Pale Fire





Pinkie. Pols courtesy of Next Models NY.

With her icy stare and delicate features former MOTW Pinkie grabs your attention. Add in the incredibly sleek (and brand new) platinum locks and you have a girl you just can’t take your eyes off of. With all the models cutting or dyeing their hair it seems like April is the month for dramatic makeovers and we’re loving every minute.

  1. hmm well now i can’t tell her apart from anastasija kondratjeva, maybe a little prettier. bleach is getting old.

  2. pinkie grabs attention and without that color, is that a color??? oh no… well, next knows the best. but speaking of pinkie, she has amazing bone structure. i think that she will look amazing as she gets older.

  3. That face is beyond amazing!!!!!! The hair makes her more high fashion. I just simply love love love Pinkie.

  4. way too blonde. makes a beautiful girl look look old, like Christina Aquilera.

  5. The background is distracting…does not lend to her beauty and her hair almost blends into the white door. She is a beautiful model and a great photographer would be for her best interest.

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