Young Dutchman Demy is a lad with a lot of promise. About to make his fashion debut next month at the Milan shows, Demy was scouted on the streets of Amsterdam by an agent from Reublic. Neo-classical beauty, with dreamy eyes, great cheekbones and a fabulous jawline, give Demy a lot of look. With just one editorial (in ilovefake magazine) to his credit, Demy will be a surefire fashion fixture in the future. Yes, we want to see Demy more!


Full Name:
Demy Matzen

189cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Purmerend, The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
March 28 1995


Mother Agency

Success Models

I LOVE Models Management

  • ALDO

    hope he smoke,drinking to stop his growth period!
    he is consider giant for 15 years old LOL
    to be honest he looks weird in a good way,that is why this industry loves him
    but too young maybe:p

  • Claudia

    I really love this face and I’m so excited to see he’s discovered by the same agent as my other favourite Dutchie Jaco!
    I’m sure he will do a great season and cannot wait to see more of him.
    @Aldo this page is meant for the NEW faces they are not all going to be 23 years old.

  • guilherme

    i love him. seriously!
    last pictures r awesome! thats a real model

  • Joe

    He has a great face .
    @Aldo , never give anyone advice .”hope he smokes,drinks to stop his growth period” . Who says that ?Frivolous .

  • Julie

    His height is going to be a problem, he’s already at the optimum height at 15 (though of course people do lie about the odd inch or two) but seeing as he’s only entering his growth spurt in a couple of years he could very well be way too tall.

  • Justine

    not sure he is with Success though….

  • Reuben

    Omg… I’m 15 and only 5’11. He is 15 and 6’2???!!! Great cheekbones though… … sigh.. will i grow to be as tall? I’m Chinese anyway.

  • B

    mmmm. looks like iekeliene’s younger brother. hot.

  • He’s in the same class as I am. He’s in the same school, aah OMG. OMG, he’s like becoming real big and shit in the modeling world. I want to become a model to shit, I hate it that I grow so slowly, still I’m becoming 6.2

  • harlow

    i was 6’2 when i was 15 but i never grew anymore after that.. i think he will stay the same height. OH and he looks amazing too

  • Eric

    I was about 6’2 at his age, and haven’t grown in the past 8 years.

  • Aldo

    @joe:yeah,some people are diffrent,i like to say my opinions,he is good,but too tall for 15 which can grow at least 3-5 inches for most people
    people at the age of 15 is the peak age for growth ,but if you smoke,drinking,do poor sleep and activities you won’t grow and i said he got the face that the industry loves!,so any problem i said that?
    Thank you:D

  • Aldo

    he is great but most people grow at least 3-5 inches more especially his age only 15
    so i hope he won’t grow anymore,that is my point!
    so’s moderator please delete my comment above,i’m too fast typed it
    @joe:i like give an advice so any problem?

  • abbey

    None of you speak english very well… anyway, this kid has got a future, whether he grows more or not. I look forward to seeing more of him (:

  • There is a good possiblity that he wont grow much more. Different people grow at different times, I was 6’2″ at 15 and I’ve only grown a half an inch since then. But he definately has a amazing face

  • aldo

    he already perfect,so if he grow taller that will be a little difficult for him

  • LOVE

    @Aldo, you must not be very aware of the fashion industry.

    You’d be surprised too, sometimes the boys don’t grow past 15. He’s so tall, I’d be surprised if he isn’t done with growing/puberty. Also, for such a stunning face, I don’t think a couple inches will do too much harm. He’s lovely, very painterly. I can see him as a male, “Boy with the pearl earring.”

  • Marcel

    I love this guy, but perhaps the fact i’m his father has something to do with it?

  • M.ia

    ahhh too young. but great face. i noticed him right away. this is a MODEL. excellent features. :) <3