Mariya’s Back

Mariya Markina. Image courtesy of Supreme Management

Former face of Jil Sander,  Mariya Markina is back in the modeling mix after a two year break. From this fresh new digital shot justa  few hours ago today, it seems Miss Markina is as luminous as ever.

  1. this is the best pic ull find of her she looks very “off” in recent video that’s circulating.

  2. That’s good news, now hoping for a comeback for Anna-Mariya Urajevzkaya (or something)

  3. Did Mariya ever go away?? I remember seeing her in some commercial/low-key stuff during those two years..

  4. Well well well,
    What can I say? I’m speechless,
    She’s really beautiful moon, she’s have special walk when she’s walking at any show absolutely she’s beautiful Queen relly I’m speecless.I can’t say any something else

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