Top 10 Newcomer SS 10: Antonella


Antonella Graef/Supreme Management Image courtesy of Supreme Management

Antonella Graef opened Riccardo Tisci’s most recent couture show for Givenchy and in an elegant case of follow through also opened the breakthrough Givenchy SS 10 runway presentation. As such this places this new Supreme face front and center in the upcoming October/November booking wars when clients start to sift through the glut of newcomers to see who might be print worthy.  Antonella looms now as a girl most coveted because her exclusivity factor is one that has ran for almost 4 months now.  It’s a rare privilege that Antonella fully understands as she states “It was such an honor to open back-to-back shows for Givenchy and Riccardo. To be honest, it was a mix of sensations: nerves, happiness, responsibility and adrenaline. Ultimately I enjoyed it a lot and the entire team was incredible to work with.”

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