Introducing The Cool Of Kel


Kel/ Supreme Management Digitals courtesy of Supreme

Kel, Supreme’s prime contender in the new model sweepstakes is very ready for her close-up.  The 19 year old Florida native is in New York getting glossed and ready to see her first round of clients.  And it’s a jam packed request list too.


  1. Graceful and unassuming. She’s gorgeous, and she’s got this effortless look about her.

    Really beautiful.

  2. She looks like Katarina Ivanovska, cool kid, I’m sure she’s a stunner in plain jeans and rough heels.

  3. Her full name is Kel Markey, originally with Ford but she followed her agents to Supreme NY last March

  4. What a great girl for the new Supreme team to step out with. She may have been at Ford, but its great that Supreme is leading with her as a sort of definition of what they will be doing now. Cool, beautiful and BANKABLE! Go Kels!Go Supreme!

  5. AWSOME look. She is on the home page of the Calvin Klein website. Future looks bright!

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