maybelline winners Peru and UK
IMG 4077
IMG 4085
Seung Hyun calls her mother in Korea. We love that!
IMG 4088
Russia’s Natalia
IMG 4092
Ford top model and former MOTW, Mike Guenther
IMG 4093
Rena from W with that wild and crazy Ford agent, Craig.
IMG 4094
Beth and Caroline from Ford with Chanel Iman and Chanel’s mom, China
IMG 4096
Maddox and Melissa from Andrew Weir’s team with an admirer
IMG 4097
Another one of our favorite casting directors, Jennifer Starr with Haylynn
IMG 4100
Tomiko Fraser with a friend
IMG 4101
Rena and Ford agent Beth Dubin
IMG 4105
Women’s director Caroline rocks the house with Chanel Iman.

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