Top 10 Newcomer SS11: Arizona (Next)

Arizona Muse/Image courtesy of Next Models NY

After slinking out as Girl 1 at BCBG SS11 in New York, Next newcomer Arizona Muse certainly was flashing “most favored” status on the the model watching charts. That status found perfect follow-through in Arizona’s first and last exit at Prada SS11, suggesting an expected appearance for Miu Miu in Paris and definite attention from the full ranks of star making photographers, editors and stylists. The interesting subtext to Arizona is she is the second Next LA sourced model to open a Prada show and the third American in a row to secure that position. Is the West Coast or Mid West American girl therefore about to emerge as the new model ideal in Europe? It will be interesting to see how Prada’s message will translate to the wider model making market.

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