The Men of F/W 10 NY: Video Day 3

On Day 3 of MDC’s agency visits, Major Model Management, New York Model Management, and Red Model Management introduced us to their brightest young stars, many of which have already been making an impact. MDC also enjoyed visitors to our office from Wilhelmina, Q Management, Request, Ford, and Mega, who stopped by to put their best foot forward. Enjoy our third installment of “The Men of F/W 10 NY.”

Major Model Management
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Red Model Management
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Next Models NY
[flashvideo image= filename= width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=10 /] Men’s Casting
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  1. A lot of them are so adorably awkward, haha

    and great @ the guy from Riverside, first model I’ve seen come out of here.

  2. ok…. im not going to beat around the bush….. some of their walks are atrocious…………… some of them slug around and are clunk clunk all the way… D: hope that made sense…..

  3. …lol for Kic comments above!
    My pick from the bunch are Mitch ( Major ), Austin ( Red ) and Latvian Johannes ( Next ). For some reason, Models video was not available/found on my browser.
    Good luck to them all.

  4. Did they do the casting in high school? Where is all the men?
    Some of them are skinny like a girl.. I do like 2 of them from Brazil, hot!!
    I think Major has most of the good one:)

  5. Models in Brazil are weak, are not so beautiful and incredible, there are men more beautiful than these, the highlights of are:
    Ian Obrien (FORD), face, look, shape of your body and hair, Johan (Q Models) look, style, new grunge…but haven’t a classic beauty. And Patrick Kafka, Austria Boy, look too for Gemany, have increble models

  6. I agree with David : they all look like little boys; but good boys! The first for Major Model Management is stunningly beautiful! Thanks,Claude

  7. OOh! Johannes from Latvia ;-). Very nice look/vibe.
    Love Mitch @ Major! He reminds me of Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel.
    Briane Hatcher and Rico @ Ford! Nice to see Rico again!

    Shawn T @ Q is cool too! Looks great for LV, Dolce and the like.
    I wonder which shows he’ll land here in NY.

  8. Pedro Fizon has the best walk by far, no reason all those guys should be walking so bad

  9. major’s models to me are the hottest. ooh lah lah. mitch seems really sweet and charming

  10. Phillip Schmidt from mega models looks nice, but the major models are also looking good.

  11. I agree with Brandon! Pedro is the best walk by far!
    brazilians knows how to do it always!

  12. Max Rogers stands out from the rest by a mile… he’s got that individuality, insouciance and star quality that makes for an interesting career…and he is definitely more man than boy….

  13. you have the wrong name on your last video, 2nd boy. it says oliver but he says adam!

  14. wow these boys keep getting skinnier and skinnier. i hope they dont get younger and younger like their female counterparts :( but majors models are def the best

  15. I love all the guys from Major, except the boys from Houston, Louisiana and Madrid.

  16. leave it to Red to bring all the coolest boys in town. what an amazing line-up that was.

  17. yeah i need to go ahead and start while the competition is weak no offense
    to any of these guys but i blow them away just need to learn some more about the industry first.

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