Top 10 Newcomer FW08: Alice Burdeu


Alice/Elite New York Digital courtesy of Elite New York

Now this is what its about. Alice Burdeu is that brand new girl, previously unbranded who sweeps into NY and starts to log every significant show in sight. This red headed Australian hit the market with such a degree of poise and presence, you can fully expect the momentum to continue from London through to Milan and Paris. Here’s to a girl who knows how to claim a moment .

  1. This bitch better work!!!! she is so perfect… and she is truly the best TOP MODEL winner ever…. ALice girlfriend… you better work!

  2. Alice …. is the new faced model..
    she is one or if not the most succseeful contestant
    to come from the Next top Model show….
    australia is proud

  3. Most professional model that’s won ausntm, yet. She had to win. Were there ever any REAL competitors?

  4. I’m sure no one will argue that she has only gotten better OUTSIDE the top model competition.
    She was too shy and had no personality when the show was actually on – hence the harsh comments
    and views about her as a model.
    She has really proven herself to be a part of the elite category of models and she should be
    very proud of herself. Everyone doubted how well she could do and look at her now.

    Girls everywhere should take a page from book and realise that even though people may be against
    you, there is a way forward and you can always prove them wrong.

  5. Even though she was from a reality show, she shows a true, professional attitude. Great winner.

  6. Was she on top model? HAHAHA she looks like she was like any other born model, she is amazing and her hair is beautiful.

  7. Wow, I’m so proud of Alice. She is rockin’ it os! Walking in big name shows. She looks like a seasoned model out there on the runway. Marc Jacobs, D & G, What more could you ask for??

  8. alice was awesome, i watched her on australia next top model n i was very impress with her, she is better than others american next top model winner… n australian next top model was a better shows than american next top model.. n i am malaysian.

  9. i am wowed by alice! really! i am a filipina and just watched (and watched..and watched..all over again =)) australia’s next top model. the first time i saw her in the show, i knew she’s the one top model! i never was addicted to any modeling/reality show till i saw alice! stay humble, natural ..and beautiful!! =)

  10. my jaws are all dropped now…she is just soooooo amazing!!!!.. she doesn’t look like from any reality show..she’s like a ready-made top model who struts down the runway then wooh, everybody’s stunned. i’ve watched their cycle, and she’s just so amazing.. she’s gotten stronger everday.. and like what the judges said, she has a bright future ahead of her, and she’s got an international career.. i wonder what would happen if steph h. won.. wahaha.. she’ll just be like the previous winners who after consuming their prizes from the show just disappeared from the spotlight. Alice is indeed a top model. Like what i said, she’s a ready-made top a model..she’s just so natural. she’s awesome.. its only her third year in career but she’s got so many achievements. the judges were soo right of picking her. just love her face so much.. but i think she should work on her body.. i know there’s no eating disorder or something, but she should eat a lot.. because when she shows more skin, she shows more bones too..hehe.. but anyways, whatever she wears, she makes those clothes look veeerrryy expensive.. (right, alex perry??)..hehe..

    Alice keep up the good work.. stay down to earth and you’ll surely go all the way to the peek..hehe..stay beautiful gal..!

  11. reminds me of karen elson. the only deserving winner of the top model franchise. love everything about her.

  12. That swimwear host/judge has no business stating an opinion to decide a winner – she was out to get alice. Alice is a star. how does that crow taste now judge?

  13. OH MY GOD!!!! Alice you are the best, you are the true supermodel. from the first time i saw you in australia next top model, i know that you will win this competition, every single week i was blown away by your photo, it was AMAZING!!!!! like every judges say,im not surprise if you had an international career.

  14. Australia must be proud of her… other models from Next Top Model reality show are nowhere to be seen nowadays, especially the show continue to produce new models… where are they now?

    But Alice is existing, in the harsh model industry… thumbs up to you Alice.

    I watched the episode over and over again

  15. Alice C O N G R A T S !!!! This shy, thin and delicate girl will rock on the Fashion industry … I can’t wait to see you in one or two years with more experience and strength in your eyes … you are gorgeous … you know =) I LOVE THIS MODEL!!!!!

  16. Yes, like everybody here. I’m also TEAM ALICE !
    Besides that high-fashion look, what i love the most about her is that she doesn’t get caught up with all the drama in AusNTM, she’s somewhat shy and plain but that’s much better than being a skinny bitch, she doesn’t even try to kiss the judges asses. My favorite episode was the catwalk challenge ! That’s her spotlight moment there… I think what made her international was the fact that she was the only model in NTM history that could actually walk like a pro, sure some take great pictures, some smile with their eyes, but who could strut the runway like Ms.Burdeu ? That’s why other NTM winners couldn’t last for long… THEY CAN’T CONQUER THE RUNWAY !

  17. On ANTM C13 I love one contestant named Nicole, and after thinking about it, i liked her so much because she reminds me of Alice ! But she was more naive, friendly, and a bit eccentric if you may. She was totally the black horse on the beginning. Girls like Alice & Nicole are great because everybody underestimates them but in the end, they’re at the top of the food chain. I.Heart.Alice.Burdeu!

  18. I am so glad Alice won.She’s amazing, she is one of the most successful model throughout all the top models in the world! YAY ALICE!

  19. ALICE! the best Top Model winner ever!!!! even better than ANTM. im noit saying ANTM sucks, i like ANTM. ALICE ROCKS!

  20. i love alice, me and my sis. ive here in philippines. from the moment i saw her in reality tv show i admire so much. because of her character to shy and very kind. congrats and you deserve for what you have right now.

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