1. wow! looks great, just amazing. hope i can get it somewhere in spain. cheers.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this! Great covers, I’m especially in love with Abbey’s, naturally. I wish the bar with 25 magazine wasn’t right in the middle, though… It’s a bit distracting imo… But great job! Can’t wait for the eds! :)


  3. awesome!! i love the girls, and also the idea with the 3 covers is brillant. Can´t wait to hold ´em in my hands. Do i have the possibility to get it somewhere in NYC?

  4. Hallo, herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland.

    Geiles Teil, euer Magazin. I can only say:” I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT”

    Big Job and continue in that way. The best Magazine in the WORLD.

    Kisses from Germany

  5. GREAT covers, great models, great ideas!
    can’t wait to read about DESIRE & DECAY ;)

  6. awesome… I love that magazine… super cool pics and interesting stories…very good idea with the three covers. something really new. never saw it before.
    Keep it up

  7. Awesome, excellent covers, especially the choice of models. This magazine has definately the potential to be one of the best out there! I’m waiting for my copy, keep it up folks!

  8. AMAZING! Great covers-a great Magazine. Fantastic JOB! Hope 2 see more soon!

  9. Hy,

    Don´t konw any of these models,sorry,i´m not very into this busines,the only models i know are Sasa an Anja,and they are enough :-)

    So my fried Sasa want´s my to write something,so the only thing i can say is: I realy love the quallity of the paper!! Amazing!!!

    Lebron for Champion!! Kobe is a fa…

  10. Constance’s Wonky eyes bugs me…..I like that other Jablonski, the American one.

    Abbey looks “special” in this photo. LOL

    Oh Em Gee……Karlie is the face of Fashion! ………… how old is she? Is her age the reason why she didn’t go topless?

  11. love this, constance is a dream and abbey rocks, and karlie is fantastic also. but whats with all the boobs everywhere at the moment!! Don’t get me wrong, i love boobs, but there everywhere!!!!!!!!!


    So happy she kept her clothes on , she is a true fashion model !

  14. Go Karlie! Classy, not trashy. You don’t have to show it all to be hot and sexy! All the best, love.

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to get the new issue.
    xxx isabell

  16. cannot wait to see the mag!!!karlie´s cover is the best i´m glad too she
    kept her clothes on…
    where exactly is it available??(countries,cities…)
    does anyone know that??

  17. amazinggggggg go karlie! SHE IS THE BEST!!!! Yes, classy not trashy! Lets see more of her.

  18. I just looove abbey lee…karlie was great too. Can i get the mags in nigeria?i’m dying for one

  19. Constance looks mighty fine, Abbey is of course a knock out with a twist :) :)

    – but karlie Kloss just doesn’t do it for me, not here, not ever…

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