Fashion Week F/W 10-Outtakes #1

The lightening fast pace of fashion week doesn’t allow for a breather and with so much going on there are always extra pictures to share. Stephan Moskovic takes you behind the scenes of Fendi and Gareth Pugh for a look at the private moments you might have missed.

Backstage at Fendi, Anja Rubik, casting director Kannon Rajah, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Karmen Pedaru

The lovely Julija Steponaviciute

Julija Steponaviciute and Bregje Heinen

The boards backstage at Fendi

Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy shares moment backstage with Gareth Pugh

Karlie Kloss and agent Jeff Clarke

Intense nails at Gareth Pugh

Iris and Gareth after the show

  1. beautiful shot of karlie and jeff! iris looks like she’s on her deathbed, poor girl. hopefully they all can sleep til noon soon!

  2. it seems to me that by the time every one gets to Paris the issue of diversity in races is long forgotten!

  3. Please do more of these kinds of posts! I love them, and they make us fashion industry hopefuls all hyped up! These photos are all so lovely; it’s different from say’s backstage photos, and they don’t even do backstage at all designers, such as Gareth Pugh!

    Nice work!

  4. i think iris looks sexy i thought she was a boy for a sec and i was like awe i loove androgynous bitches but yea i dunno she can be prettier but like that she looks like a cute guy. :)

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