Introducing Reina Montero


Reina/Supreme Management PH Paul Rowland

Reina in English translates to “queen” which makes it a note perfect name for Supreme’s latest entrant in the new model sweepstakes. Hailing from the Dominican Republic , Reina was glimpsed by OTM making the rounds at Dominicana Moda 2009. It’s going to be very exciting watching that presence on the FW 10 runways!

  1. One can hardly make out her face, let alone her bone structure, from this photo, Janelle.

  2. I have her polaroids in front of me, Lasse. Sorry if you have trouble making out her face in this picture, she is beautiful.

  3. why the fuck is there a coat on her fucking head!!!?????????!
    how many white models have polaroids taken with clothing sitting on the top of their skulls??
    you people are so twisted and sick, i swear

  4. (sigh) Yet more unwarranted hype for another Women/Supreme girl. Hasn’t done a thing, nothing in her book, can’t even say there’s anything especially more compelling about her than a dozen other girls, but b/c it’s a women/supreme girl, MDC is helping Paul Rowland push her.

  5. This girl is going to be a star. Where in heavens sake do Supreme find these old pass me down clothes.
    I hate that shirt she is wearing but I have already understood the message. I totally get it. You guys keep
    bringing out Grandma’s old rags. Love you guys over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To Geez:
    I went through some old OTM posts and came up with these other examples of people with clothes/cloth on their heads. This is Lisa Fonssagrives by Irving Penn by the way. This is Alexandrina with Major with some kind of towel, cloth knotted.. 1 Models likes to use clothing as props as well.

    So there you go, 3 white models with cloth on top of their heads.


  7. This girl does not have the best bone structure in the world. she is cute and she has big eyes and she is new which makes her interesting.

    bleaching her eyebrows wasnt the best thing to do…

  8. Pick up a fashion magazine will you Geez? You will see all types of crazy styling like jackets on heads, toilet paper on bodies and it’s done to all models, white, black or blue. This model has a beautiful face!

  9. To Geez:

    What’s twisted is that you’re trying to play the race card without doing any research beforehand. Stasya, Ranya, Katharina, Ursula, Inna and Meghan (just to name a few), have all been shot with jackets, coats, hats, etc on their heads. Nice try.

  10. Well my first comment didnt come through, here it goes again, she is alright but NOT an amazing bone structure or anything. Check Rahma M at Models1 now that girl has amazing bone structure.

  11. i really like this model’s look. its very organic and natural, and beautiful.its cool. luv u guys xx

  12. I agree with Geez. Putting that disgusting mop on her head was racist. Just cause some Betty person dug up some pictures of lily white girls with stylish head wraps does not undermine the message. I am unimpressed by this photo and the presentation of the girl. I do not see model at all. She looks lost. I mean, they really, really, really could have dressed her appropriately.

  13. its just the look supreme goes for. and unfortunately this “look, feeling, and mood” does not work when you try them on black models. they just end up looking crazy.

  14. That is so stupid of Marcia to say. The agency is a representing her foolish girl. It is not racist.
    It might look like a bad idea but it makes you more interested in the model. The styling looks like
    shit but the girl is what you tend to look at. Don’t you get it.

  15. To Marcia, i do see model, i disagree with you, but yah head thing bob on her was out of place.

  16. this is the worst picture i’ve seen on this site. sorry, you can do better. the thing on her head is needlessly stirring bad feelings. if it were some artsy photo w styling it’s another story, this is looks like she’s in some old nightie

  17. betty, i love the way you can just shut a time waster up….the girl looks good, we have seen her hair and it’s not bad….
    you all just have to wait to see her next editorials………

  18. …..educate yourselves with the work of photographer SEYDOU KEITA and

    you will understand the reference of this photo.

  19. it’s the styling that doesn’t scream model.
    she looks more like a housewife in that pajamas

  20. I get the artistic each his own I guess..not my cup of tea..but I can see the girl do great things..the style is not at all just makes me want to take a nice warm bath…looks like she just did..oh and one more thing…all of the photos of the girls that betty put in are wonderful and show a head wrap or cloth that was pretty and done nicely…hers is just kinda sloppy..really cant compare to the other photos..anyway just my 2cents…I’m sure she has wonderful photos in her book and that photo makes you want to see more to make sure she does!!! All the best

  21. i really like her! she actually seems real if you know what i mean. i hate how the fashion industry keeps on giving us the same looks. they need to give us something new for a change because i, for one, am getting tired of this other crap they’re giving us. actually don’t listen to me. i’m just someone who reads books during my idle time and dreams to be a distinguished poet one day. oh god i wish….

  22. if it’s racist that they’re putting these garments on her head, then it’s speciest that du juan has silver lips and metallic looking skin.
    i think aliens would be a bit offended if they saw that.

  23. Ok, This girl is not interesting at all. I don’t see her bone structure the garment on her head isn’t a big deal either. And I think I could do a why better job. I see girls in the streets of the Bronx, Queens etc with her same face some look better. So I don’t see anything really interesting and that’s just me. With all this said I do shake my head in approval because she’s bring diversity.

  24. To miss Imelda,
    you are a total jackass. I this girl will be a star for sure. I have seen her in person and
    she does not look like a bronx queens etc. girl. My god how dear you even go their. I think people like you dream of being a model or something special and never get there, that is way you lash out. She is black and beautiful and you I am sure is fat and ugly.

  25. I check back periodically on things I have commented on and I just dont understand why people cant have their own opinion and not get backlash for it…some critics are harsher than others but none the less have the right to speak their mind…I dont think others should knock them down and insult them in anyway. I say potato you say po-ta-toe! (you get it!! anyways on to the queens/bronx thing..I am a NYC native, born and raised in Manhattan and have seen some quite gorgeous young ladies that should be models and arent, living a less than extravagant life but with a little help and tweeking would be a supermodel for sure…There are beautiful people everyone…we can never seem to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder….There are a few top models that I think are horrendous but thats my opinion and I’m entitled to it…just as we all are…Be easy my is too short to be getting mad at every little thing…
    Peace & Love
    (I think I was a hippie in my past life!..chuckles.. :o)

  26. Like her she’s more African raw and organic I guess that’s why u see less American black models foreign models with that cute accent and oh yeah less Diva which is always +

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